The merchants in Dying Light 2 have a lot to offer in exchange for your old-world money. There are many items to help you take on your quest, from powerful weapons to extremely useful throwables and life-saving consumables. You’ll never run out of options to creatively take down your foes. 

Aside from buying gear and items, you’ll need a lot of cash to upgrade your weapon blueprints and item recipes at the craftmaster. Enhancing them increases the intensity and duration of their effects while keeping the cost the same. So if you plan on delving into Dying Light 2’s RPG elements, you’re going to need a lot of old-world money.

In this guide, I’ll show how to earn money fast in Dying Light 2, specifically a great spot to hunt for valuables. Once you know where to look, it’s only a matter of how much time you’re willing to invest to farm old-world money.

Upgrade your Lockpick

The best way to earn money fast in Dying Light 2 is to collect valuable items to sell at any merchant. Valuables are items that are desired by the surviving population in Old Villedor but unusable for your crafting purposes. For example, cigarettes and gadgets.

Again, valuables are miscellaneous items that are practically useless for your journey. They aren’t resources meant to be stocked up for future use but rather sold for old-world money. Therefore, feel free to sell all your valuables at the merchant—there’s a button prompt precisely for that action to encourage you to do so.

You can find valuables just about anywhere in Dying Light 2. Containers, caches, military airdrops, and enemy drops all have a chance to spawn money-making loot. And like the game, they come in tiers, with the higher ones worth more when sold.

There’s a better chance for these top-tier valuables to appear in locked containers. Unfortunately, although you can master the minigame for picking locks, it’s still going to slow down your progress with so many containers to go through. For that reason, you want to upgrade your lockpick first to earn money fast in Dying Light 2.

Like every other item, you can upgrade your lockpick’s blueprint a total of 9 times. In doing so, it will increase its durability to sustain more failed attempts before completely breaking. Most importantly, you can force open locks (only until hard locks) at the small cost of two lockpicks. 

Repeatedly opening locked containers is a chore and bogs down the whole process. Having the ability to bypass the minigame completely will save you a lot of time and sanity in the long run. Lockpicks only require two scraps to make, and they’re the most bountiful component in the game, so that’s a non-issue if you’re scavenging often.

However, this process isn’t as easy as it sounds because you’ll need to get infected trophies for the Craftmaster. And you’ll need a lot to have the option to force open hard locks. But the time invested is more than worth it since you’ll be able to pop open a locked container in a heated environment quickly. 

Additionally, if you took your time for farm for infected trophies, you’ll notice that it’s also a great avenue to earn money fast in Dying Light 2 since they drop a ton of valuables. So, it’s still a half-step to gain more old-world money.

Dark Hallows

There are various markers present on the map in Dying Light 2, mostly activities or buildings you can scavenge for precious loot. Forsaken Stores and Military Convoys are good sources for valuables, components, and gear. However, they’re inefficient when farming for money.

The latter is particularly dangerous because lethal enemies like Goons often surround the treasure. It’s still recommended to visit the locations to see what they offer and for a chance at a unique collectible, but you shouldn’t rely on them for subsequent visits.

Therefore, ransacking Dark Hollows is your best bet to earn money fast in Dying Light 2. These landmarked locations are filled to the brim with valuables to scavenge for your adventure. But, unfortunately, infected (and sometimes bandits) roam through the building, whether night or day.

There’s a Dark Hollow you can access early in the game with easy access to multiple locked containers and plenty of valuables without having to scavenge the whole area. Additionally, you can enter during the day because no Volatiles spawn inside it. The only threat during the day is a few Virals you can easily kill.

Head over to Larch Windmill found on the southern edge of the Trinity district in Old Villedor. Look for the Dark Hollow located to its southwest, just below the peacekeeper outpost.

Once you have found it, climb to the rooftop and enter the containment area. Then, drop down inside to enter the building.

The zone is quite dangerous for a low-level player due to the chemicals rapidly shrinking your immunity. Thus, returning to this area after enhancing yourself with a few inhibitors is recommended to lengthen immunity time. Or, you could come stocked with plenty of UV Mushrooms and Immunity Boosters.

If you’re ready to proceed, kick down the makeshift door. It’s on the left side of the room, assuming you just came through the rooftop entrance. There should be a locked iron door in front of you; ignore that and go to the right—crouch down the barricade blocking the door.

You have the option to jump straight down the gap below. There are some valuables downstairs if you’re willing to fight for it, but I suggest leaving it alone, for now, to earn money fast. If you do go, make sure to grab the expensive crystal cores and loot the two chests.

Instead, turn left into the hallway, and left once more into the room. You’ll notice that you’re on the other side of the iron door. Unlock the door now for a quick exit and, most importantly, a quick reentry.

Now, in the room, there’s a jail cell with several containers inside it. It’s tempting to take the straightforward way and lockpick the cell to open it. However, you’ll set the alarm off and alert annoying Virals to your area.

If you have Windmill, one of the best perks in Dying Light 2, you can take care of the Virals who’ll suddenly gang up on you. It’s a tight space so you’ll hit all of them without even trying. Personally, I prefer to avoid the trouble and go the safer route.

Instead, look for the locked door right next to the cell. Follow the wall, and you’ll find a vent which you can crouch inside. Go through the vent to end up on the other side of that door.

There’s a panel there that you can use to shut off the alarm to the jail cell. Then, flip the switch and unlock the door.

Then, it’s just a simple matter of breaking open the cell’s lock and looting the containers inside. Again, use your survivor sense to highlight every lootable container, as well as others you’ve missed. If you took the time to upgrade your lockpick, you’d appreciate how much time you’ve saved with all the locked containers in the cell.

Don’t forget to pick up the crystal core tucked in the corner for a big reward. It’s hidden right behind the couch with a skeleton seated on top of it. Also, the safe usually rewards a wallet with a fat stack of old-world money.

Now, exit the area in the same way you came. Then, quit your game to refresh the containers, and you can go inside again.

Sometimes, the iron door and jail cell will remain open, eliminating the minor hassle of getting in there. But if not, it’s not a big deal anyway.

If you don’t want to exit the game, there are other buildings nearby you can loot while waiting for the Dark Hollow to respawn. In addition, there are nearby Dark Hollows you can search for valuables. Find the one populated with bandits, so you don’t have to deal with more infected.

It’s a simple method, but after multiple trips, you’ll earn money fast in Dying Light 2. It may get repetitive after a while, so feel free to switch it up by visiting other Dark Hollows you’ll find in the world. Just make sure to do so at night time because others may not be so forgiving as this spot.