Picking your favorite position in FIFA Pro Clubs is exciting. But you’ll often find that playing the role you’re best at in balanced matches won’t actually cut it by itself.

A well-balanced match with proper strikers, defenders, midfielders, and GKs, results in breath-taking plays and counterattacks from both sides. However, in FIFA, the quality of play isn’t the sole ingredient for winning; teams also need to have a meta perk set.

Understanding how perks can change your prospects for most matches is vital; it’s a sort of technical knowledge to gain leverage against opponents. Moreover, in Pro Clubs, every role has an ideal perk setting that you’ll need to grasp.

This article discusses the best perks to use in every position on FIFA 23 Pro Clubs and how the whole team can use them for a meta squad build.

Perks For Attackers

A proper attacker must aim for speed, ball control, and shooting accuracy to excel during an offense. In addition, in Pro Clubs, wingers and strikers must have a resonating build to get the most out of attacks.

During the early game, you won’t be able to select perks freely; you’ll only have a few available. At this initial stage, wingers and strikers will benefit from starting with the ‘Distance Shooter’ bonus, which highly improves long-shot accuracy and weak foot ability.

As you keep grinding and leveling up, you’ll unlock more attack-related perks, such as the ‘Skilled Dribbler,’ ‘Poacher,’ and more. Still, you’ll need to be picky about these since Pro Clubs only allows you to choose three perks for your avatar.

Ideally, both strikers and wingers would benefit from setting this perk combo:

  • Skilled Dribbler
  • Active First Touch
  • First-time Shot

The perks above will make your avatar react and run faster, be more agile, and have better control of the ball.

Perks For Midfielders

Midfielders generally need an all-round build to join attacking plays as well as provide defense support quickly. Ideally, a proper midfielder should have excellent pacing, ball control, passing, and long-shot accuracy.

The early game for a midfielder is similar to that of a striker or winger; you’ll need to start off with the ‘Distance Shooter’ bonus because of the low-level perk limitations. But you’ll unlock more versatile perks as you get more levels.

It’s essential to avoid any perk that increases your finishing ability; focus on ball control and passing. As a midfielder, your job is to propose opportunities for the strikers and wingers, leading to smart plays, assists, and wins.

We highly recommend that you aim for this perk combo when creating a midfielder avatar:

  • Skilled Dribbler
  • Distance Shooter
  • Pinpoint Cross

The perks above will make your avatar carry their own weight on dribbles, passing, and out-of-the-box shots.

Perks For Defenders

A proper defender must always get the upper hand on tackles, jumps, headings, and 1-on-1. In addition, defenders need to halt opponents in their tracks during a counterattack.

A defender’s early game is pretty unique, but both center-back and left or right-back will start with the same perk alternative. During the limited early game, it’s ideal to start off with the ‘Interceptor’ bonus, which grants you better ability at intercepting opponents.

As you evolve and unlock more perks and slots, prioritize the ones that resonate well with the other defenders. For example, at least one of the defenders must carry the ‘Chase Down’ bonus, which makes the avatar considerably faster after a possession loss.

In addition, the ‘Set Piece Beacon’ is crucial, and at least one center-back should carry it to avoid risks at corners and crosses.

But, to summarize, the most versatile perk combo in our perspective for a defender is:

  • Interceptor
  • Ball Winner
  • Physical Strength

The perks above will positively impact your avatar’s tackles and physical disputes, granting you more chances of cutting corners, crosses, and counterattacks short.

Perks For Goalkeepers

A meta goalkeeper is highly build-dependant. You’ll need to invest highly in physical customization and, of course, perks. Firstly, your avatar should be big and slim to cover enough goal area and react more quickly.

A beginner GK will have a single perk available to fit the initial sole slot. The perk is called “Clutch Save,” which boosts the keeper’s attributes during the match’s final 15 minutes. Fortunately, this bonus is convenient for a beginner.

Then, as you unlock more perk slots, prioritize bonuses that will grant you better saves during most common situations. In this sense, you’ll benefit from having a combo that looks like this:

  • GK One-on-one
  • GK Far Reach
  • Quick Reflex

This perk combo ensures that your avatar does not allow opponents to score with long shots out of the box easily, and the close-range finishings also get a bit tougher to score for the other team’s attackers.

In general, if your whole team could resonate their builds to something in the ballpark of what we’ve discussed in this article, your chances of winning would sit higher.

Obviously, it won’t hurt to have a pro with near maximum overall rating as well, so you should see about that next.