EFT’s Lighthouse is filled with amazing loot in a relatively small space. Because it’s so small, it makes this loot area hot for PvP action.

If you are new to the game or even the map, it might take a while to get used to Lighthouse, but learning it will definitely be more manageable than maps like Reserve, Customs, Woods, and Shoreline.

This guide will show you the best loot spots in Lighthouse in Escape from Tarkov. It will cover all the valuable loot spawns, including the locked areas, safes, doors, and cars.

A word of warning before we get started: Lighthouse might be the most inconsistent map in terms of loot. There are too many loose loot spawns that can get unnoticed.

However, the loot spots and Rogues make the Lighthouse one of the best maps to play to make money in Escape from Tarkov, so let’s get started with this Lighthouse loot spot tier list.

Lighthouse – S Tier

Lighthouse Expansion

The Lighthouse is located near the Southern Road extraction point and it is one of the easiest areas to loot if you spawned in Southern Road.

There is one catch. You need a decoded transmitter, locked through a quest chain. The quest chain is pretty far and is considered endgame content at this point.

If you ever reach that point, you can farm this area non-stop and get free loot.

However, getting out will be the biggest challenge because there is only one way in and one way out.

When it comes to loot, the whole area has more than twenty drawers to loot. It might be one of the most boring things to loot, but you can get rare keys from doing this.

The loot inside the Marked Room in the Lighthouse has multiple valuable spawns. You can find Golden Skulls, Bitcoins, Prokills, and other valuable items that you can immediately sell to a trader for profit. You will need the Shared Bedroom Marked Key for this one.

There are multiple duffle bags, jackets, toolboxes, weapon crates, weapon boxes, technical supply crates, safes, and loose loot lying around. The locked conference room also contains multiple valuable spawns including a safe inside.

You would need the Conference Room Key to open the room for the loot. Outside the locked conference room, you will also see a valuable loot spawn like Phased Arrays, VPXs, Virteces, and other rare military spawns by the table.

If you do not have the keys, the loot inside is still good because it still contains a valuable spawn like a Phased Array. However, Rogues also spawn in this area, which adds a ton of loot through armors, weapons, and ammunition you get from them.

Getting the keys will increase your profits for each run, but you need to strategize your way out to cash in your loot.

Water Treatment Plant – S Tier

Water Treatment Plant has the best loot in the game. It has Rogues that can be killed for amazing loot. It would be like farming Raiders in Labs or Reserve, but Rogues act differently and spawn specific loadouts like MK47s and Scars.

Other than farming Rogues, the area is filled to the brim with valuables. Boxes, crates, tables, and even the floor can spawn loose loot such as weapon attachments, gold chains, military loot spawns, and random quest and hideout upgrade items.

This gives the Water Treatment Plant the highest tier by far compared to all the other areas in the game. It will be hot, but it is the best for looting.

To teach you the best loot spots in the Water Treatment Plant, let’s start by discussing the two entrances. The main entrance is by the main road, which is guarded by two Rogues on the stationary LMG.

There are a lot of Scavs that spawn outside this area, and the place is very wide open or dangerous in short.

If you are playing PMC as a BEAR, you will have a hard time getting inside this area. Those mounted LMGs will start shooting you on sight, and you can treat these Rogues like they have maphacks.

They will shoot you from anywhere. As a Scav or USEC, you can get in the Water Treatment Plant quickly. Do not stick or even get near the Rogues or the mounted LMGs. They will aggro on you instantly and shoot you on sight after.

Main Entrance

As mentioned before, the main entrance is literally on the main road. There will be landmines outside near the billboard, so stick to the road when you are close to the Water Treatment Plant.

After going inside the main gate, you will see three tents lined with loot inside. The first one will contain a few loose loot and weapon attachments.

The next one can contain valuables on the table. You can even get a Bitcoin on this spot. There are also boxes in this area. Loot all the technical supply crates and head to the next closed tent.

On top of the drawers, there will be weapon attachment spawns. There is also an armor spawn (USEC Trooper) on the floor near the drawers. Keep looting all the boxes from this side.

From here, you can proceed to the middle and check the helipad and the other tent with a server inside. Rogues usually patrol this area, so avoid them. The tent with the server can contain Tetriz spawns and other valuables on the floor. It also has a technical supply crate outside.

