Sniffers are useful and adorable mobs that you can find by doing archaeology in Minecraft. Their eggs can be found by brushing out suspicious blocks.

It is very important to find their eggs, because they do not spawn naturally in the world. So, when you find an egg, you will also have to go through the process of hatching it to get a sniffer.

In this article we will help you hatch the sniffer egg as quick as possible and help you raise this adorable companion.

Finding Sniffer Eggs

Sniffers do not spawn naturally in the Minecraft world. Unless you are using cheats or creative mode to spawn them in, the only way you can find a sniffer is as a sniffer egg.

These eggs can be found in suspicious sand in warm ocean ruins.

There are cold versions of ocean ruins, so be mindful not to waste your time looking there for the eggs. They can only be found in the warm parts.

When you find the suspicious sand, you will need to use a brush to brush out the contents inside.

Doing this you are likely going to get a lot of pottery sherds, which are used to craft decorated pots, but there is also a chance of actually finding the sniffer egg.

How to Hatch Sniffer Eggs

Sniffer eggs are large eggs that work very similarly to turtle eggs. Once you collect them you will have to place them down in a safe area to hatch them.

Unlike turtle eggs, though, these eggs are much bigger and much less fragile. This means walking over them or breaking them with a hand or tool will not permanently destroy them. Instead they’ll drop as themselves.

On average it takes around 20 minutes for a sniffer egg to hatch, given that the player is within 128 blocks of the egg. Otherwise the egg doesn’t load or progress toward hatching.

This timer can be halved if you place the egg on a moss block, only taking 10 minutes to hatch,

As the egg comes closer to hatching it will slowly start to crack, like turtle eggs do. When hatched you will have a single baby snifflet.

Your snifflet will take 40 minutes or 2 in game days to grow to adulthood. There is no way to tame them once they are grown.

Breeding a Sniffer

Sniffers will wander around aimlessly, sniffing the air around them in search of pitcher pod and torchflower seeds. They find them at random and when they do you will see them flop down on the ground and use their nose to dig into the dirt.

When they are done digging they will leave a seed behind for you to pick up.

Torchflowers seeds are the ones you will need to actually breed sniffers. Feeding 2 sniffers these seeds will make them enter love mode and breed.

They will drop some XP and a single egg for you to pick up and place down. Then you will have to wait for it to grow again.

What to do Next

If you’re looking for more little helpers in Minecraft, then you should look to find some allays.

Allays are another useful mob that help pick up dropped items that you command them to find. They are the perfect flying companions when mining or gathering blocks.