Allays are adorable little passive Mobs that can help out the Player with the task of finding various blocks around the world and bringing it to the player. They’re rare, but certainly useful and unique.

You’re probably wondering where could you find these adorable little friends and how do you tame them in the Minecraft world?

It is quite simple and we’re here to help.

Finding Allays

Allays are the kind of passive Mob that will usually spawn only in a certain location.

Similar to how Cats spawn in Villages or Wolves in Spruce Forests, Allays can spawn in one of two structures in Minecraft. Those are Pillager Towers and Woodland Mansions.

Pillager Towers are rarely ever a single structure by itself. Surrounding the Pillager Tower you can usually find tents, training dummies made out of Hay Bales and Pumpkins, and cages.

These cages are where Pillagers keep their prisoners, usually an Iron Golem or Allays. Allays can spawn either alone or in groups of up to 3 inside a single cage.

Allays in cage

In Woodland Mansions a similar rule applies. Just like they can be found imprisoned in cages in Pillager Towers, Allays can be found inside the jails cells of the “large jail” portion of the Mansion. This part almost always has a Vindicator guarding the area.

In both structures you will have to fight the Pillagers in order to “free” the Allays from their prisons.

Taming Allays

Allays are not a tamable Mob in the way Cats and Wolves are. They can still be made to follow the Player around like a Dog or Cat would, but the way an Allay does it is a little different.

Allays are completely focused on helping out the Player and in order to “tame” them all you have to do is give them an Item. This can be virtually anything. A piece of gear or a regular building block. Anything you can hold, an Allay can hold.

An Allay “bonds” with the last Player to have given them an Item by right-clicking on it.

Allay 2

It will hold this Item in its hands and follow the Player around while simultaneously searching for Items that are the same as the one in it was given.

Allays will follow the Player up to a distance of 64 blocks and will search in a 32 block radius. The Items it searches for have to be in their dropped forms for the Allay to be able to pick it up.

This makes the Allay a perfect little helper while mining, harvesting, or landscaping, as it will pick up all the dropped blocks that you don’t.

It will continue to do so up until the Player retrieves the Item they had originally given to it by right clicking on the Allay with an empty hand.

Breeding Allays

Just like you cannot tame an Allay in the traditional way, you can also not breed them like you do with other Mobs. To get more Allays is nothing alike breeding Frogs.

Though, the best thing about this is the fact that you do not need 2 Allays to make more. You simply will need a single one.

Breeding Allays

Allays will usually dance if Jukebox is playing nearby. Giving an Allay an Amethyst Shard while it is happy and dancing will cause the Allay to imitate the blocks noise and then duplicate itself.

Following this neither Allays can be duplicated for a short period of time, but after that you can simply repeat the process. This way you can have dozens, if not hundreds, of little helpful collectors.

Minecraft Jukebox Recipe

  • 1 Diamond
  • 8 Wooden Planks (any)

To craft a Jukebox which you use to breed Allays, you have to first get to diamonds. After that you will have to find a disk that will play music.

Jukebox Recipe

If you’re curious about how you can breed other useful Mobs, check out our Bee Breeding guide. A garden full of busy Bees and a Chestfull of Honey is always good to have.


In Minecraft Honey can be used to not only for Food, but also to negate the effects of various poisons and other status effects, just like Milk does!