Frogs are delightful passive Mobs that can be found in Swamp biomes all over your Minecraft world. They croak, waddle, and hop around the place without a care in the world.

One simply cannot have enough of these little guys hopping around.

The good thing is that you can breed Frogs in Minecraft and, similarly to Turtles, they’re quite a special case when it comes to hatching them!

Where to Find Frogs

Frogs can be found in the Swamp and Mangrove Swamp biomes, which are pretty much their natural habitats. These are two water filled and at times dense biomes.

Mangrove Swamps are particularly dense with Mangrove Trees and can be hard to traverse, just like Jungles.

Usually you can find Frogs spawning in groups of 2 to 5, but you can also stumble on a single Frog exploring the area on its own. They are completely passive Mobs and pose absolutely no danger to the Player.

They are able to jump up to 8 blocks in height and take much less fall damage than other Mobs. Their favorite things to jump on are Lily Pads and Big Dripleaves if there’s any around.

When you find yourself in a Swamp or Mangrove Swamp all you have to do is listen out for their croaking. Frogs occasionally croak, which can help you greatly in finding them.

Taming and Breeding Frogs

Frogs can be interacted with by the Player. Using a Lead will allow you to tie the Lead on the Frog and pull it around after you.

However, unlike Wolves and Cats, a Frog cannot be tamed, but they can be bred to multiply them using Slimeballs.

Slimes can be found in abundance in Caves and upon death they drop Slimeballs. Equipping a Slimeball in your hand will make a Frog follow after you in hopes of getting its treat.

Feeding a Slimeball to 2 different Frogs will initiate Love Mode. The Frogs will approach each other and breed together. Similarly to how you breed Turtles, they will not simply spawn out a new Frog. Instead, one of the Frogs will become pregnant.

Telling the difference between the pregnant and non-pregnant Frog is a bit hard, but the pregnant Frog will usually move to a nearby body of Water in order to lay out its Frogspawn.

Frog babies

Frogspawn can only be placed on the surface of Water. It isn’t as fragile as Turtle eggs and it won’t break if you or other Mobs walk or swim over them.

However, they cannot be mined or obtained in any way. If you break Frogspawn it will not drop anything and it will be permanently destroyed.

Caring for Frogspawn and Tadpoles

Like I had mentioned, Frogspawn isn’t as fragile as Turtle Eggs and they cannot be broken unless you actually tried to do so on purpose.

No Mobs will actively attempt to destroy the Frogspawn or hurt it. It takes around 10 real life minutes for Frogspawn to hatch and then it releases anywhere from 2 to 6 Tadpoles.


Unlike any other animal baby in Minecraft, Tadpoles are a type of animal absolutely unique from their adult counterparts and also have a separate Spawn Egg.

Tadpoles are much more vulnerable than Frogspawn or adult Frogs, because they will get actively hunted by Axolotls if any are in the area. Make sure to keep them away.

Tadpoles can be fed Slimeballs to grow faster and they will follow the Player that holds the Slime. As they grow they subtly increase in size.

The color of the Frog a Tadpole will grow into will depend entirely on the Biome the Tadpole hatched in. There are three colors of Frogs:

  • White (Warm Biomes)
  • Green (Cold Biomes)
  • Brown (Temperate Biomes)
Frog Types

Tadpoles cannot survive outside of Water and will behave like Fish if they accidentally swim out. They will flop to the nearest Water block and if they do not find one they will die.

Frogs and Slimes

Frogs are entirely passive toward Players and most other Mobs, except Slimes. Slimes are the Frog’s natural enemy in Minecraft and any Slime that comes near a Frog will be attacked.

Frogs attack using their tongue, extending it out to hit the Slime while also pulling it slightly towards it.

They will attack both regular Slimes which can be found in the Overworld and Magma Cubes, their Nether variants.

Frog Eat Cube

If a Frog kills a Magma Cube, rather than just dropping its regular drop, it will instead leave behind a Froglight Block. However, if a Magma Cube or Slime is too big for the Frog, the Frog will ignore it until it is smaller in size.

Froglights are blocks which can be placed in the world and they can be used as a Light Source. They come very in handy for building Furniture and decorating interiors.