Elden Ring is a notoriously hard game. Memes abound of overconfident gamers jumping into the game only to bounce off its steep learning curve and punishing combat. Since you’re here, you’re probably in that boat, too, wondering how people are getting through this ultra-difficult grimdark adventure without wanting to rip their own hair out.

We don’t care who you are; Elden Ring is going to frustrate you. Even the most decorated dungeon crawling, hammer-dodging veteran will find themselves tempted to put the controller down forever. For those with lots of time and dedication, our Elden Ring tips and guides are awesome if you’re intent on getting better at the game.

For everyone else: it’s totally okay to suck at Elden Ring, especially if it’s your first Soulsborne. Thankfully, the game has a spirited modding community filled with enterprising coders, some of whom are dedicated to making Elden Ring a more palatable experience for the players who cant just “git gud.”

These are 10 of the best mods for Elden Ring for beginners which will help anyone who’s new (or just really bad) at the game. The list includes mods that range from simple balance tweaks to outright cheating. Let’s dive into it.

Easy Mode for Elden Ring

Best Mods for Elden Ring for Beginners 1

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The Easy Mode for Elden Ring mod is all you need for a less frustrating Elden Ring experience. This mod makes several balance changes to make the game a bit more forgiving for the less mechanically talented gamers among us.

Unlike some of the other mods on this list, the Easy Mode mod doesn’t change the actual game mechanics or features at all. You get as pure an Elden Ring experience as possible without the constant dying and frustrating rune chasing.

One major disclaimer: only use this mod in offline mode. If you try to activate Easy Mode when online, you risk getting your account banned.

Pause The Game

Best Mods for Elden Ring for Beginners 2

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Sometimes all you need is a break every now and again to make your time in the Lands Between more enjoyable. By default, Elden Ring doesn’t allow pausing, but you can enable it with the Pause The Game mod.

All you have to do is press “p” on your keyboard or the Start/Home button your controller to pause Elden Ring’s in-game clock. You can also rebind the pause key by editing the mod’s settings file in a text editor.

Fix the camera

Best Mods for Elden Ring for Beginners 3

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The camera in Elden Ring is a point of frustration for many players. It re-centers far too often, and usually at the worst possible moments. The Fix the camera mod disables camera re-centering altogether, giving you total control of what it’s pointing at. The mod also disables the camera reset that happens when you press the lock-on button when nobody’s around.

The Fix the camera mod only offers a minor change, especially compared to some of the other mods on this list. However, if you find you’ve been spending as much time fighting the camera as you have Elden Ring’s otherworldly monstrosities, the difference without and without this mod is like night and day.

Disable rune loss on death

Best Mods for Elden Ring for Beginners 4

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Elden Ring may be famous for its insane difficulty but, frankly, the frequent and repeated dying isn’t even the most annoying part of the game. No, the worst part is having to go back and recover the Runes dropped every time you fall in battle.

Losing Runes (or Souls) is a big deal in Soulsborne games. They serve as the game’s primary currency used to purchase items and upgrade gear. Every time you die (and you’ll die a lot), you lose the money you need to become strong enough to take on the game’s progressively powerful enemies.

The Disable rune loss on death mod gets rid of that pesky feature. With this mod activated, you no longer drop your Runes upon death.

Grand Merchant

Best Mods for Elden Ring for Beginners 5

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Elden Ring’s expansive open world is filled with countless items and hidden shops to discover. If you’re the explorer type, your curiosity and tenacity is rewarded with rare gear and interesting sights. But if you would rather spend your time chopping monsters to bits than grinding for materials and seeking out secret merchants, the Grand Merchant is for you.

Despite its name, the Grand Merchant isn’t actually a merchant. All the mod does is give you instant access to all items in Elden Ring through the crafting menu. So yeah, it’s definitely cheating, but if getting past the Fire Giant or the Godskin Duo feels as painful and endless as a root canal, maybe all you need is access to an overpowered legendary sword.

Lategame Damage Fix

Best Mods for Elden Ring for Beginners 6

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This already hard game becomes considerably more difficult at about the halfway mark. Enemies hit harder and bosses become more difficult to predict. If you want an in-depth explanation for why this happens, check out our guide on how scaling works in Elden Ring.

The Lategame Damage Fix mod reduces the ridiculous difficulty spikes that occur towards the late game.

As its description page is keen to emphasize, this mod only tweaks enemy damage in the late game. Monsters and bosses in the first half of the game are untouched. Importantly, the mod preserves the difficulty spikes in the latter half of the game; it just lowers their effect a bit.

Convenience Mod Installer

Best Mods for Elden Ring for Beginners 7

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The Convenience Mod Installer is a package of the most popular quality-of-life mods in Elden Rings.

The included mods reduce or eliminate many of the time-consuming ceremony that makes up much of the Elden Ring gameplay experience. For example, you can warp directly out of dungeons without defeating its boss, disable tutorials and achievements, remove invasion requirements for the Varré quest, gain instant access to all maps, and more.

You don’t have to have all mods running at once. You can uninstall the mods you don’t need by removing them from your mods folder. The mods can also be removed during a run, meaning you can activate them to get past a section of the game then disable it afterwards.

Seamless Co-op

Best Mods for Elden Ring for Beginners 8

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The monsters and enemies that call the Land Between home are powerful enough to make many players want to give up. It’s dangerous to go alone; why not call a more experienced friend to accompany you?

While Elden Ring supports multiplayer co-op, there are significant portions of the game that must be taken solo. When stepping into one of these no-co-op zones, any party mates will be kicked out of your session and Torrent will be made unavailable. The Seamless Co-op mod removes these restrictions, allowing you to run through the entire game with your friends.

Besides simply allowing for full-game co-op play, the Seamless Co-op mod also adds some handy features that make the co-op experience feel more complete. For instance, players are no longer ejected from a session when they die, defeat a boss, or clear a zone, and waypoints are synchronized between party members, allowing for easier coordination and movement.

Attack Recovery Overhaul

Best Mods for Elden Ring for Beginners 9

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Like any Soulsborne game (and Monster Hunter), the attack and movement animations in Elden Ring can feel laborious and heavy. There’s a small window in which you can cancel your melee attack, but for the most part, once you’ve committed to an action, you’ll have to deal with the consequences. A single whiffed sword strike could spell your death.

The Attack Recovery Overhaul mod widens the window for attack canceling, so you can go from mid-swing into a dodge much more easily. This makes combat much more forgiving, especially for Elden Ring beginners.

A side effect of easier attack canceling is that combat feels a lot lighter and quicker than in vanilla Elden Ring. Being able to quickly go back and forth between strikes and dodges gives you real sense of power and control. Those coming into Elden Ring from a more traditional action RPG experience will appreciate the changes.

Auto recover HP and FP

Best Mods for Elden Ring for Beginners 10

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Maybe you’re enjoying the explorer spirit and nuanced combat of Elden Ring but just need that slight push to really help you get over the insane learning curve. The Auto recover HP and FP mod should be all you need.

As its name states, this mod allows your character to automatically heal 0.5% HP and 2 FP per second. It’s not a huge boost, but just enough to give you a leg up against some of the longer boss fights. And since the effect is tied to the Crimson Amber Medallion, you can enable or disable it whenever you want by simply equipping or unequipping the medallion.