If you have seen those doors with an arch filled with beast portraits, these are your first puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy.

You’ll see these Arithmancy doors scattered inside the castle walls in Hogwarts.

Each door will reveal a picture of a puzzle you have to solve related to the beasts seen on the arch of the door.

We’ll show you a cheat sheet on solving these puzzles to unlock each Arithmancy door inside Hogwarts.

These doors contain rewards, such as gear and collectibles, to help you early in your journey as a wizard.

Magical Beasts Arithmancy

Arithmacy Hogwarts

The beasts you see on top of the arch of each door are divination purposes in the world of Hogwarts.

They are ‘Arithmancy,’ which means ‘the practice of assigning numerical values to words for the purpose of divination.’

All these beasts have a corresponding number assigned to them.

When you reveal an Arithmancy door, you’ll see a ‘?’ and a ‘??’ with numbers and beast icons beside them.

The big numbers in the middle are the total of the three smaller numbers or beasts next to it.

You’ll choose the correct beasts with the corresponding ‘?’ and ‘??’ to open the door.

There are revolving stones marked with ‘?’ and ‘??’ near the arched door. You can rotate these stones to input the corresponding beasts to solve the puzzle.

Finding the revolving stone is also a puzzle because only some stones are near the arched door.

You can find them far away from the door or even on a different surface level.

We will help you solve all of these puzzles by location.

Cheat Sheet

Beast Door Cheat Sheet

The cheat sheet is available in the game. If you encounter these arched doors without finding this note, you are not alone.

I even tried solving the puzzle on my own without the cheat sheet. However, the Arithmancy Study Guide is obtained near the Divination Classroom Floo Flame.

Go up near the tower, and you’ll find a chest near a blackboard and an arched door. The cheat sheet is inside the chest.

The Astronomy Wing

Charms Classroom

Astronomy Wing Charms Classroom

This puzzle is simple. Both stones are found next to the arched door.

The answers are 2 and 7, or the goat and the squid icons, respectively.

There are two chests inside. One contains a Loosened Umber Autumn Scarf, and the other is a collection item for Lights.

The Grand Staircase

Middle Floor

Grand Staircase Middle Floor

In the Grand Staircase, you’ll find the first Arithmancy door on the middle floor (near the ground floor since the staircase is high).

The answers are 0 and 5 or the owl and the 5-legged spider, respectively.

The 1st stone is beside the Arithmancy door, but the 2nd stone is located directly below the door.

Grand Staircase Middle Floor 2nd Stone

You have to go down by turning left while looking into the Arithmancy door. Look for the staircase and go down. Use Revelio to help locate the 2nd stone once you descend the stairs.

Rewards: Green Striped Gloves and a collection item for Four or Six Rules Placards.

On the Grand Staircase

Grand Staircase On the Staircase

There is an Arithmancy door located near the top of the Grand Staircase. You have to go through the magical staircase to reach the area.

The answers are 6 and 7 or the lizard and the squid-looking beast, respectively.

Single Question Mark Grand Staircase

The 1st stone is to the left of the Arithmancy door. The 2nd stone is on the pillar of the Grand Staircase, directly across the Arithmancy door.

Rewards: Dark Desert Scarf and a collection item for Large Rugs.

Ravenclaw Tower

Ravenclaw Tower Door

The Arithmancy door in the Ravenclaw Tower (Grand Staircase area) is easy to spot. The two stones are in the same room near the door.

The answers are 4 and 5 or the owl on the branch and the 5-legged spider, respectively.

Rewards: Lavender Patch Scarf and a collection item for Painting.

The Great Hall

Great Hall

Great Hall

The Great Hall Arithmancy door is located near the entrance. As you enter the Great Hall, there is a narrow hallway to the left.

Both of the stones are also seen in the image above. They are close to each other.

The answers are 8 and 3 or the spider and the hydra, respectively.

Rewards: Fringed Brushstroke Scarf and a collection item for Large Square Rugs.

The Library Annex

Central Hall

Transfiguration Courtyard

The Central Hall Arithmancy door is near the exit to the Transfiguration Courtyard.

The answers are 8 and 3 or the spider and the hydra, respectively.

On Top of the door transfiguration courtyard

The 2nd stone is located on top of the Arithmancy door. You have to go around and look for the staircase near the Arithmancy door.

Rewards: Competitive School Robe and a collection item for Small Game Tables.

Divination Classroom

There are three Arithmancy doors near the Divination Classroom. This acts as the tutorial for all these puzzles.

The first door also gives you the Arithmancy Study Guide, which can be accessed in your inventory under quest items.

Divination Classroom Door 1

The answers are 4 and 3 or the owl on the branch and the hydra, respectively.

This Arithmancy door leads to a classroom with two other Arithmancy doors.

Once you enter the classroom, there is one Arithmancy door on the left and one more directly across.

Divination Classroom Door 2

The answers for the left-most Arithmancy door are 4 and 5, or the owl on the branch and the 5-legged spider, respectively.

Rewards: Outland Dueling Gloves

Divination Classroom Door 3

The answers for the one directly across are 5 and 1 or the 5-legged spider and the unicorn, respectively.

Rewards: Quidditch Goggles

Helpful Tips

Use your Revelio to scan the area. The spell detects all the stones and Arithmancy doors nearby. If you keep using Revelio, you can also find books and other interactables.

Another helpful tip is using dodge rolls to move faster. Since you are moving around Hogwarts castle to find these doors, you might as well do it more quickly.

Of course, sprinting is also a faster movement mechanic, but you are constantly turning to find these Arithmancy doors. You can mix it up!

If you are having trouble with textures or stuttering, you can adjust some of your settings to increase your FPS.

I’ve experienced ghosting through these Arithmancy doors when I opened them. It is a bit clunky, especially if you are playing on the PC.