How to Track Objectives in Diablo 4 Since Diablo 4 basically transitioned from your typical linear ARPG campaign to a semi-open-world MMORPG, you’ll have a lot of options on where to go.

You’ll also find yourself littered with bonus objectives, side quests, and multiple main quest storylines to finish simultaneously.

In this short guide, we’ll show you the best way to track these objectives so you don’t find yourself backtracking throughout your playthrough.

Tracking Objectives

On the right side of your screen, you’ll see your ‘current’ objective being tracked when you are playing the game. You’ll automatically track main quests or campaign missions as you progress through the story.

Since there are more than just main quests in the game, you’ll receive side quests and optional objectives in your journal.

To track these quests, open the map and look for the objectives you want to track on the right side of your screen.

You can also look at the map and check for the closest objectives near you. Hover over the quest or the objective location on the map and press the appropriate button to track them.

When you go back to playing, you’ll see a path or direction marker on the minimap to guide you to the objective. You’ll have to read what the objective requires you to do, not just blindly follow the path.

This will save you some time in getting lost or backtracking.

Types of Objectives

Campaign Quests

Campaign quests are essentially the essential quests to the main story of the game. Continuing through these quests will progress you even further in the game.

You’ll see some of the quests from the other acts, even if you are still behind. However, access to the area will be restricted.

Priority Quests

Priority quests give you access to important features in the game. They also help you learn more about the game’s mechanics, such as salvaging, upgrading items, and a lot more.

Some of these quests unlock features that will help you greatly throughout your playthrough. The best example would probably be unlocking the mount, as it helps you get around the open world quicker.

Side Quests

Side quests are there to add more side stories for those invested in the lore of Diablo 4. These quests don’t offer much apart from renown progress in each area of Diablo 4.

Region Progress

Region progress gives you a lot of objectives to complete, which in return, gives you useful rewards.

Rewards such as extra gold, skill points, paragon points, and extra potion charges would greatly help your gameplay experience and also increase your power level.

Completionists would love to complete every single one before progressing to the next area. These objectives range from completing all side quests to finding all Lilith altars. Even unlocking all the waypoints count towards your region’s progress.

As you may know, the monsters scale through your player’s level. If you spend too long on a specific area and get a lot of levels, the next area will get harder.

These slight upgrades to your power level with help close the gap until you get better gear.

Pinning Locations

There are a ton of points of interest you’ll see or encounter in the open world. You’ll even see some of them with a big icon on the map. However, these aren’t really objectives you can see in your journal.

There are still benefits to completing these, mainly for region progress to get attribute/skill bonuses, gold, and other useful things.

To track these areas, you can hover over the icon and pin the location as if it were objective. You can place a marker on any part of the map. Placing a marker will show you the quickest way to get to the location on your minimap while you play.


When you explore nightmare dungeons, they’ll be marked on your map once you use the sigil. Once you open the map right after using the sigil, you’ll be automatically centered on the specific nightmare dungeon.

If you don’t open the map right away, you still have to look for it. It is best to open your map right away and track the dungeon so you don’t get lost.

You can even teleport to it immediately if you are ready already.

If you are doing the reset dungeon trick, you don’t have to finish the objectives of the dungeon.