There are thousands of zombie games out there, but its parkour aspect makes Dying Light 2 unique. Only a few notable games revolve around this gameplay, such as Mirror’s Edge and Assassin’s Creed, but it becomes more exciting if you add some fast zombies chasing you around.

Climbing walls, jumping rooftops, swinging from monkey bars, sliding through tight spaces, and using aerobatics in combat gives the series a breath of fresh air from other zombie games out there.

The game is not that easy. You have to keep track of your stamina and surroundings, especially when climbing walls. In most cases, you might have found yourself falling and dying a lot because of the mechanics. This guide will teach you how to climb walls in Dying Light 2 specifically and give you tips on how to parkour efficiently.

How Does Stamina Work?

When you first start playing the game, the story will be built up along with some tutorial sessions simultaneously. If you notice the blue bar in front of your screen, this will be your stamina bar. It will only show up when you are exhausting yourself from jumping, attacking, or performing specific actions.

If the blue bar gets too low, you will be unable to perform any actions that require stamina. You will need to pause for a bit and wait for your stamina bar to regenerate.

Climbing Walls

To climb walls, you will need ledges that can keep you up when you grip. If you are familiar with rock climbing, it does not work like that in this game. Sorry for the bait. I learned things the hard way.

The walls you can actually climb on in the game are easily seen on the main story quests. You will see ledges where you can hang on and some panels, surfaces, and other obstacles that can block your path.

In most cases, you will have to jump and look for another ledge depending on your location. If you do not find it fast enough, you will lose stamina. Once your stamina bar gets too low or completely depletes, you will just fall, and hopefully, you will survive.

If no one is chasing you, take your time to find the best route before climbing walls. Estimate if your stamina bar can take you to your desired location. Since stamina is limited but upgradable, there are certain areas where you are physically unable to reach until you increase your stamina with Inhibitors.

Parkour Tips

When you are searching the area with your survivor senses and find something valuable where you cannot find a way to get up, climbing pipes are often overlooked, and you can easily climb these pipes to get up as long as there is a clear way.

Always keep an eye on your stamina. When you are being chased and choose to fight or perform an action to distract the zombies, you will often lose sight of your remaining stamina. Sometimes, the best course of action is to run first.

The best early example would be during the main story where you need to enter the hospital through the crashed bus. There are zombies around the area that can get you stuck before entering the hospital.

There will be too many zombies to clear everything, but you have no clue how to enter yet. You can easily drop down and fight the zombies. When you are about to run out of stamina, jump up the bus and try to regain stamina again. After recovering, drop down and fight them again, and you repeat this process until you have cleared the area.

While this tip was discussed earlier during the tutorials, you often forget that you can maximize your jumping power by holding the jump button when you want to jump. It would be best never to forget this, especially when swinging through monkey bars and poles.