Military airdrops contain the Military Tech part, one of the most important resources in Dying Light 2. These rare materials are used to upgrade your main night runner tools, giving you a significant advantage each time.

Military airdrops are usually found in the highest places in Dying Light 2. Commonly on the roof of a tall building or a defunct highway. They give away their position with a large brown parachute draped nearby its location.

Since they’re located in precarious locations, they always present a parkour challenge to reach the top. Sometimes, you need more stamina or a tool to scale the height of the building. Other times, you have to undergo a series of complex platforming puzzles to reach the top.

Military Airdrop THB-22B is one of the few caches you can acquire with your base stamina and with no upgrades at all. Although you won’t find a use for the legendary component just yet, the other rare materials in the cache will more than make-up for it.

Here is how to find Military Airdrop THB-22B:

Where to Find Military Airdrop THB-22B

The easiest way to find military airdrop THB-22B is to run towards the easternmost edge of Horseshoe. It is to the east of Maple Windmill, south of military airdrop THB-17U, and north of the THV Genomics Center, a GRE quarantine building.

Follow the broken freeway until you see a few with scaffolding. Tag it with your binoculars to make sure that you’re under the right spot. As mentioned earlier, you can look for the brown parachute to pinpoint it.

To reach military airdrop TBH-22B for the first time, you need to climb the nightrunner’s hideout right to its south. If you reach the mural of the skull, you went right past it.

The key to ascending this splintered structure is using the scaffolding propped beside it. It may look impossible but Aiden is much more acrobatic than you give him credit for.

First, you want to find the side of scaffolding with fewer gaps between each other. Then, stand right below it on the side facing away from the wall, aim upwards, and hold your jump button to climb it. Try not to move unnecessarily as you could fall unto the zombies below.

Once you’re on the top of the scaffolding there should be a yellow beam. Carefully jump on it and make your way to the end. There’s no need to rush so you can take your mind your balance.

Near the end, face towards the dangling piece of the highway. If you don’t know how to climb walls in Dying Light 2 this area might stump you. Aim for the convenient cracks on the pavement and climb to thje top.

You can easily find military airdrop THB-22B on the other side of the highway from this angle. Before you go, don’t forget to power up the generator to activate the safe zone. There’s also a rooftop garden with honey and chamomille.

Your last hurdle is the rope dangling between the two platforms. Step to gain momentum and make a break for it. The “Dart” skill should help you reach the rope but your normal sprinting speed would suffice.

As long as you perform a running jump before you reach the rope, you should have enough momentum to immediately jump on the platform at the last moment. Don’t attempt to swing back and forth without stamina upgrades as you’ll plummet below.

Assuming you successfully made the jump, all you need to do now is open military airdrop TBH-22B to claim the rare components and the coveted military tech.

To descend quickly, you can fall on the atomizer on one side or on the pile of garbage in the middle.

Alternative Routes

There’s a faster route to take if you have enough stamina for it. Head behind the scaffolding to find the light posts in front of the hotel. Jump on the light post nearest to the balcony so you can climb it. Cross the hanging bridge until you’re at the top of the scaffolding.

Don’t bother trying to get inside Barney’s Hideout until you’re at that point in the story. For now, just ignore your GRE access key tempting you to the nearby inhibitor cache.

Take the zipline across. As soon as you see the corner, you’ll see another rope. You can use this rope to leap to the other rope to reach the scaffolding faster (and cooler). Once you’re there, you’ll be right next to the yellow beam.

If you have access to the paraglider you can always glide from the top of Maple windmill to avoid the hassle.