Hogwarts Legacy is a vast game, with lots of areas to explore and complete quests in.

Before you get to ride a mount or use a broom in the game, travel can feel quite time-consuming. This is especially true if you’re trying to get to far-away areas for lengthy side quests or treasure hunting.

Luckily, there’s a great fast travel system in the game that helps to make this a lot easier. Here’s a quick guide on how to fast travel in Hogwarts Legacy with the Floo Flame system.

How to Unlock Fast Travel Locations

To fast travel in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll need to unlock Floo Flame locations around the map.

They’re represented by a fire icon on the map and can be found in a wide variety of areas.

Floo flames map

To unlock these locations, you’ll need to visit these areas on foot for the first time. This is usually quick and easy if you’re trying to fast travel somewhere in Hogwarts, but can be a bit of a trek if you’re trying to reach one of the more remote hamlets or castles.

You can track locked Floo Flame locations on your map to make it easier.

Make sure you stand in front of the Floo Flame location to unlock it. I made the mistake of thinking I’d unlocked them by flying past them, but had to go back and get them again as I was slightly out of reach.

Floo Flame Wall

Once you’ve unlocked them, though, you can access them at almost any point in the game and travel with them wherever you like.

If you’re unsure whether you’ve unlocked one, double check your map. Locked Floo Flame locations show up as gray, while accessible ones are green.

Floo flame world map

I found some Floo Flame were hidden by other icons on the map, so make sure to zoom in and double check unfamiliar zones.

How to Use Floo Flames

Accessing Floo Flame travel in Hogwarts Legacy is as simple as opening up the map. It’s one of the best fast travel systems I’ve seen in an open-world game by a mile.

Open up the main map and find the area you want to travel to. The map itself is split into three parts, which are:

  • The Hogwarts map
  • The Hogsmeade map
  • The world map

Each area has Floo Flames and you can fast travel between them with no issues. For example, you can travel from a Hogsmeade Floo Flame to a Hogwarts classroom easily.

There are also hidden zones in Hogwarts, which include the Map Chamber and the Room of Requirement. These zones also have Floo Flames, so you can travel to them easily.

Floo flame secret

Find the area that you want to travel to, and check you’ve unlocked the nearest Floo Flame.

Then, select the green flame icon. A loading screen will pop up instantly, taking your character to the desired location.

Floo flame loading screen

Make sure to use the map tracking features to your advantage if you’re traveling to complete a far-away quest or objective.

What to Do Next

If you’re looking for a way to save yourself time while traveling in Hogwarts Legacy, look into the different magical beasts that you can get in the game and get yourself a mount.

Riding a flying mount in the game feels very close to riding a broom, as the controls are almost identical and the animations are similar too.

If you’re hoping to track down treasures and collectibles while unlocking all of the Floo Flame locations, keep an eye out for chests and bags with Revelio. Even the most remote location in the game can play host to loot like the various wand handles or powerful gear.