With Diablo 4’s new take on the ARPG genre by mixing MMORPG elements in the game, fast traveling is mandatory to improve your experience.

Diablo 4 introduces a vast world for you to explore, and it isn’t as linear as you its predecessors you know and love.

In this short guide, we’ll show you the mechanics of fast traveling in the game, including helpful tips to make your life easier.

Unlocking Waypoints

The world of Diablo 4 introduces a new open-world design to its games. You’ll have the freedom to go wherever as long as you have unlocked the area.

Using waypoints to get from one place to another will be the fastest way to get around the map. The world is big compared to your typical linear campaign from previous Diablo titles, so there will be a lot to explore as you complete all the acts.

Since you can go anywhere, you would want to pass by all the nearest waypoints, even if it is out of the way. The waypoints have a blue circle icon on the map.

The best strategy to get these waypoints is always to explore unknown locations (fog-of-war areas). Once you step into the unexplored area, you’ll reveal a big cluster of the area.

If you don’t find anything noteworthy, you can go back to your original goal.

Once you see a waypoint, click on it, and it should unlock the waypoint permanently.


Everyone has the ability to teleport back to the town. Open your map and look for any unlocked waypoints, and it’ll teleport you back.

You won’t be able to teleport if you are at a unique encounter.

Apart from opening the map to teleport, you can use the teleport button skill on the bottom left of your mana.

When you use the teleport skill, it’ll teleport you automatically to the main town of the campaign.

This will create a portal from your departure point. Once you teleport back to the town, there’ll be another portal in the town. This portal will take you back to where you came from.

You can use this time to deposit or sell items when your inventory is full.

If you get back to the town through a portal and leave the town by walking out, it’ll give you a warning that the portal will disappear if you leave the town.

Nightmare Dungeons

When you use sigils to open up dungeons, you’ll have the dungeon marked on the map. They become nightmare dungeons if you use the sigil too.

Once you open the map and click on the dungeon, you’ll teleport right to the entrance of the dungeon.

After finishing the dungeon, you can open up a new nightmare dungeon and teleport immediately to the next one. You can consider dungeons as fast travel points when traveling the world.

Waypoint Rewards

Apart from unlocking fast travel through waypoints, you’ll also get bonus rewards for your region’s progress. Finding all waypoints in a region will reward you renown.

Region progress rewards give you gold, experience points, skill points, potion charges, paragon points, and a lot more.

These rewards are account-wide, so it would benefit you going forward if you ever decide to make a new character.