To level up fast in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs, you’ll need to get your nose to the grindstone and play as many matches as possible.

Winning is crucial but not religiously necessary to keep leveling your Pro Clubs avatar. Additionally, many factors make for a speedy level-up process, such as the avatar’s playstyle, techniques, build, and more.

Fortunately, there’s some wiggle room concerning avatar settings and playstyle that makes you get through levels faster. In addition, you can also use FIFA’s different mechanics to gain XP, such as training drills and VOLTA.

So, let’s go ahead and discuss the best tips on how to level up fast in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs.

Pro Clubs’ Skill Games

In Pro Clubs, head to your avatar’s main page and access the training tab that reads “Play Skill Games.” Usually, depending on the role you’ve set for your avatar, FIFA will offer specific position-related training drills.

For example, if you’ve assigned your avatar a GK role, then the training tab will automatically pop up with goalkeeper activities. But, still, you can change the drills for any other activity, like Free-kick training, passing drills, attacking situations, and more.

Now, when doing the training activities, you’ll notice that some grant more experience points than others; this also happens in FIFA career mode. Then, you have the training performance, meaning that when you get an A valuation on the drill, you receive full XP points for it.

But, if you underperform and receive a B, C, or, god forbid, an F, you’ll not get the best XP points outcome.

Still, remember that high XP-granting activities are typically more challenging, and your chances of drawing an A performance are lower.

So, we’ll list here the skill games that grant the most XP while not being so tough to complete.

  • Hold The Line – One of the last skill games from the ‘Defending’ skill games list.
  • I am The Wall – The last skill game on the ‘Goalkeeper’ section.
  • Beat and Cross – The last skill game on the ‘Long Pass’ section.
  • Pass and Go – The last skill game on the ‘Ground Pass’ section.

These are the quickest and most straightforward training drills that can grant you up to 300 XP each.

Unfortunately, you can’t blindly rely on skill games. This activity has a maximum weekly experience limit of 2k XP points. After reaching that bar, you won’t be able to level up through training drills until the following week.

Picking Roles And Builds

A great and organic way of leveling up fast in FIFA Pro Clubs is by picking the right roles to play.

In a match, players who get the most ball time, scores, and assists, will receive a higher rating and get rewarded with better amounts of XP. In this sense, playing midfielder, striker, or winger is statistically more suitable.

Also, select the perks that’ll give you more ball time after picking any of the positions above. We recommend that you follow the builds we’ve made for strikers and wingers in Pro Clubs. But, to summarize, the essential perks are:

  • Skilled Dribbler
  • Active First Touch

Now, commonly, fast players get more stage time; this means that if you throw a few chips at ‘Pace’ and ‘Dribbling’ in the attributes pages, you’ll have more chances of assisting and scoring. So, ensure you’re prioritizing the following attributes:

  • Acceleration
  • Sprint Speed
  • Dribbling
  • Ball Control

A fast, agile, Mbappé-like build for your avatar will definitely boost you to higher levels quickly.

Volta Mode

Alternatively, you can play Volta matches with your Pro Clubs avatar.

The advantage of leveling up through Volta mode is that the matches will be faster while still granting some XP. Plus, you don’t need to play PvP in this mode; you can instantly start a game against AI, score enough, win, and the match will be over in less than four minutes.

Now, if you play Volta squads, which is PvP, you’ll get even more XP. Fortunately, matches in this mode usually don’t take long; it’s usually between four to six minutes. Typically, this mode gives you about 1,200 XP on wins, 900 XP for draws, and 600 XP for losses.

We highly recommend playing Volta squads instead of Volta battles for even quicker XP points.

As you level up and allocate points, your pro’s overall rating will grow. Next, you should be trying to get the maximum possible overall rating.