When you reach the open-world portion of the game where you can freely explore, you will receive a ton of quests. Once you start accumulating these side stories, objectives, and other points of interest, you can get overwhelmed on which ones to go first.

You can track these quests or objectives one by one so you can plan your route ahead of time and be extremely efficient.

This short guide will teach you how to track quests in Dying Light 2 and give you some tips on how to finish objectives efficiently.

Tracking Quests

To track objectives, open up the player menu and look for the journal tab or the map tab. If you have not reached the specific area of the game yet, the map will still be unavailable.

You will see your missions, objectives, quests, and side stories in the journal tab in separated tabs. To track quests, you can hover over your desired quest and track it. If you try to track another quest, it will replace the other tracked quest because you can only track one at a time.

It does not matter whether it is a side quest or the main quest. You can only track one at a time. However, for points of interest like settlements, you can track or mark these locations freely without replacing the tracked objective.

If you open the map, you can also track your missions here by hovering over your desired quest and tracking it. On the map tab, you can easily gauge the distance of each quest, objective, and settlement and plan things out more easily.

How to Find Settlements

Once you meet with Hakon and progress to a certain point in the main story, he will hand you some binoculars. This is a key item in the game where you can use the binoculars on key locations and immediately gain information about that particular location.

It will automatically show up on your journal, and you can mark that location and learn what you can get from that location. You can easily find settlements to get more respawn points and rest areas around the map.

You will also be able to find resources from key locations you found with your binoculars as it will show up the rewards for whichever location you discovered.

To effectively use the binoculars, you need to go to a high-rise building or basically any rooftop and search around with your binoculars. You need to climb walls to reach certain areas, and it will be easier to spot these key locations from these high areas.

Tips for Finish Quests Fast

The most obvious way of finishing quests fast is to find the closest one near you and plan a route to the next available quest. There will be a ton of side quests to complete, and you should accept all the available ones first before venturing out.

When you enter settlements, you will usually find more than one side quest available, so make sure to accept them all before finishing one.

Once you accept a side quest, you can easily fast-track them by pressing the button on the screen (for consoles, it would be the down d-pad). You can easily gauge how far the new quest is by looking at the compass on top of your screen.

Accept all the quests and retain the closest one before venturing out. Keep track of the time because it would be harder to complete multiple quests during the night. However, you can gain bonus points (skill and experience) for accomplishing things during the night.

Plan your route accordingly, and do not fixate on just quests. You can mark undiscovered settlements and go through them on the way to your quests. It gives you a closer respawn point, and you can even sleep to refresh or avoid the nighttime.