Whether he’s known as Trusty Patches, Unbreakable Patches, Patches the Spider, or even Patches the Hyena, this recurring FromSoftware unreliable ally is always a treat to see. 

Now, he’s back to his usual antics in Elden Ring, but he’s called Patches the Untethered this time. You can find scheming in a cave in the Lands between, no doubt up to something no good again.

He’s a shady character who always introduces himself by betraying you time and time again. And when he promises to stop, he’ll break your trust one more time. He isn’t any different in Elden Ring.

But Soulsborne veterans know that Patches is strangely reliable, provided you can avoid his attempts to kill you to rob your corpse. This guide will show you where to find Patches in Elden Ring, as well as how to defeat and spare his life.

Where is Patches in Elden Ring?

Patches is hiding in the Murkwater Cave in Limgrave. You can find him as soon as soon you’re thrust into the overworld without much resistance. But make sure you find to get your horse, Torrent, because there are a lot of enemies waiting to ambush you on the way.

Start at the Site of Grace at Gatefront Ruins in front of Stormgate. Follow the main road south, but don’t cross the bridge. Instead, look underneath you and try to find a way to reach the lake.

Here’s a useful tip: you can throw Rainbow Stones in Elden Ring to gauge whether or not you’ll survive the fall. Chuck a few stones down to see if you and can Torrent will endure the height. 

You can craft valuable items in Elden Ring after buying the Crafting Kit. For example, the Rainbow Stone is almost free since you only need one Ruin Fragment to create it.

Once you’re on the lake, look for the bridge and head north. Be careful with the skeletons who will ambush you under the bridge.

Assuming you’re heading north, watch out for the cave on the west face of the ravine. If it’s your first time here, Torrent will leave you. There’s an NPC invader named Bloody Finger Nerijus who will challenge you.

The fight gives players a taste of player versus player combat. He wields two Reduvia daggers which are deadly both in close quarters and in mid-range due to its blood projectile.

Do your best not to die for a while. Blood Finger Hunter Yura will come to your assistance. Together, you can take down Nerijus and loot the powerful Reduvia dagger.

Now the threat is gone, enter the Murkwater Cave. There’s a Site of Grace you can rest at the mouth of the cave.

You can find Patches in Elden Ring on the right side of the cave. Be careful when sneaking through the bushes because there are traps that will alert all the enemies in the cave.

Take them out one by one and loot the items in the cave. There’s a wide-open area with a treasure chest at the end of it. Open the treasure chest and loot the armor set inside it.

Doing so will summon a familiar NPC out of the shadows. Patches will jump down, shield and spear at the ready, to battle you.

How to Spare Patches

Patches is armed with a spear and large shield. The fight is straightforward, and you don’t even need to deplete his whole health bar to defeat him.

Patches has a straightforward moveset that you can easily manage and counter.

First, when you’re away from him, he’ll attempt a jump attack and plunge down with his spear. Dodge this attack and punish him for it.

Second, when you’re also a distance, he drinks a special concoction and spews brown gas at you. So, again, don’t panic dodge until the gas comes out, then roll sideways.

Lastly, Patches attempts to thrust his spear from the safety of his shield. If you have a decent shield, his attacks will deflect from it, letting you counterattack uncontested. It’s also slow with no special flair or tricks, which means you can practice parrying away his thrust.

Avoid using a jump attack since he can swiftly jab his spear at you, interrupting your advance.

It’s vital that you don’t use your summons here in this fight. Your summoned companions will not recognize the white flag or surrender and continue attacking until he dies.

Patches will surrender once you bring him lower than half health. After that, he’ll put down his weapons and stop attacking. So cease your assault to spare Patches in Elden Ring.

After a few brief moments, Patches will ask you to forgive him. Find it in your heart to forgive him, then talk to him more after the victory message pops up.

It’s important to note that if you somehow managed to kill Patches, you can loot his bell bearing. You can give this item to Twin Maiden Husks at Roundtable Hold. In doing so, the vendor will sell Patches’ usual stock.

He’ll tell you that he was training bandits as a side gig to survive, but he’s ready to settle down and become a merchant. Patches will ask you to give him time to set up and visit him later.

When you visit him later, he’s opened a shop with a decent inventory. Margit’s Shackle is a great item if you’re having trouble with that mandatory boss, though it costs 5000 runes. Stonesword Keys can also lead you to some secrets since you can use them to break imp statue seals.

There’s a chest in the corner of the room. In typical Patches fashion, it’s a trapped chest that leads you in the middle of Mistwood Forest, right next to a giant bear. Trapped chests are a sadistic addition to Elden Ring, just like when frustrated players couldn’t leave Sellia Cyrstal Tunnel.

If you hear an eerie howling, don’t worry, that’s Blaidd, the Half-Wolf. You can bring down the wolf knight from the tower to start his quest while you’re there.

You can’t fast travel after a trapped chest ensnares you. First, you have to rest a Site of Grace. There’s a Site of Grace at Mistwood Outskirts that you could use to the north; near the large stones at the main road.

When you return to Murkwater Cave, Patches is nowhere to be found. 

Some people never change.

Patches Second and Third Location

When Patches leaves Murkwater Cave, you’ll find him near the Scenic Isle Site of Grace at Liurnia’s Swamp. You’ll find the swamp right after passing through Stormveil Castle.

Starting from the merchant at Liurnia Lake Shore, head northwest while sticking to the main path. You’ll first cross Laskyar Ruins before reaching the Scenic Isle. Look for the raised piece of land with a lit campfire.

It’s nearby the structure where you can encounter the blind woman, Rya. Patches will even mention her to you, stating that she needs help.

After finding Patches in the Scenic Isle, you’ll find him again inside Volcano Manor. Fortunately, the woman nearby has an invitation to that area, if you help with her request.