Upgrading your hideout can be tedious since the variance of looting specific is high because of the number of items available in Escape from Tarkov.

You can end up finding five Cans of White Salt in a session or don’t find a single one in a week. There are ways you can get it faster if you only know where to find a Can of White Salt in Escape from Tarkov.

Luckily for you, we have found some of the best places for you to find the Can of White Salt, but obviously, it will still depend on your luck whether it drops or not. Following the guide will only increase your chance of finding one.

What is a Can of White Salt Used For?

Nutrition Unit 1

A Can of White Salt is used to construct your level 1 Nutrition Unit in your hideout. It is an important upgrade because you would need to level your Nutrition Unit as fast as possible to get your Booze Generator and, more importantly, the level 2 Intelligence Center in the future.

While the Nutrition Unit at the start is not as important as others, you will definitely need to upgrade this as fast as possible like all the other upgrades.

Can of White Salt Locations

The Can of White Salt is a bit rare to find to some, but to others, they can find more than they need for their hideout. As always, spawning as a Scav can spawn almost anything in the game.

Can of White Salt Loot

You can rotate with your Scavs and PMCs and always try to find something unique on your Scav and extract as fast as you can for efficiency. Finding a good key early in the wipe is always good when scaving, and finding hideout/quest items like the Can of White Salt is a bonus.

A Can of White Salt can also spawn in fixed dead scav bodies and regular dead scavs. They are quite rare to find but definitely easier than the ultra-rare keys and items.

They can also be looted from random duffle bags (different from med bags), but again, a lot of things can spawn here, so the variance of getting it is quite high.

Best Strategy to Get a Can of White Salt

My best strategy to get the Can of White Salt was to do light pistol runs in Interchange or Customs.

Since you will need this item early in the wipe, Customs will be extremely dangerous because everyone is going for this map with their early quests.

For my Interchange runs, I will set up with a pistol, headset, and a backpack. I will run to the closest loot spawns and go for duffle bags. My priority would be drawers, tech spawns, and med spawns in that particular order.

Drawers give me a chance to get USBs while containing random quest/hideout items as well as keys. I loot jackets on the way as well.

The next would be tech spawns, but I would prioritize med spawns just for the Salewa quest early in the wipe and change back to tech spawns over med spawns. A Can of White Salt can be found in random duffle bags when going around Interchange.

You should be able to find a Can of White Salt during the runs, but the strategy is more on maximizing your efficiency in getting future quest/hideout items while also trying to get the salt.

Fixing your prioritization in each of your runs will give you a higher chance of getting the Can of White Salt. Going for duffle bags, scavs, generic loot locations like the cabinet in TT (Interchange), loot containers, and even airdrops as a higher priority will get you the salt much faster.

For a fun tactic, you can even use VoIP and try to ask other non-AI Scavs if they have a Can of White Salt.

Go for efficiency by doing other quests along the way. Don’t forget to use your special equipment slots if you have marker quests while farming.