Agheel is one of the many bosses you will face in Elden Ring.

Due to his massive size, deceiving speed, and incredibly damaging flames, this fire-breathing beast might seem way more powerful than it really is.

The Flying Dragon Agheel is one of the most epic boss fights in Elden Ring’s Open World.

There are many tactics that would work against other bosses in the open world but won’t do much here.

This guide will teach you how to defeat the Flying Dragon Agheel in Elden Ring.

I’ll show you his weak points, exactly what attacks he uses, and when he uses them so that you can take him down quickly and collect your reward.

How to Beat Flying Dragon Agheel

You will be fighting a creature that can fly and breathe fire. It even breathes fire when flying over the area where it resides, so you will absolutely need to get the horse to follow it or run away from its flames.

The idea behind this fight is pretty simple, and in many ways, it is like how you beat the Tree Sentinel as well. 

You will have to run towards it, hit the Flying Dragon Agheel a couple times, and then run away. Pay close attention to how it moves when you get close. This creature is an easy target, but you are a weak prey that it is able to put down with a single burst of flames or a well-placed tail attack.

If you are using ranged attacks, you might have a significantly easier time dealing with this boss, but chances are it will also take significantly longer for you to beat it. Still, if you have the patience and you just want to get it over with, sorceries or a bow and arrow are the easier way to go. Magic can work decently, too, so you might want to figure out where to buy sorcery spells early.

How to Deal With Flying Dragon Agheel’s Attacks

This boss has a pretty good variety of attacks that it can use on you, depending on where you stand when fighting it. Some of Flying Dragon Agheel’s attacks can make you return to a site of grace with a single hit. This is the sort of thing that can make the fight a bit frustrating, so you might want to level up a bit before trying to deal with it. You might be able to withstand some of its attacks even after leveling up, but at least you can deal a bit more damage and end the battle with fewer strikes.

Fire Breath

There are a few different ways Flying Dragon Agheel can break fire on you, and its flames are equally damaging in all variations. You will need Torrent to deal with all of them, so assume that you are mounted on your spectral steed for any of the tips provided here.

When you see it flying backward, run away. Don’t try to be optimal or to dodge. There might be other ways to evade specific attacks, but we are going to play safe. When the creature flies back, it breathes fire on the ground in an extensive area. Just wait for it to land and run towards it.

Once you are far away, Flying Dragon Agheel can throw a moving cone of fire at you. Run to the sides so you can get out of the fire’s path. Take advantage of this moment, if you can, to get close to the beast and land a few attacks on its head since it will take more damage there. With some luck, you might be able to stagger it and land even more hits to its head.

If you see it flying and looking to the side, it’s also time to run away. Flying Dragon Agheel will spit a path of fire in a line before landing.

Tail Strike

If you are hitting the creature with a melee weapon, chances are you will be by its knees or wings, and this is when this attack usually happens.

Pay attention to its right wing when you are close. If it lifts that wing for no reason, just run away. Don’t think twice. It will spin and try to hit you with a long-reaching tail attack. This move can probably one-shot you, and you will have to start the fight all over again.

Bite Attack

This attack also happens when you are near its ankles. The creature will contort its neck and bite whatever is standing near its ankles.

Run to the opposite side once you see that Flying Dragon Agheel is looking at you. That way, it will miss its attack entirely, and you can still land a few blows before having to run away.


IIf you are near its ankles and it lifts a wing and a foot at the same time, a stomp is coming. This one is easy to dodge roll through or to avoid by making Torrent run away since it’s also very easy to spot. Once you see its winging and leg moving up on the same side, just run away.

Dive Attack

Sometimes, Flying Dragon Agheel will hover a bit in the air without flames in its mouth. This means it’s getting ready to dive on you. This is another attack that can probably one-shot you, and also another attack that you should just run away from.

Suppose you identify this attack early or don’t have any room to run away. In that case, it also works to just fly towards the boss so you can go under it when it tries to drop its massive body on your head.

Tips and Tricks

You want to take the slow and methodical approach when fighting this creature, but you can’t just land one hit and run away. Remember, the longer it takes to defeat the boss, the higher your chances of committing mistakes and being one-shot. 

Every time you have an opportunity, hit the dragon as many times as you can but don’t overextend. You will die a couple of times to get the timing right, but make sure you can do as much damage as possible and still safely retreat.

If you are unsure that you can strike its head, forget it and go for its ankles, tail, and wings. The important thing here is to deal some decent damage every time it is not readying a deadly strike. Keep your eye on its right wing to prevent being caught by the dragon’s tail strike and run away from its fire. Rinse and repeat.

What do You Get From Flying Dragon Agheel?

If you defeat this beat, it will disappear from the Dragon Burnt Ruins, making it easier for you to traverse the area without more significant worries. It will also grant you 5000 runes and a Dragon Heart.

The dragon heart is seized by a dragon tracker. It has a bizarre shape, mottled by gravel. It continues to beat vivaciously, even when removed from the beast’s body. This is an offering used in the Dragon Communion. You have to consume a dragon’s heart at the altar in order to receive its power. This is a terrible and savage-looking heart, but it is somehow beautiful in a very peculiar way.

You can trade this for an incantation. At the Church of Dragon Communion in Limgrave, you can get the incantations Dragonclaw, Dragonfire, and Dragonmaw. Also, you can’t get Agheel’s Flame until you have defeated this optional boss.

However, unlike the three mentioned above, this incantation requires two Dragon Hearts. Make sure to check where to buy Dragon Incanatations in Elden Ring to make better use of your Dragon Hearts.

Final Thoughts

This is an optional boss that shows how dangerous the world of Elden Ring can be. It’s the most significant threat you will find in the open field of West Limgrave, having more attacks that can one-shot you than the Tree Sentinel. 

One of the things that can make this battle longer than it should be are attacks that you miss when you finally get close to the creature. Don’t try anything fancy unless you are entirely sure you can. Go for the ankles and tail, but pay attention to its wing and run away from its fire. Slow and steady is the best way to finish it off, and your patience will pay off in the end.

The reward for killing the Flying Dragon Agheel is pretty decent. It can provide you enough runes to level up your character at least a couple of times. Since defeating this creature provides a Dragon Heart, Faith users will eventually have to take it down. After all, the dropped item is essential for getting new abilities.

Now you know everything that the Flying Dragon Agheel can do and how to deal with each of its moves. You might die a lot, even if you know what to expect, but don’t get frustrated. It’s all about trial and error. I’m sure that, by following our tips, you will triumph in the end.