The STG44 is a pretty solid choice in Call of Duty: Vanguard due to being a well-rounded AR that can be used across various maps and game modes.

Although it does have a lot of potential and famous players and streamers have frequently used it, there are specific things that make the STG44 an excellent weapon.

The good news is that the STG-44 is one of the default classes — and it has some attachments on it — so you can make use of that to level it up at the start (though you won’t be able to customize the perks just yet).

You can try to level up quickly in Vanguard before creating your own class. Once you are able to add the needed attachments, you will find a significant number of options, and it might be a bit overwhelming at first.

In this article, we’ll show you the best STG44 class setup in Call of Duty: Vanguard.

Recommended STG-44 Attachments

Here are the attachments that we think make for the best STG-44 loadout in Vanguard:

  • Muzzle – F8 Stabilizer
  • Underbarrel – M3 Ready Grip
  • Magazine – .30 Russian Short 30 Round Mags
  • Ammo Type – Lengthened
  • Rear Grip – Stippled Grip
  • Kit – On-Hand
  • Proficiency – Vital
  • Stock – VDD 34S Weighted
  • Optic – Slate Reflector
  • Barrel – BDD 760mm 05B

Note: The best secondary weapon for this class is the FS Fighting Knife in my opinion.

A Breakdown of the Best STG44 Attachments

This STG44 loadout is mostly suited for medium to longe range engagements. With the attachments that I’ve gone for, you’ll see a tremendous boost in the overall firepower, accuracy, and ammunition of the AR.

With that in mind, the assault rifle will take a decent hit in terms of speed but if you’re playing on a large map where the distance between you and the opponent is typically quite far, you will be just fine.

Muzzle – F8 Stabilizer

For this long-range STG-44 loadout, the muzzle that makes the most sense is the “F8 Stabilizer”. Using this attachment, you’ll see a decent improvement in the weapon’s overall accuracy by two points and damage range by one point – all crucial for long-range encounters.

On the downside, you’ll see a decrease in the sprint to fire speed and hip-fire accuracy. This will make this weapon less useful in close-range encounters. Another not so much of con is the fact that you need to reach weapon level 47 before you unlock this attachment. So, for the ones of you that are yet to unlock this attachment, refer to my alternative below.

Potential Alternative: The “MX Silencer” is a great alternative to the “F8 Stabilizer”. You get an improvement on your weapons accuracy and sound suppressing. On the downside, you’ll see a small decrease in aim down sight speed. You’ll unlock this attachment at weapon level 6. If you’re solely after accuracy, go for the “Chord Muzzle Brake” (unlocked at level 37).

Underbarrel – M3 Ready Grip

The M3 Ready Grip puts an emphasis on your overall aim down sight speed, sprint to fire speed, and aim walking movement speed all by a single point. The downside is a decrease of one point in recoil control, which isn’t a big deal at all considering that will be boosted tremendously by all the other attachments.

The great thing about it is that you’ll gain access to this attachment from just level 24.

Potential Alternative: If you’re looking for an alternative that puts a heavier emphasis on accuracy and control, then go for the M1930 Strife Angled underbarrel. With that, you’ll see an increase in accuracy by 2 points, aiming stability and aim walking steadiness by one point.

Magazine – .30 Russian Short 30 Round Mags

When it comes to ammunition, my preferred magazine is the “.30 Russian Short 30 Round Mags”. This magazine has 30 rounds of ammunition with increased velocity, bullet penetration, and damage, making them a whole lot more lethal.

The downsides to this magazine are a decrease of recoil control and accuracy by 5 points, a decrease of fire rate by 2 points, and a decrease of movement speed and aim down sight speed by 1 point. You’ll only be able to make use of this great attachment once you reach weapon level 69, which is very high.

Potential Alternative: If you’re yet to reach level 69, I would opt-in for this magazine’s smaller brother, the “.30 Russian Short 20 Round Mags”. Compared to the above, you’ll get 10 fewer rounds in your magazine, down to 20 total but will get an increase in reloading quickness by one point. The downsides are exactly the same.

Ammo Type – Lengthened

To further increase the lethality of the magazine from above, for your ammo type, I went for “Lengthened”. This attachment will boost your weapon’s bullet velocity by a whole three points. There are no drawbacks. To unlock it, you need to reach weapon level 56.

