Escape from Tarkov doesn’t hold your hand when it comes to these locked rooms and rare keys. Everything needs to be figured out or planned beforehand.

If you are lucky enough to get one of the good keys like the Conference Room Key, you can maximize your profits by using it as much as possible.

In this guide, we will show you where to get and where to use the Conference Room Key in Escape from Tarkov.

Where to Get the Conference Room Key

To get the Conference Room Key, you just need to get lucky and farm all the jackets and drawers you can. There is no specific key location like the other quest keys.

The best shot you have at farming these keys is going through loot-specific runs in Shoreline, Lighthouse, Customs, or Interchange.

In Shoreline, you can go for all the jackets inside the villas. If you have a better spawn to get to the resort fast, you can also go there, but it would definitely be a hotspot.

In Customs, you can go for jackets inside the three-story and two-story dormitories. The other spots are inefficient since they are all spread out in the factories, the stronghold, and the crackhouse.

In Interchange, you can go for the jackets in the power station, the drawers in National, and random jackets scattered across the mall. It is easy to go around the mall, but there will be a lot of enemies roaming around.

In Lighthouse, there are more than twenty drawers and a few jackets in the Lighthouse area. However, getting outside the Lighthouse area will be troublesome because there is only one way out.

If you get a bad spawn, you can go for the other best loot spots in Lighthouse or farm rogues in the water treatment area.

Locked Conference Room Location

Conference Room Door

The locked Conference Room is located in the Lighthouse area on the Lighthouse map. From Southern Road, go to the bridge on the left and enter the building.

Once you get inside, go to the building on your left and go to the second floor. At the corner of the room, you will see a locked room with a red sign on it.

Use the Conference Room Key to open the door, but before you do that, you can check the tables, and there should be a valuable loot spawn (Rolers, Phased Arrays, etc.) on top of the table.

Need to Know!

To access the area, you’ll need the decoded Digital secure DSP radio transmitter. It is a long quest line that has changed multiple times.

You’ll use the transmitter to pass through the bridge safely. If you don’t have that, landmines will explode and eliminate you in the process.

Zryachiy, Lightkeeper’s bodyguard, is located here too. If you do anything to threaten them, he and his snipers will shoot you on sight.

What is Inside the Conference Room Lighthouse?

Inside the Conference Room Key 1

Inside the Conference Room, you will see a total of four drawers, a weapon box, a safe, and two valuable loot spawn on top of the table and on top of the safe.

The two valuable loot spawns that can spawn Phased Arrays, Rolers, Bitcoins, and other rare items already make the room extremely valuable. These items can be put inside your container, and you can already get a return on your investment even if you die.

How to Survive in the Lighthouse Area

There are two general strategies when trying to get loot in the Lighthouse area. The first strategy is going inside the area IF you get the spawn near it.

Loot the area as fast as possible because you might get camped by players who saw you go inside the area. Since there is only one point of entry, you have no choice but to be a sitting duck.

Timing is important here. If it has taken you 8-11 minutes to loot the whole area, you might encounter players trying to go to your area from a far spawn or players going to the extraction point in Southern Road.

The other strategy is spawning somewhat far away from the Lighthouse area like in the abandoned village, near the water treatment plant, or the village.

Roler Spawn

They are at a huge disadvantage, and if you take them out, they basically looted the whole area for you. The high-value loot might be inside their container, but you can still make it profitable.

If you have the Conference Room Key, you can go inside and check if they have looted the room. You will have the same trouble going out, but just be careful on your way out.