With Diablo 4’s new open-world gameplay, going around exploring can be tedious if you have already explored the areas.

Luckily, they showed that there is a stable master right at the start of the campaign (in the first town). Everyone will probably wonder when they will unlock the mount in the game.

This short guide shows you when and where to get the mount as fast as possible.

When Do You Get Your Mount?

The mount is unlocked when you get to Act 4. It’ll be a quest called “Mount: Donan’s Favor.” When you finish the long and grueling Act 3, you’ll meet Donan and eventually get the mount quest under priority quests.

Track the mount quest objective, and you’ll be taken to Kyovashad. Talk with the stable master, and you should automatically get the mount.

The fastest way to get the mount:

  1. Play on Veteran or Tier 2 difficulty
  2. Rush the main quests exclusively, except for one priority quest (class-specific one at level 15)
  3. Skip all other content
  4. If things get harder, switch to Adventurer or Tier 1 difficulty
  5. Reach Act 4 and get the mount

The quest is not locked through levels but through campaign progression. You can rush through everything as long as you can power through the content.

With this strategy, you can reach Act 4 and get the mount at around player level 28-31.

How to Use Your Mount


When you get the mount, you can call it anytime by pressing “Z” or whichever button it is assigned to. When you dismount from your mount, it’ll disappear instantly.

There is a 10-second cooldown until you can call your mount again. In some situations, such as PvP and other events, the mount can be disabled or have a higher cooldown.

You have three different skills with the mount: a defensive skill, Spur, and Dismount.

The defensive skill allows you to survive hordes of enemies if you ever get stuck. Spur greatly improves your speed on your mount, but only for a short duration. It does have three charges and a very short cooldown.

Dismount is basically getting off your mount.

You can use your mount freely in combat or inside the town. However, you cannot Spur inside towns, which is a bit confusing because why wouldn’t they allow it.