In Hogwarts Legacy, you only start with 20 gear slots to hold your equipment. It includes the ones you have equipped, making it difficult to manage.

You visit shops regularly to sell all your gear before adventuring.

You can increase your gear capacity by finishing the Merlin Trial challenges for an easier playthrough.

You’ll encounter these challenges as you explore the vast world outside the castle.

Each Merlin Trial is a puzzle too. We’ll show you all these different puzzle types so you can easily solve each challenge.

Merlin Trials

Nora Merlin Trials


The prerequisite to finishing the Merlin Trails is having Marrowsweets available.

The first trial is through the main storyline with Nora Treadwell. She will teach you how to solve these Merlin Trials and give you the Marrowsweets needed to activate them.

Upon finishing the first trial, you’ll get a couple of Marrowsweets from Nora.

After running out of Marrowsweets, you can buy them from Magic Neep in Hogsmeade or buy seeds and grow them.

You’ll have your farm once you unlock the Room of Requirement. You can check your farm daily and plant several seeds for your adventures.

Puzzle types

Lighting Torches

As I finished through a few Merlin Trails, I noticed they are always different.

Each Merlin Trial has a unique puzzle you have to solve, but most are relatively simple.

The first trial involves lighting the torches with Incendio or a fire spell. Once you light a torch, the stones will sink to the ground.

Upon lighting all the torches, the Merlin Trial will finish.

Smashing Orbs Merlin Trials

These are the other Merlin Trial puzzles you should know:

  • Orbs – smash the orbs on top of the stones or pillars with a basic attack
  • Parkour – Stand on top of the pillars and jump through each one without falling. Some pillars have breakable objects on top. You have to destroy them first before attempting to parkour
  • Symbolic cubes – Lining up the symbols in the correct order with the Flipendo spell
  • Exploding stones – Using the Confringo spell to blow up all the rocks
  • Reparo statues – Using the Reparo spell to fix all the collapsed statues
  • Magic football – Moving the ball with Accio and other movement spells until it reaches the goal (Accio is learned after beating Natsai in one of Ronen’s tests)
  • Moths – Using the Lumos spell to attract moths and bring them to the cubic crystals (same mechanic as the Moth to a Frame side quest).


Merlin Trial Icons Map

The Merlin Trials are very easy to find. You can see these trials on the map once you have explored an area.

The icon for the Merlin Trials is on the image above.

Remember the icon as you explore the world. When you see one near the minimap, you can go for a detour and finish it.

These puzzles are easy, but more importantly, you get to increase your gear slots as you finish more trials.

Increasing Your Gear Slots

Merlin Trials Page

When you finish a few Merlin Trials, you still have to go to the challenge page to claim the reward.

Your gear slots will not increase if you don’t claim the rewards. Check all the notifications on the main menu, especially on the challenges tab.

Other challenges reward you with gear, appearances, gear cosmetics, and others. Make sure to claim each one.

There are several milestones Merlin Trials milestones to finish. You increase your gear slots for each milestone rather than each trial you complete.

You’ll only receive a couple of extra gear slots upon completing a milestone (four, to be exact).

What to Do Next

Gears in the game have different cosmetic appearances. You can change the appearance of your current gear at any time for free on the gear screen.

But when you are selling your gear, you might be losing appearances. You can easily change your gear to a specific costume at any time.

If you love these customization features, you can get free exclusive rewards outside the game. You have to link your game account to a Wizarding World account to get them.