BakeEzy Cook Book is a useful item for crafting and even making money, but you will need to find it first. It might be annoying to find, but there are ways you can strategize your raids and increase your chances of finding one.

In this guide, we will show you where to find the BakeEzy Cook Book in Escape from Tarkov and tell you its uses for it, whether it is for a quest, used for crafting, or a good way to make money on.

We will run down each map and make your run as efficient as possible, finishing quests and hideout upgrades while getting the BakeEzy Cook Book.

What is the BakeEzy Cook Book Used For?

BakeEzy Cook Book Library

The BakeEzy Cook Book is used to construct the Library in your hideout. The Library provides an additional boost to the raid experience by +15% and improves your skills leveling (Practical) by +30%.

The boosts are both extremely useful, but you are mostly going for the raid experience. Practical skills in Tarkov are optional, and they don’t speed up your important skills like Endurance and Strength.

You will need it only during the mid-wipe, which means you already have the Flea Market unlocked to buy one.

However, you can still farm it for yourself if it becomes too expensive. Get these items in-raid and sell them on the Flea Market if the demand is high. The item is rare, so not many players will be able to find one.

It is one of the best ways to get money in Tarkov as you supply the increase in demand on the Flea Market for items like these.

The other use for the BakeEzy Cook Book is in crafting. In the Nutrition Unit, you will need it to craft the MaxEnergy Drink and the Hot Rod energy drinks.

To unlock the Nutrition Unit, you need to find a Can of White Salt, a Power Cord, and two Phased Control Relays. You also need the Generator level 1 constructed.

The item is also needed to finish the greatest challenge in Tarkov, the Kappa quest.

BakeEzy Cook Book Locations

BakeEzy Cook Book Loot

BakeEzy Cook Books can be found inside drawers, jackets, duffle bags, and safes. A lot of items can spawn inside the things mentioned, so it can take a while until you actually see one.

You can also spawn in as a Scav and test your luck since you can spawn with almost anything as a Scav. Eliminating and looting Scavs also gives you a chance to get one.

Best Strategy to Farm BakeEzy Cook Books

The best strategy to get the BakeEzy Cook Book is to go through your early quests and mid-wipe quests and prioritize the drawers, jackets, duffle bags, and safes.

In Interchange, you can loot the Power Station, National, Mantis, Voyage, and most stores that have jackets and drawers.

In Customs, you can go for the three-story and two-story dormitory, but it is quite risky since everyone is going here for their quests.

You can also go for the jackets inside the factory area or the drawers and bags inside Crackhouse. There are a few jackets and bags inside the storage container yard as well.

If you are farming these BakeEzy Cook Books during mid-wipe, you can go to Shoreline and go for the village and loot all the jackets. Shoreline has the most jackets concentrated in one area, and you can even get rare keys and rare quest items here.

The strategy you should go for is always to complete multiple quests at a time or at least try to get as much money as you can while doing raids. Even going for quest items or hideout items way ahead will help you a lot.

Choose which map you can get the most out of and plan your route to loot as many drawers, jackets, duffle bags, and safes as you can.

Eliminating Scavs and looting their bags and pockets is also a good strategy. You can get rare items if you are lucky, and you get a ton of experience points if you eliminate a lot in a single raid, especially if you are hitting all your headshots.