Loose loot can spawn near the porta-potty. The wooden planks on the floor near this area can generate technical items as well. At the backside near the ladder (you cannot use ladders in Tarkov), you can find loose loot such as Car Batteries and fuel.

For the helipad loot, there is a big weapon box and weapon attachments on the table next to it. Medical supplies or stims can spawn on top of the box with unlootable meds scattered around it. There is a duffle bag inside the helicopter, which should finish this area.

Let’s move to the next entrance since you can also loot these areas from the main entrance, but the route would be closer if you came from the side entrance.

Side Entrance

The side entrance comes from the bridge next to the abandoned cabins. You will see a cabin with four drawers, and some healing spawns just outside the side gate.

Enter the gate and follow the road until you see the first open cabin on the right. Do not stick to the left side if you go to the center. There will be landmines right next to the entrance once you step on the grass.

In the first open cabin, there will be loose tech spawns on the table, a toolbox, and a jacket on the wall. After looting this area, go back to the road and continuously look to the right while heading straight. You will be able to see some boxes with loot on top of them. These are minimal but worth checking out.

Once you see the first intersection, turn left, and this path will lead you down the road. If you continue heading straight, you will see a fire barrel you must crawl to. If you turn right from here, you will see a truck with wooden planks placed on the back where you can jump to enter the truck.

Inside the truck, you will find two jackets to loot, a shelf with weapon attachments, and a small weapon box. Loot everything and turn right as you exit the truck. Head up the metal stairs, and you will see two green vans in front of you.

The first van has its trunk open, and this contains extremely valuable loot or just technical supplies. It also has a duffle bag on the side with another loose item spawn. This loot spot can spawn a GPU, Phased Array, and other military spawns mixed with technical loot and streamer items.

After looting this area, you can proceed to the other places mentioned above. However, you also have the option of going to the next one.


These aren’t really called warehouses; they are called USEC buildings (East, North, and West). These warehouses contain technical supplies – a lot of them, actually.

With all my runs as a Scav and PMC, the best warehouse is always the middle one. You can either call it warehouse 2 (since these buildings are numbered) or the North USEC building.

The patrolling Rogues usually camp around this area, making it hard to get inside without getting noticed.

Once they scream and call you out, they will already shoot you on sight. This includes the mounted LMGs on the rooftop of each warehouse in the Water Treatment Plant.

The loot inside the middle warehouse contains a ton of technical supplies in the middle on top of the boxes. There are also four shelves by the corner near the fire barrel inside the warehouse. This can spawn items such as Car Batteries, Fuel, and random technical supplies.

Each of these warehouses can be entered through the side door, which also contains valuable loot depending on which warehouse you entered.

On top of that, you can also go to the roofs of these warehouses and find more loot, but most of these are weapon attachments you can find on top of boxes.

The Water Treatment Plant is one of the most loot-dense areas in Escape from Tarkov. However, the challenge is actually getting outside and surviving.

Player Scavs will always go for this area since they are neutral with the Rogues and they can walk in freely and loot the area.

For PMCs trying to farm rogues for their loot, they have to go in close quarters to secure their loot, but it is also risky to farm them up-close because they are powerful enemies.

Most PMCs try to snipe them through the hill and this leaves Player Scavs and PMCs an opening to loot these Rogues before these PMC snipers can grab their loot.

These situations always make Water Treatment Plant one of the most dangerous areas in the game. Even if you win, there are limits to items you can carry and you can possibly fill ten 6Sh118 Raid Backpacks with loot through Rogues combined with all the loot inside the Water Treatment Plant.

If ever you gain aggro on the Rogues in this area, you can run and hide at every cover going out to the Railyard. Once you reach the Railyard, you can hug the fence until you find the broken wall leading to the Northern Checkpoint extraction.

Village – B Tier

The village is quite small. The only significant loot you have to check is the big orange brick house and the first house on the hillside going to the Path to Shoreline extraction point.

The orange brick house can only be entered from the back, where the door is automatically opened at the start. If you see this closed, there might be people inside the house camping. Once you enter from the back, you will see loose item spawns on the couch, the table, and the shelf near the door.