Potential Alternative: If you’re yet to reach level 56, I’d recommend you go for the “FMJ”, which is unlocked at weapon level 15. It offers an increase in bullet penetration by one point. There are no downsides.

Rear Grip – Stippled Grip

To further increase the accuracy of this STG-44 loadout, for your rear grip, go for the “Stippled Grip”. This attachment is unlocked at level 67 and will give your weapon a boost in recoil recovery by two points and a boost in initial accuracy and recoil by one point. The great thing about it is that there are no downsides.

Potential Alternative: Another great alternative for those who are looking to increase their aim down sight speed or are yet to unlock the “Stippled Grip”, I would recommend you to go for the “Leather Grip”, which is one of the first rear grip attachments you’ll unlock on this weapon.

Kit – On-Hand

If you’re someone like me who fancies fighting in complete chaos, the On-Hand kit will do wonders for your STG-44 build as it will increase your equipment dexterity. This means that there will be less downtime after using your weapon. This kit is only unlocked at weapon level 64, so, if you’re yet to unlock it, you should go for the below alternative.

Potential Alternatives: If you’ve just started playing with the STG-44, go for the “Surplus”, which is unlocked at level 29. This will increase the amount of XP you get from each elimination. If you’ve reached weapon level 42, go for the “Fully Loaded”, which will start you off with maximum reserve ammo.

Proficiency – Vital

My proficiency of choice is the “Vital”, which increases the increased area for critical hits by one point on your enemies. What that means is that you’re a whole lot likelier to critically shoot one of your enemies and eliminate them than you would be without the proficiency.

Potential Alternative: If you’re yet to unlock “Vital”, go for “Sleight of Hand”, which unlocks at level 32. This will help you reload your magazines a whole lot quicker, which is crucial, especially when you play in chaotic game modes with a lot of players on a small map.

Stock – VDD 34S Weighted

For stock, I went for the “VDD 34S Weighted”. This attachment is one of the most impactful amongst the lot in terms of what kind of build you will get in the end. In this case, you’ll see an increase in aiming stability by four points, recoil control by three points, accuracy by three points, and flinch resistance by 2 points.

On the downside, you’ll reduce your overall movement speed by 3 points and aim down sight speed by 2 points. You can also only make use of this attachment at weapon level 68.

Potential Alternative: If you don’t want to be as slow as you would be with the above recommendation, then go for the “Krausnick S11S Folding” stock. With that, you’ll see an increase in sprint to fire speed and movement speed by two and one points respectively. It’s also the first stock attachment you’ll unlock.

Optic – Slate Reflector

You do not need a magnifier to use the STG44 effectively. Although you can kill enemies with a well-placed shot from afar, these attachments are much more effective when your targets are not that far from you.

The Slate Reflector will provide an effective optic that will help your precision without any downside, which works just fine for this build.

Potential Alternative: If you’re after a slightly larger and visible scope, then go for the “MK 3 Sunfilter”, which is unlocked right after “Slate Reflector”. Now, if you’re after a more comprehensive and long-range scope, I’d suggest you go for the “M19 4.0X Flip”, which you’ll unlock at weapon level 28.

Barrel – BDD 760mm 05B

Barrel 2

The best barrel for the best STG-44 loadout is the “VDD 760MM 05S”. With this attachment, which you unlock at weapon level 38, your weapon will become highly accurate and controllable, have a reduced scope sway and gun bob, and you’ll see an increase in damage range.

On the downside, you’ll see a decrease in the sprint to fire speed, aim walking movement speed, and hip-fire accuracy. Again, this further solidifies the build as a long-range loadout. To unlock this attachment, you need to reach weapon level 38.

Potential Alternative: If you think you’re going to be particularly accurate with this build and can get a few headshots, you can make them worth your while by going for the “Krausnick 620mm Precision” barrel. It will make your weapon highly accurate and controllable and will increase headshot damage. The downside is reduced body damage and sprint to fire speed. It’s unlocked at weapon level 50.

Final Thoughts

This build might not be perfect for everyone, and it might be hard to get used to at first. However, the extra damage, accuracy, and ammunition in each mag will prove quite effective during all the chaos of multiplayer matches.

If you fancy speed over accuracy and the extra ammunition, you can simply opt-in for some of my recommended alternatives beneath each of the recommended attachments.