FromSoftware, for the first time in their Soulsborne series, added something entirely new to their souls-like games; the opportunity to ride on your own horse in an open world setting.

Horses in Elden Ring game are not just for decoration.

You can actually use them to travel around in the vast world much faster than by walking or running yourself. It’s a fantastic feature, too.

Torrent, your mount in Elden Ring, can run fast, double jump, and you can even fight enemies while riding it. Getting around in the game world and fighting on your horse’s back will prove immensely helpful, but how do you get the horse, known as Torrent? It’s actually easier than you might think.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to get the horse in Elden Ring so that you can take advantage of this highly useful (and fun) aspect of gameplay right away.

Where to Find Torrent in Elden Ring

In order to get Torrent (the horse mount) you must first find Melina, the Maiden. She is the one character that lets you level up in Elden Ring.

After you leave the tutorial area, you will find your first site of grace in the open world. If you talk to the NPC right next to it, he will tell you to follow the beams of light.

Note that you will see something that you must avoid not far from there. There will be a giant knight on a huge horse patrolling this area; that’s the Tree Sentinel. He can easily kill you with a single hit. If you are wondering how to kill the Tree Sentinel, know that you are under-leveled, and you can just ignore this boss for now. Don’t get me wrong, it is possible to kill him. However, it serves no real purpose to do it so soon, and it might take you forever.

For now, try to go around him. Follow the golden light beams to the Church of Elleh, touch the site of grace you’ll find there, and then follow the road that goes northeast.

You will find a camp with a bunch of soldiers and an open gate that grants passage through the castle’s wall. Don’t go through the gate. Look outside. There’s a site of grace near the entrance, so that’s where you should go.

Once you touch that site of grace, if that’s the third one you touch, you will be greeted by Melina, who says she’ll play the role of maid and turn your runes into strength. She also gives you an item that allows you to summon Torrent, your mount.

Once you have that item, you can use it to call and dismiss Torrent whenever you want.

You do so by opening the menu and equipping the Spectral Steed Whistle as one of your consumable items. Don’t worry, the whistle is reusable. You can use this item as many times as you want.

How to Ride Torrent

Alright, you have the whistle, you equipped it, and you summoned Torrent; now what?

Torrent can run and jump just like you, but it can jump once when in the air. You can use it to double jump and also change where you are about to fall if you drop from a certain height.

Torrent can sprint just like you by holding the dodge button, allowing you to traverse the map incredibly fast.

You can also attack the enemies when you are on your spectral steed’s back. Mounted combat might feel a bit weird at first, but it’s functional and sometimes quite overpowered.

Be careful, though. Some enemies are able to hit you out of Torrent’s back and finish you off while you are on the ground. It might be a good idea to be careful with enemies you don’t know yet, since they might have a special move that can cause you to lose all your runes when riding your mount.

When on Torrent’s back, your usual attack buttons will always make attacks happen from the right side, so it might be hard to hit enemies sometimes. You will have to hit the special skill or guard button to attack the other side.

Can the Horse Be Killed?

Torrent can be killed in Elden Ring, and summoning it back will cost you a flask, so be careful when running through a dozen of enemies on its back.

Final Thoughts

Torrent is a welcome change to the old and tried Dark Souls’ formula. It’s true that the game would be quite annoying if you had to travel through its vast map on your feet. Going from one place to another would be somewhat irritating, and you’d be highly dependent on fast travel.

However, it’s not because the horse is a necessary addition that it is any less cool. FromSoftware rarely adds pointless gameplay mechanics to their game. With Torrent being a part of Elden Ring, so is mounted combat. Elden Ring even has bosses who are designed to be faced when you’re horse riding. If you know how to get the lance in Elden Ring, riding Torrent and trampling enemies becomes even more fun!

Torrent is also an excellent excuse that developers can use to add tricky platform segments in Elden Ring, so the game becomes even richer when it comes to gameplay and exploration.

Honestly, FromSoftware absolutely knows how to make good games and how to change their formula to make a successful idea even better than what it was, and that’s what Torrent does to Elden Ring; it makes the whole game much better.