The Bottle of OLOLO Multivitamins can be hard to find, and you need this item really early in the wipe. It will be even harder to find if you are not familiar with typical medical spawn loots in specific maps.

However, it should be easy as long as you know where to find OLOLO Multivitamins in Escape from Tarkov and memorize all the medical loot spawns to go after.

These drops are completely random, and it could take you a single session to find multiple ones or find nothing in ten runs. Following the strategies in this guide will help you increase those chances and even learn a thing or two about leveling up efficiently.

What are OLOLO Multivitamins Used For?

Medstation 1

The Bottle of OLOLO Multivitamins is used for upgrading or constructing your level 1 Medstation. This will be crucial to your overall hideout upgrades since everything is linked together in terms of upgrades.

For example, getting the Can of White Salt will get your Nutrition Unit up and is directly linked to your Intelligence Center and Booze Generator upgrades in the future.

In crafting, you need OLOLO Multivitamins to craft an SJ6 TGLabs combat stimulant injector and Aquamari.

For barter trades, you can trade two OLOLO Multivitamins for a Propital injector with the Therapist.

OLOLO Multivitamins Locations

OLOLO Multivitamins are counted as a med spawn in Escape from Tarkov. After hundreds of raids, they are as common as Ibuprofen Painkillers but not as rare as Ophthalmoscopes.

There are some locations where I have found them pretty frequently. In some cases, I even found four OLOLO Multivitamins in four straight raid sessions in the same spot.

OLOLO Multivitamin Loot

This spot I am talking about is in Interchange. I found them outside the Ultra Medical Storage on one of the shelves. You don’t need to get the Ultra Medical Storage Key because it is extremely expensive, especially early in the wipe.

These vitamins can also spawn in medical bags, med cases, random med spawns, generic loot spawns, Scavs, and duffle bags.

In most cases, during the early wipe, you can already get one of these for your hideout while doing your Salewa quest.

Best Strategy to Get a Bottle of OLOLO Multivitamins

Since it is almost a random medical spawn, you can find it on any map. The OLOLO Multivitamins are required a bit early in the wipe, and you would need it to start your Medstation.

The best strategy is to go through your tasks or quests and find out where you can efficiently level up while trying to get the Bottle of OLOLO Multivitamins. The only problem would be going through maps like Woods or Factory since the spawns are limited.

Shoreline is good, but most of the good med spawns are inside locked rooms that require keys. Since you need this one early, the quests are easily done in Interchange and Customs.

If you have quests in Customs, you can loot the second floor of the factory building across the military checkpoint. There are also med spawns in the storage container yard, specifically the one inside the white car with the medical bag inside.

The best loot for med spawns in Customs is always in the crackhouse. The second floor has multiple loot spawns, and the ground floor has a medical case container, a random med spawn, and some duffle bags.

The next best loot area would be in Stronghold. Check inside the Scav base, the small room with four loot boxes, and the medical crates on the second floor.

In Interchange, you can go for the previously mentioned Ultra Medical Storage shelves, the EMERCOM medical unit, TT, IDEA Pharmacy, the abandoned pharmacy near Father & Sons, and Mantis.

You can also get Gas Analyzers while you are running these areas for your early quests with the Therapist.

Interchange has the best loot for medical spawns because they are more spread out, whereas Customs always have specific locations, and they are always a hot zone for fights.

Once you get Jaeger level 2, you can barter this one easily for two Vitajuice.