Urban Medicine is a chain quest that you get from finishing Population Census. Finishing Urban Medicine doesn’t lead to another quest, but it is better to finish it along with other Streets of Tarkov quests you have for rewards and experience points.

It can be confusing to get around Streets of Tarkov, especially since this quest is located in the middle of the map. Looking at all the buildings and getting your bearings down can take a while if you are not used to the map yet.

This guide will show you how to complete Urban Medicine in Escape from Tarkov. We will show you some key loot spawns to watch out for as well and how to safely extract out of Streets of Tarkov.

Urban Medicine Quest

“Greetings, mercenary.

The hospital continues to receive more intoxicated patients. Each day there are more and more of them, and that worries me. It feels like if you destroy one drug den, two new ones appear.

We should go another route, try to cure who those are already addicted. In order to do that, I need a sample of the drug for analysis.”

The objectives for completing Urban Medicine are to:

  • Locate the chemical laboratory on Streets of Tarkov
  • Obtain the container with drug samples
  • Hand over the container

Urban Medicine Location

Urban Medicine Map

Credits to Jindouz for the amazing scaled Streets of Tarkov map. You can check Jindouz’s Reddit post of the map here.

The Urban Medicine quest location is near the Concordia zone’s Sparja grocery store. Beside the Sparja grocery store, you will find a small camp with a bunch of metal cargo containers.

The container with drug samples can be found inside the laboratory in this camp.

There are no required keys or anything special. The only thing you need to do is clear out the area first. The only way to get inside the laboratory is to crawl inside.

If you find yourself stuck inside with enemies outside waiting, you are essentially stuck. Your only way out is to crawl out the metallic gate, which the enemies will take advantage of.

There are two entrances to the camp. One from Chekannaya Street and one from Razvedchikov Street.

Camp Entrance

The image above is the entrance from Razvedchikov St. It is the closest one to the laboratory.

I would suggest waiting a little bit before entering. You will be able to hear players inside the camp, the Concordia building, and the Sparja grocery store.

Scavs spawn inside the camp, but there will also be roaming scavs outside because it is so near Concordia.

Once you enter from the entrance above, the laboratory should be on your left. If you take the opposite entrance, you should be able to clear the whole camp and the laboratory should be on your right.

Lab Entrance urban med

The entrance to the laboratory should look like the image on top. Crawl your way, and you will get inside the Urban Medicine quest area.

Container with Drug Samples Locations

The container with drug samples has multiple spawns.

Spawn 1

Spawn 1 1

The first spawn is under the bed in the upper right corner of the lab. There should be a red box below it. Look beside the box for the samples.

Spawn 2

Spawn 2 1

The second spawn is in the upper right corner of the room with the medical boxes.

Spawn 3

Spawn 3 1

The next spawn is under the first bed from when you entered the lab. It is directly under the headrest of the bed.

Spawn 4

Spawn 4 1

The next spawn is next to the dead body bag between the two beds and near the shelf.

Spawn 5

Spawn 5 1

The next spawn is on the shelf with the three metal containers.

Spawn 6

Spawn 6

The last spawn is just beside the 2nd shelf from the entrance. You will find it on the floor.

Apologies for the darkness in the photo examples, the daytime Streets of Tarkov was too chaotic to get any useful pictures.

How to Extract

PMCs will have different extraction points based on where they spawn. You can divide the Streets of Tarkov map into two, and if you spawn in the Concordia/Residential zone, you will have Sewer River and Damaged House as your extraction points.

If you spawn in the Pinewood Hotel/Cinema/Industrial zone, your extraction will be the Evacuation Zone, Collapsed Crane, and Scav Checkpoint.

There are some spawns that are near the middle, such as the PMC spawn next to the Primorski Ave V-Ex.

Since the Concordia zone is the target for the Urban Medicine quest, let’s look at two different ways you can extract successfully.

If you have Sewer River or Damaged House extractions, exit from the opposite (opposite from the Urban Medicine quest side) entrance of the camp. Turn right and turn left at the first intersection.

Just as you turn left at the first intersection, turn right again at the next intersection which is close by. The street name is Nikitskaya St, and you can follow this to the end for the Sewer River extraction.

It is a bit dangerous because this intersection is hot. There is a ton of loot in the intersection because of the dead scav bodies that can spawn anything, stim and med spawns on the ground, and the OFZ spawn inside the open crates.

If you need a safer route, you can exit from the Urban Medicine quest side of the camp and turn left once you see the street.

Turn right and follow the road to the Primorsky Ave V-Ex if it is available. If it isn’t, follow the road to the cinema and check the courtyard extract to see if it is open.

If the courtyard and V-Ex are unavailable, pass through the cinema from the courtyard side and turn right to the Damaged House extraction.

If your extraction points are the Collapsed Crane or Evacuation Zone, they are extremely near the camp.

For the Collapsed Crane extraction point, turn left from the camp exit opposite the Urban Medicine side

For the Evacuation Zone extraction point, turn right from the camp from the Urban Medicine side.

To add some loot into your runs/raids, you can loot the whole camp. It should be enough to fill up your rig and even a Pilgrim bag. The whole camp has loot for at least two players in your group.

If you have more inventory slots, you can go to the Chekannaya apartments for more loot. If you have the Chekannaya 15 key, you might as well loot the apartments every run because they are next to the camp and it won’t take too long.

What to Do Next

There are a ton of quests in Streets of Tarkov. You’ve Got Mail, Population Census, and Glory to CPSU are all near the camp.

You can finish those quests while you are working on Urban Medicine. There are two nearby grocery stores, which is useful for the Delivery Sausage quest where you need to go to four grocery stores

If you are running out to extract in Sewer River, you might as well drop by the bank and finish the Audit quest on the way.