You can get a military spawn near the table or on the floor, but it is quite rare. Gold chains can spawn on the shelves and other valuables from the category. Go upstairs and head for the first open bedroom with the lights on.

There will be extremely valuable spawn on the floor next to the CPU and the box near the table. It could spawn a GPU or a Phased Array. Sometimes, it could be empty or spawn a GPhone, ES Lamps, UV Lamps, Magnets, and other low-end technical spawns. It can also spawn military items like the MGTs.

If you head out of the house from the back, you can see a garage. There will be more technical spawns inside, a jacket, and a toolbox. After looting this, you can go out through the main fence gate and turn right.

Go to the first building and open the gated fence. Enter the house, and there will be loose item spawns on the table and a duffle bag on the couch. Enter the next room and go to the small drawer next to the bed. There will be a Folder with Intelligence spawn in here.

Check the floor for loose loot, and the next door should contain more loose loot and a jacket. Proceed outside, and you can loot all the other houses for more spawns although, the valuable items are rarer on those houses. There is also the Hillside House which is locked that can spawn VPX Modules, stims, and other valuable items, but you will need the key.

If you proceed to take the Path to Shoreline extract from here, you can check the bench near the soccer field, as it can spawn a Moonshine.

Pikes Peak Resort – B Tier

Pikes Peak Resort is underwhelming in terms of loot. However, if you have the USEC stash keys (1 and 2), it might be worth it. The whole house contains loose loot and a few valuable spawns. Check the sinks in all of the bathrooms and open all the boxes and duffle bags.

Check the fireplace for loose loot since I found a Prokill there once. On the second floor, there is a safe on the two ends of the second floor—one to the left and one to the right. Open them for valuable loot such as a Gold Skull Ring, Bitcoin, Rolers, Stims, money, and other valuable items.

The safes are sometimes empty, so do not feel bad about it. These are extras for your loot runs anyway.

Railyard – C Tier

The Railyard, where the armored trains arrive, is also quite underwhelming. Most of the loot in this area can be found inside the warehouse next to the armored trains. Check the shelves and on top of the boxes for loose loot.

You can consider the items that spawn here as the ones in Interchange’s OLI. You can find DFuel, Fuel, Car Batteries, technical items, and whatever is inside the two toolboxes and a jacket.

The containers near the armored trains also have loose loot, but most of them are ammo spawns. There are a ton of them, but you rarely find yourself looting for ammo.

You can usually loot this area if you have a few slots left in your inventory at the end of the raid. The Railyard is next to the Northern Checkpoint extraction and the Armored Trains extraction (you have to wait for the train to come and depart).

Chalet – A Tier

The buildings are confusing when it gets to the mountainside. However, you can see a big “USEC” spray paint on the outside of the building to differentiate the Chalet. It also has a tennis court outside, and the building has four floors.

Let’s start from the main entrance. Once you enter the front door, head to the right and look to the right again and find a door leading to the garage.

Once you are inside the garage, you can check the table next to the toolbox as it can spawn high-value loot like a Phased Array. Open the trunk of the car in the garage. It can spawn Prokills, Stims, and other valuable items.

Head back inside and check both bedrooms on the opposite sides of the room. Each bedroom has a bathroom inside where you can check the sink for valuable Stims, Golden Star Balms, and other medical items.

Loot all the jackets and duffle bags you see. Check the coffee table (the one with lighting), which can sometimes spawn VPX Modules and other valuable items.

Head straight to the basement and break the glass on your right. Check the dead body on the hole in the middle. The dead body is not searchable. You will have to look around it or on top of it to find the valuable spawn. This spot can spawn a Bitcoin, GP Coin, Iridium, and other valuable loot. There are also medical spawns near this on the brown bench.

Head back up and go to the attic. There will be a valuable spawn on the pool table, but most of the time, it is just ammo or food. Check every inch of the attic as there can be loose valuable loot around it. There is also a weapon box here.

There is more loot inside the rooms, so check each floor. Each bedroom has a duffle bag, and loose item spawns on the shelves and table. Weapon attachments spawn on the floor too. Check the weapon crates and boxes as well.

