Getting used to playing Diablo 4 can take a while, but it surprisingly gets easier once you learn the game’s core mechanics.

From player building, such as efficient leveling, to useful game settings, this beginner guide will help you get started on the game’s most useful tricks.

Let’s get started on the crucial but easy ones to remember.

Class-specific Quests

As you start leveling and progressing toward the campaign (Acts), you’ll notice some priority quests and side quests.

Side quests don’t matter as much, but priority quests either teach or give you new accessible features in the game.

Running into the class-specific quests, which fall under priority quests, is a bit mandatory. They greatly boost your power because this quest unlocks your enchantment skill slot.

You get the quest at level 15 and can track the objective once you reach that level. The enchantment skill slot can boost a specific skill in your skill tree to add some insane passive bonuses.

You can only choose one skill to enchant, and you need to drag the skill to the enchantment slot once unlocked. When you reach level 30, you’ll unlock the 2nd slot, which doesn’t require an additional class-specific quest to finish.

Advanced Tooltip Information

In the settings menu, you can go to gameplay and look for “advanced tooltip information.” Activate this feature, and it should take effect immediately.

This setting allows you to look into an item’s ‘possible’ stats, which can tell you if you got yourself a good version of the item.

Most uniques, especially high-level ones, have big variances with their stat rolls. Some rolls can make a unique item look extremely mediocre, and some rare variations can easily outclass them.

Look into the rolls of the items, which is made easier by turning this setting on.

Potion Upgrades

One of the most overlooked features is the potion upgrades. Every time you progress to a certain point, the effectiveness of your potions goes down.

This is because you need to upgrade your potions with the local alchemist. You’ll use the herbs you find in the open world as materials to upgrade your potions.

If you neglect to upgrade your potion, you might not even recover 50% of your own health pool with one potion.

Remember this every time you reach a new town and check for an alchemist, if they are available.

Knowing What Items to Upgrade

As you progress through the story and level up, you might ask yourself, “Is this item better than my current one?.” You can usually look at the game’s item power calculations and follow them.

This is true for most situations early in the game. However, better items will drop with multiple rolls when you reach a certain level. The DPS calculation can only do so much for you.

Eventually, you’ll need to calculate if you are losing enough resistance, HP, or utilities when you equip an item.

For example, equipping an item with attack speed and other dps modifiers will surely increase your DPS. In a way, the game tells you that this item is stronger.

However, suppose your maximum life, resistance, or utility stats, such as movement speed and mana regeneration, will be replaced. In that case, it might weaken your build even if you have more damage.

This highly depends on your build, so it is better to understand the mechanics of your build.

Rushing to Unlock the Mount

With such a big world, you’ll constantly find yourself running around from point A to point B. When you reach Act 4 of the campaign, you’ll get a quest from Donan called Mount: Donan’s Favor.

The quest doesn’t even require you to do anything hard. You go back to the main capital (Kyovashad) and talk to the stablemaster. You will then get your mount.

Once you have unlocked your mount, you can do everything faster. It is worth noting that I reached level 30 and reached Act 4 by strictly doing main quests.

In short, you can literally rush to unlock the mount without any problems.

World Boss Spawns

World boss spawns are a world event that can happen anytime in the game. These are usually limited and have multiple spawn points with different bosses.

These world bosses drop weekly bonus spoils, which may contain a couple of unique items and useful materials like Scattered Prisms.

The great thing about world boss encounters is that they can easily be done if there are a ton of players roaming the area.

With more players joining the fray, you can easily down the boss even if you have subpar gear.

Using the Emote Wheel to Leave Dungeons

The default for using the emote wheel is “E.” When you open your emote wheel, there will be an option to leave the current dungeon. This is a free teleport outside the dungeon if you don’t want to teleport to a specific waypoint or town/capital.

Region Progress

Every region has a different region progress. These different region progress bars are good because you get rewards for each region you complete.

These rewards range from gold all the way to skill points. Even if it is just skill points, you’ll definitely have to progress through the regions because that extra skill point is crucial for every build in the game.

Check your region’s progress once you enter a new area. You might end up missing something nearby while progressing through the campaign.

Salvage Bad Legendaries/Uniques

After finishing some of the campaign bosses, you’ll eventually find uniques. These uniques are pretty low-level and will be easily replaced by rare items shortly.

For some of these uniques, you might ask yourself, “Should I save this item in my stash?”

The answer depends on what you want to do with the unique. If you want it for its cool appearance, you can salvage these items and gain them as transmogrification options. Their appearance will be with you forever.

Force Move Keybind Setting

In situations where you have a ton of enemies surrounding you or even filling up your whole screen, you need a force-move keybind to get away from them.

If there isn’t any space on your screen to move, you’ll end up left-clicking a mob and attack, but what you really want to do is escape.

The force-move keybind doesn’t have any keybind on default. You’ll have to assign one. The best buttons would probably be some unused extra mouse buttons.