While there are many methods of leveling up in Diablo 4, you should follow only a few efficient ones.

They aren’t mandatory to follow, but you’ll surely level up way quicker if you do. This guide will section each content from the early game (1-50) and endgame (50-100, including paragon levels), covering everything when it comes to leveling.

Since the whole campaign is usually considered the early game, the content after the campaign is where most of the grind is. Let’s start with the full game completion.

Campaign Overview

The campaign is separated into six acts. Each act or quest scales to your player’s level, so being overleveled doesn’t really help you finish content faster.

However, certain quests do have a ‘minimum’ level baseline on the quest. For example, the last quest in the game will never scale down lower than level 45.

Tons of players can reach this point in the campaign before hitting level 45. Some players can even reach it without even hitting level 40.

You can continue the quest even if you have a lower level, but fighting monsters above your player’s level will exponentially make things harder.

To avoid these situations, strictly follow the next section.

Campaign Leveling – Level 1 to 50


When you start the campaign, you should be aware of the types of quests you are receiving.

  • Main quests (campaign quests)
  • Priority quests (mandatory)
  • Side quests

Main quests are marked with a yellow icon, priority quests with a white icon, and side quests with a blue icon.

Main quests take you to Diablo 4’s full story, and you can receive multiple main quests at a time. This is because some quests are locked behind multiple chain quests.

Priority quests are quite mandatory because they unlock useful things like enchantment slots and mounts.

Side quests don’t offer much apart from gear, gold, materials, and small experience points.


Other forms of getting experience points are the following:

  • World events
  • Monster farming
  • Dungeons
  • Region rewards

World events also include world bosses. Some events aren’t worth doing because they take too long for little rewards. The trick here is joining an ongoing world event that is about to finish already.

If the event hasn’t started yet and you happen to be near the area, just skip it.

Monster farming is pretty straightforward. However, let’s talk specifically about eliminating all monsters towards your destination.

If your goal is to go from town to town, should you be eliminating monsters on the way to the town? It would be worth it if you don’t have a mount. If you have a mount, don’t even bother.

Dungeons are extremely worth it in terms of leveling. It has good mob density, and you get yourself a bonus at the end.

The biggest benefit from dungeons will be unlocking the aspects. These are important when you reach the endgame, so you would end up doing these dungeons anyway.

Region rewards give a big chunk of experience points for each reward tier in each of the zones. If there are five zones, there are x25 experience gain boosts you can get from the region rewards alone.

However, you shouldn’t be completing these until you unlock the mount. Going around the map without unlocking your mount first is extremely inefficient. You’ll end up spending a ton of hours completing these early on.

With that said, you should always capitalize on fast traveling to waypoints too.


You only have two difficulty choices for the campaign: adventurer or veteran. Veteran gives you an additional 20% experience boost, but it makes everything harder.

In short, you want to play veteran with a good build that can clear monsters really fast. The moment you start slowing down or even failing at quests, you should immediately switch to adventurer.

Think of it this way, if you finish 5 activities in 5 minutes in adventurer difficulty and 5 minutes to finish one activity in veteran, which would you choose?

It’ll be adventurer, for sure. This one really depends on your build and your mechanical skills.

Leveling method

After learning about the mechanics, here are the most optimal steps to leveling through the campaign:

  1. Start on veteran difficulty. It is extremely easy at the start. Once it gets harder, switch immediately to adventurer difficulty.
  2. Prioritize all campaign quests.
  3. Accept all side quests.
  4. Once you reach level 15, finish your class-specific quests. On level 30, grab your mount.
  5. While walking to your quest locations, finish events that are already ongoing if you can. The same goes for side quests, but don’t prioritize finishing them.
  6. Finish all dungeons to unlock aspects specific to your class.
  7. Reach level 43-45 and finish the campaign.

A good tip to follow is by pinning an activity or location while tracking another quest. If there is a pinned activity and a tracked main quest, you can go to a separate activity/event/location and do three things simultaneously, assuming they are all close.