Polar Bears are neutral Mobs in Minecraft and one of two types of bears that can be found in game. Just like Pandas they’re large and cuddly-looking.

However, unlike Pandas and most other Mobs, Polar Bears can sadly not be bred in Minecraft. They can not be tamed either.

I’ll show you a few alternatives to breeding Polar Bears that will still allow you to interact with them and keep gameplay just as fun.

Where to Find Polar Bears in Minecraft

Polar Bears can be found in Cold biomes. This includes Frozen Rivers, Frozen Oceans, Snowy Plains, and Ice Spikes. They can be found roaming the snowy landscapes either alone or in groups of 2 to 3.

If you’re searching specifically for a family of Polar Bears, meaning a group with a Cub, you’ll want to be searching specifically for groups of 3 or more members.

Family of Bears

These may be a bit rarer, but in the larger groups the chances of a Cub spawning with the adult Polar Bears is much higher.

However it is important to remember that Polar Bears are neutral Mobs. This means they can and will attack the player if they or their Cubs are provoked. In Bedrock Edition a Polar Bear will attack the player if they simply come too close to them or their Cubs.

Using Spawn Eggs

The highest chance of getting a Cub is honestly by using Spawn Eggs. To get these you can either enter into Creative Mode and select them out of the menu under Miscellaneous or by using the /give command.

For the command you do not need to switch game modes and can stay in Survival while still getting your Bears. The command for the Polar Bear Spawn Egg is as follows:

/give [playername] minecraft:polar_bear_spawn_egg [number]

The [playername] will be your username in game (or anyone else’s), and the number can be whichever number you want. If you don’t input a number you will get a single Spawn Egg by default.

You will want at least 3 Eggs, or use them 3 times if you are in Creative Mode. You might need more than that because it is all up to chance in the end.

With Spawn Eggs if there’s already existing adults of any animal it should increase the chances of a baby spawning. This applies to Polar Bears as well.

Alternative to Breeding Polar Bears

In one of our previous articles we discussed how you can build a Polar Bear enclosure as an alternative to taming them. It is sad not to be able to interact better with these Mobs, so finding other ways to use them and keep them close comes in handy.

Adding Cubs to your Polar Bear enclosure may be just the perfect thing. Who doesn’t want to see baby Bears?

Putting them in a nice cold home where there’s plenty Snow and Snowfall will certainly make them happy.

The only issue with this will be that the Cubs will eventually grow up. Their growth cannot be accelerated by feeding them, but they still do grow up eventually. That being said, you’ll have Cubs only for a short while before being stuck with a lot of large Polar Bears.

Bears being Led

Additionally, once you have gotten the Polar Bears where you want them you can still use a Name Tag even though you cannot tame them. Giving them a name with the Name Tag prevents them from despawning.

Sadly a Name Tag cannot be crafted and can only be found in chests, fished, or bought from Villagers for Emeralds.

I usually find it easiest to simply fish for Name Tags, especially because you can build AFK fishing farms in Minecraft.

Minecraft Lead Recipe

  • 4 String
  • 1 Slimeball

Considering that Polar Bears cannot be tamed and thus cannot be fed, it means they cannot be lead from one place to another using a food Item.

On the picture below you can see the recipe for crafting a Lead. You will need String which can be farmed from Spiders, and Slime which is farmed from Slimes found in Caves or Swamp biomes.

Lead recipe

You will have to use a Lead to pull them to where you wish to take them.

Whether it be an enclosure or some other build you have ready for them. Remember though that Polar Bears can be hostile and do quite a few hearts of damage.