An effective CB in FIFA Pro Clubs must be able to track the opponent’s play before they have a chance of cutting through. Additionally, besides being a quick-thinker, the CB player must create an avatar that’s physically able to excel in defense.

A perfectly built defender with ideal perks and attributes is a meta-win in Pro Clubs. With enough physical advantages, you’ll be able to follow up counter-attacks and quickly cut them short.

Finding the perfect build is a problem during the early game, though. But you can still make ends meet and use proper low-level perks to help you advance toward the final build. So, let’s see how that’s possible.

This article will discuss the best CB build for FIFA 23 Pro Clubs.

CB Physical Attributes

The center-back is a defensive position that mixes physical resistance with speed and pass precision. Mostly, the CB won’t be a johnny-on-the-spot during the team’s offense; this position plays a bit further from the action, but it can still use offensive attributes on its build.

To create a good CB, you need to really focus on your avatar’s physical features. On FIFA 23, it seems that the lighter, the better for almost any position, but let’s play it safe. Start with a 6’1” – 6’4” height and roughly 170 lbs. weight.

Best Perks

In Pro Clubs, choosing the best CB perks revolves around increasing defensive bonuses. You’ll only have access to a few perks in the early game. The best approach in this stage is to set the “Interceptor” perk on the available slot.

The above perk makes your avatar highly precise at intercepting passes and dribbles. Still, you can also opt for the “Precision Pass” if you prefer to join the action more and spark counter-attacks.

As you advance, your focus should be on unlocking these perks next:

  • Ball Winner – Better tackling when confronting a dribbler.
  • Chase Down – Your pace and recovery will increase noticeably after a possession loss.
  • Set Piece Beacon – Higher chances of winning a heading during freekick, corners, etc.
  • Physical Strength – Better strength, ball control, jumping, and heading.

Best Attributes

To level up faster with a CB, start by focusing on pace; this will lead you to more ball time. More specifically, unlock about one to two panels on acceleration and two to three on sprint speed. The initial focus on sprint speed is to catch counter-attacks quickly.

Now, in the “defending” section, you’ll want to unlock one panel on ‘Def. Awareness and Interceptions’ and one on ‘Defensive Awareness and Sliding Tackle.’ Then, unlock two ‘Interceptions’ panels, two ‘Standing Tackle,’ and one on ‘Sliding Tackle.’

Your expendable skill points have run dry at this point, and you’ll have an 84 overall score on the CB position. Your most essential attributes should be somewhere about:

  • Interceptions: 85
  • Def. Aware: 90
  • Stan Tackle: 85
  • Slide Tackle: 89
  • Acceleration: 70
  • Sprint Speed: 83

That’s a good starting point. After winning matches and leveling up, you’ll be able to quickly improve your overall score by unlocking more defense and acceleration panels. You’ll also benefit from enhancing strength, aggression, and jumping as you get more skill points.

These attributes are meta for the beginning, and if you’re playing alongside a good ST and wingers, you’ll have good chances of sailing through divisions.

The main archetypes to pursue are the following:

  • Cheetah
  • Guardian

You’ll be close to having a Van Dijk setup by allocating attributes this way.


Focus solely on defending. Ideally, it’s not the CB’s job to shoot to score; you must focus on blocking the opponent’s strikers and wingers and communicating well with your team’s Goalkeeper.

Stand between the ball and the goal most times. More specifically, drop a few yards back when your team loses possession during an offense — even if it’s not that alarming. You’ll want to avoid giving long ball opportunities to your opponents.

Now, when the opponent team is inside the box, ensure you’re tight on them. Do not give them space; the CB must be touch-tight on the ball in this scenario.

By following these tips, you’ll level up fast enough to get the necessary skill points and perks to make the meta-CB build for FIFA Pro Clubs.

Next, you should also learn how to make the best CDM build. If CB is not cutting it for you, then defensive midfield is a good alternative that still lets you contribute significantly to the defensive aspects of the game.