Dying Light 2 features a basic durability system for all of its melee weapons. Each weapon comes predisposed with its own durability meter that acts as its health. When it completely depletes, the weapon stays broken forever.

Your weapon durability reduces by one point whenever it makes contact. So, whether you land a meaty hit on a bandit or undead, or completely whiffed and strike the wall behind them, that’s less time for your weapon. Swinging at the air doesn’t reduce its lifespan; take all the practice shots you want.

In the first game, you had the option to repair your favorite weapons using materials you scavenged from the world. Unfortunately, the option to fix your degrading weapons is absent in Dying Light 2.

However, if you want to know how to repair weapons in Dying Light 2, there’s a workaround you can use to extend your preferred weapon’s life. And, there’s even an easily obtainable secret charm to gain infinite durability. This guide will show you the workaround, as well as how to get the Korek charm.

Repairing Weapons

If you’re looking for a way to traditionally repair weapons in Dying Light 2, that feature doesn’t exist in the sequel. Instead, it’s directly given as a bonus effect by installing weapon mods on your weapons.

Most weapons have at least two mod slots you can use; these are typically the empty tip and shaft sockets. The rare artifact weapons also come with a third grip socket slot. Some powerful weapons don’t have slots but make up for them with powerful passive effects.

Assuming you have a weapon mod blueprint and required materials, you must first navigate your way through the player inventory screen. Afterward, select the weapon you wish to mod, then press the associated key to open the modding menu.

Now, you can attach a mod to your weapon to give it devasting benefits while also repairing its durability by 50 points. This is the only known way to repair weapons in Dying Light 2.

Remember that you can’t remove weapon mods once applied, so start modding your weapon after it’s been damaged. Additionally, if you really like the weapon, you should get infected trophies first to upgrade the mod recipes. Doing so will enhance the recipe’s effect intensity and duration.

Finding the Korek Charm

The fourth slot reserved for charms is only there to provide decorative flairs to your weapons. However, the secret Korek charm has an invaluable use in-game that adds 500 durability to your chosen weapon. Since you can use it indefinitely and for all your weapons, you’ll never break another weapon again once you have this charm.

For context, Korek is the nickname for Techland’s optimization lead. Dying Light 1 players would remember the hard-to-find Korek machete, the prequel’s most potent early weapon. Now, the secret blueprint is back to helping curious players once again.

The easiest way to access the Korek charm is to first reach the top of the VNC tower. After a quest called the “Broadcast,” you’ll unlock the broadcast tower, which is also the highest building in Villedor. You can’t miss it because it’s part of the main story mission.

Under VNC tower, take the rappel lines leading upwards found on street level. Once you reach the small Peacekeeper encampment, make your way inside and use the elevator. There, choose the VNC tower rooftop option to ascend to its peak.

Once there, look southwest to find a building with a white radio tower. To ensure you have the right one, tag the military airdrop on it with your binoculars. If the map says its military airdrop THB-UT0, then you have the right spot.

Glide over there and get ready for an acrobatic challenge.

Find the first yellow generator and take the cable attached to it. Behind you, there’s a plank painted yellow dangling on the edge. Stand on top of it, look towards the building, and do your best to land on the floor below you.

Use your paraglider or grappling hook to ensure a softer descent. Go down one more floor to find the second generator. Attach the cable and congratulate yourself on the first part.

Next, look behind to find the second generator cable. There’s another yellow-painted plank right next to it, and you have to do the same. This time, the fall is much steeper and you’ll die if you don’t break your fall with your nightrunner tools.

I died a few times here because I wasn’t sure where to land. To be safe, face towards the building and hold the forward key after deploying your paraglider. Drop down two floors and plug in that cable.

Grab the third and final generator cable on that floor. Turn around and find the yellow plank outside. There’s an object you can use to grapple yourself down to safety; otherwise, use the paraglider to descent to the floor.

Turn the right corner, and you should immediately see another yellow plank. You can either jump on the floor below it, then grapple down. Or, you could simply float with your paraglider to reach the bottom.

You’ll find the last socket on that floor, attach the cable, and the locked door next to it will open. But, be careful because there’s an exploding zombie just waiting for you to run inside. Get a throwing knife or bow ready to take it out safely from a distance.

Welcome to the secret developer room! It’s a cozy room that showcases Techland’s previous games like Call of Juarez. There’s also a heartfelt appreciation letter meant for the fans where the developers thanked them for their time.

Now, you’re almost there. In front of the TV, there’s a table with multiple chairs and cushions surrounding it. To get the Korek charm, you’ll have to sit on all four chairs. Simply go up to each chair and see if the prompt comes up to sit on it.

On the fourth and last chair, don’t get up so quickly. A blue flash of lightning will hit the table, indicating you did it correctly. Be patient and wait for the Korek charm to flash in front of your eyes.

And finally, you can take the valuable Korek charm. With this charm, you can easily repair weapons in Dying Light 2 as much as you want. There’s no drawback or limitation to using this, so feel free to restore all your weapons.

If your weapon starts to lose durability again, all you have to do is remove and resocket the charm to reapply its effects.

While you’re here, the hilarious Left Finger of GloVa is located in the room with the Teddy Bears. Two secret items for the price of one trip. Thanks, Techland!