Overall, the garage, attic, and the dead body in the basement, are good enough to make this loot spot an S-Tier. No keys are required too.

Abandoned Cabins – F Tier

Abandoned Cabins Couch

The abandoned cabins can be found between the Water Treatment Plant and the Villas. You need to take the bridge or the land bridge to the abandoned cabins. However, the loot inside is terrible.

You can find random technical spawns inside the cabins and one small chance for a valuable spawn inside one of the basins. The best loot from this area after a ton of runs is the Mechanical Clock, Moonshine, and a Car Battery. The density of the loot spawns is abysmal, and it is quite dangerous to stay here.

PC and AI Scavs spawn in this area. The abandoned cabins also connect the Villas to the Water Treatment Plant with two bridges next to it. It will be hot once people start crossing.

Merin Car – Locked Sports Car Trunk

The Merin Car is located near the main road opposite the Pikes Peak Resort. There is a nearby spawn here near the beach and the one next to the road. Go up the mountain on the left side of the map and find the tiny road that leads to a small parking lot.

There are a bunch of cars here. You are looking for a red sports car with a locked trunk. Use the Merin Car Trunk Key to open the trunk of the sports car.

After around 55 uses, I have found items like VPX, GP Coins, Phased Array Elements, Euros, Roubles, Dollars, Iridium, Military Cables, Cyclons, Virtex, and so many more valuable items.

The worst-case scenario is that you can get nothing out of the trunk, but that rarely happens (almost never). The worst item is probably a Chainlet from all the times I have opened the trunk.

Hidden Stashes

There are a ton of hidden stashes or buried supply caches scattered across the Lighthouse map. Some are obviously seen in corners where there, and some are just hard to find.

Make sure to check the ground wherever you go. There could be hidden stashes that can spawn amazing loot like class 6 armor, top-tier ammo, and valuables.

One can be seen under the landing stage (Scav extraction). Another one is located near the mountains as you head towards the Chalet and Pikes Peak Resort. There is one under the pipes outside the fence of the USEC East Bldg.

Best Loose Loot

Lighthouse is extremely popular for its loot density. There is literally loot everywhere. If you try to check random crates, shelves, tables, counters, broken boxes, and all kinds of hidden spots, you will find some loot.

The value of the loot is amazing compared to other maps. You can find Military Corrugated Tubes, Phased Array Elements, Metal Spare Parts, Sewing Kits, and other valuable items frequently. It is almost guaranteed you get one valuable item if you check all the spots.

The best thing about looting loose loot is they are frequently unchecked by PMCs. Scav-ing in Lighthouse for money is almost a no-brainer. If everyone checks all the hotspots, you can go for the loose loot.

Even if your loot isn’t valuable, you can try to kill Rogues and get their loot instead. The same goes for PMCs when you get bad spawns (Southern Checkpoint).

Some notable areas for the best loose loot spawn not mentioned above are the following:

  • On the back of the trucks on the main road near the Southern Checkpoint
  • Inside the broken crates on the beach
  • Abandoned wooden houses near the landing stage
  • Wooden sheds in the village
  • On top of the boxes on the main road
  • Inside the broken crate inside warehouse 3 in the Water Treatment Plant
  • Inside the broken crate located outside the tent where you find the USEC Trooper armor spawn mentioned earlier
  • On the bench near the Path to Shoreline extract
  • On the ground under the landing stage (Scav extract)
  • On the wooden planks between the two bridges near the abandoned cabins
  • Chair on the cliff between Chalet and the helicopter crash site

To Summarize

The best loot spots or loot areas you should always know are the following.

  • Chalet
  • Lighthouse (Marked Room and Conference Room Keys)
  • Pikes Peak Resort (USEC Stash Key 1 and 2)
  • Orange Brick House
  • Intelligence House
  • Water Treatment Plant – van and tent
  • Hillside House
  • How to Kill Rogues
  • Merin Sports Car Trunk (Merin Car Trunk Key)
  • Loose loot areas

After learning all these loot spots, you should practice your routes from each spawn location. Focus on hitting two or three spots as soon as you spawn on the map and try to extract safely.

Random tip: You can learn how to use VoIP and try to communicate with other Scavs or PMC and fight against the Rogues.