Legendaries and uniques make up 100% of the builds in Diablo 4. It is a big change in the series that, in my opinion, made the progression a lot more fulfilling.

This new system pushes players to find the rarest legendaries and uniques while not diminishing the player’s overall power by offering aspects.

Players cannot wait to get their hands on a legendary or unique that completely shoots up their build’s power level.

This guide shows you the best way to farm these legendaries and uniques. This includes different methods because it depends on what you are farming.

Before we start, let’s differentiate legendaries from uniques. Legendaries are items with an aspect that is naturally rolled or imprinted.

Legendaries with naturally rolled aspects can be extracted and placed on another item with the same roll. It turns the item with an imprinted form of the aspect and the item legendary.

Uniques have different colors and borders. It has a very unique effect, which cannot be extracted. Their stats are also predetermined already, but you can still look for better-rolled stats.

Now, let’s talk about the strategies.

Tree of Whispers and Grim Favors

The Tree of Whispers is an endgame mechanic where you gain Grim Favors and get a valuable cache as a reward. It is unlocked after finishing the campaign.

You’ll need a total of 10 Grim Favors to exchange for a random cache with the Tree of Whispers.

You’ll be given a choice among three random caches, which can either be normal or legendary in quality. Caches are categorized by gear pieces. For example, you can get a choice among a cache of rings, amulets, or helms.

To earn Grim Favors, you can look at your map and look for the icons tagged as “whispers.” Dungeons give five Grim Favors, while other events around the world give 1-3 Grim Favors.

Speedrun through two dungeons and collect your Tree of Whispers reward. These dungeons are much easier and faster to do than nightmare dungeons, which are unlocked using sigils and reaching nightmare difficulty.

Tree of Whispers gives a decent amount of legendaries, but you have to be really lucky to get uniques. This is the best way to get uniques after finishing the campaign.

Nightmare Dungeons

You’ll unlock nightmare dungeons after progressing and unlocking tier 3 and 4 difficulties. These dungeons are the best way to get legendaries and uniques.

However, these dungeons can be troublesome if your build is still in its early stages.

Nightmare dungeons are linked to sigils. When you use a sigil, it’ll turn an existing dungeon into a nightmare dungeon.

The sigil can be farmed in Tier 3 and above difficulty. They drop frequently in dungeons, so you should have unlimited sustainability to keep running them.

Farm these dungeons indefinitely until you keep leveling up and improving your gear.

The elites in these dungeons and the last boss give you a great chance of finding random legendaries and uniques. You can even get them in sacred or ancestral forms.

What’s great about nightmare dungeons is that even if you get unlucky on drops, finishing the whole dungeon guarantees two extra drops at the end as a bonus, which are usually legendaries.

World Boss

World bosses aren’t always available, but if it is up, you should plan your activities so you don’t miss it. The world boss icon on the map shows up to give you a 30-minute timer.

You can run a couple of dungeons and wait for the world boss to begin.

When you participate in a world boss event, you’ll get guaranteed legendaries. If you are lucky, you might even get uniques.

Aside from the world boss dropping good items, you also receive a world boss cache. When you open it, it gives you another loot explosion and possibly another legendary or unique.

These world boss events usually take place every 3 hours. If you get lost mindlessly grinding dungeons, you might miss the event. Keep track of the events going on.

Legion Events

Legion events are like world boss events. They don’t appear frequently, but they give a lot of loot when you finish it.

Legion events give you a set of objectives that everyone in the world can join. These events usually take around 10 minutes to finish, depending on the power of the players around you.

The last objectives usually spawn a big boss (or even multiple ones) to defeat. Upon completion, you’ll get a chest in the end (2 if you finish the mastery objective) that drops great loot, including materials and Obols.


Other methods include completing normal world events, participating in Helltide, or even PvP.

PvP is quite conditional because you need to be strong and good enough to fight against other players.

Helltide is also extremely viable, but if you want pure legendary, and unique drops, you should go for the other methods. You can go for Helltides if you need materials like Fiend Roses or Forgotten Souls.

With all the strategies laid out, here is what you should do:

  1. Do Tree of Whispers until you unlock nightmare dungeons
  2. Grind nightmare dungeons indefinitely, with increasingly higher tiers
  3. Do world bosses every time it is up