The world of Minecraft blooms with content. While exploring the game, you might find numerous structures, events, and dungeons, which often accompany loots and treasures.

Among the game’s cool finds are the woodland mansions.

Minecraft generates the world by placing different biomes with distinct vegetation, mobs, and random encounters in the whole environment. The game constantly updates and improves content diversity by adding new stuff on the overworld.

You’ll find that the woodland mansions in Minecraft are a reasonably recent addition to the overworld, specifically in sites with the dark forest biome. Like any other structure in Minecraft, this one offers unique findings.

The woodland mansions are pretty uncommon to find, and you might want to prepare yourself for long journeys if you’re focusing on finding one.

Nevertheless, there are some valuable tips on how to find a woodland mansion in Minecraft. So, stick around, and let’s discuss them.

The Dark Forest Biome

Before discussing woodland mansions in-depth, let’s learn about this structure’s bound biome, the dark forest.

The dark forest is a sparsely vegetated biome that features thick and dense vegetation. This biome’s trees typically have broad leaves capable of blocking the sunlight, allowing enemy mobs to spawn on-site even during the day.

Side note: did you know you can change biomes in Minecraft?

Primarily rich in oak and dark oak, this type of biome has the largest thriving vegetation, with trees growing tall and thick. In addition, you’ll often find different unique growing organisms in this type of forest, such as giant mushrooms and darker grass.

The biome itself is somewhat common to find while exploring, and although its vegetation is pretty intimidating and thick, dark forests aren’t especially difficult to walk through. Jungles, for instance, portray a much higher challenge in navigation.

The dark forest’s main random structure encounter is the woodland mansion.

Woodland Mansions

This massive structure generates inside dark forest biomes. It features a somewhat valedictorian build and displays various windows, rooms, and a conventionally civilized entrance and appearance.

As a mansion, it appears as a three-story building. Although seemingly attractive or peaceful, this structure fosters various aggressive mobs and valuable loots.

How They Generate

Woodland mansions are pretty tough to find. They always generate at least a thousand blocks away from the player’s spawn point. This sporadic structure appears in the game with a lower frequency than mushroom field biomes.

Unlike dungeons, woodland mansions do not require a specifically unique chunk setting to appear; they only require solid grounds and surface-level sites.


Woodland mansions can vary in physical aspect and size, but they tend to follow a pattern. Their structure is massive, featuring various rooms, three floors, and a cobblestone foundation.

The mansion’s top floor is always half the size of the lower floors. Nevertheless, the floor above the base level will feature a random size, which the floor above it will respect.

The internal site of the structure features a spacious foyer that connects itself to the mansion’s corridors, which lead to the rooms. You’ll also be able to find a sizeable staircase in the lobby, giving access to the second floor.

This part of the house is already dangerous for its dark aspect, low visibility, and mob spawn.

The rooms inside this structure vary; their layout is randomized. They can be dining rooms, decorative rooms, bedrooms, recreational spaces, etc. These rooms often have wood-made and cobblestone furniture, carpets, plant pots, bookshelves, cauldrons, chests, etc.

In some cases, you might find an “Obsidian room”, which has a sort of altar made of obsidian featuring a diamond block in the center.

In terms of room variation, you’ll find that the mansion presents itself similarly to a village, with rooms referencing specific professions. For instance, you’ll find gardens, blacksmith workshops, libraries, farms, lumbers, storage, jails, statue rooms, attics, etc.

There are more than 35 room variations that can generate inside the mansion.

Mansion Mobs

As aforementioned, the mansion foster many aggressive residents. Most of the enemies inside are evil variations of the villagers, similar to the pillagers. In this sense, they’re intelligent humanoids that live in reclusion.

The two main mobs inside a woodland mansion are Evokers and Vindicators.


This mob is a sorcerer that casts dangerous spells around itself and towards the player. They always raise their arms and either launch a “fang” attack, summoning creatures from the ground that will bite upwards and instantly disappear.


Their second attack is known as “Vexes”, which sends little floating “spirit-like” creatures to attack you.

The Evoker’s attack strength is six hit points, whereas its HP is 24 points.


The vindicators are from the same “clan” as the evokers. But, differently from the latter, these do not launch spells or sorceries.

Vindicators are melee attackers; they’ll only use short-range weapons, typically iron battle-axes. Still, you might also find them unarmed.


Depending on the game’s difficulty, a vindicator carrying an iron axe will deal up to 19 HP damage.

An unarmed vindicator will deal significantly less, taking up to seven player health points depending on the difficulty level.

The vindicator has a total HP amount of 24.


The mansion holds chests in some rooms. Although you won’t find loot in every corner, the structure has a fair amount of chests. Like dungeons, you’ll find valuable loot and junk.

Among the most valuable items you might find inside a chest in any room, you’ll get:

  • Enchanted Golden Apple: 3.1%
  • Diamond Chestplate: 7.7%
  • Enchanted Book: 14.9%
  • Diamond Hoe: 21.8%
  • Golden Apple: 21.8%

For junk items, you might get:

  • Bone: 57.8%
  • Gun Powder: 57.8%
  • Rotten Flesh: 57.8%

Locating One

Finding a woodland mansion isn’t easy; they only start to generate thousands of blocks away from the player, as we’ve discussed before. Hence, they’re the rarest structure to find in the game.

Apart from all the obstacles to finding a woodland mansion, there are some alternative routes you can take to find them instead of just exploring.


You can spot woodland mansions through specific maps. Like treasure maps, woodland mansions also appear in documents known as “woodland explorer maps”.

You can find these types of maps in shipwreck or ruins chests.

Alternatively, you can buy woodland explorer maps from librarians if you’re lucky to find a village with one. Beware that the map won’t necessarily point you to the nearest mansion.

Try sticking unemployed villagers in a room with a lectern nearby if you have the resources; they’ll become librarians eventually.


In Minecraft, try enabling cheats in the world you’re currently playing. Then, type the following text command into the game’s chat: “/locate mansion”. After typing this command, the game will point you to the nearest woodland mansion.


Exploring Dark Forests

Prepare yourself to embark on a long journey; you’ll be searching for the rarest structure in Minecraft inside a dense poorly-lit forest.

Look out for any structure made of wood and cobblestones; the mansion is pretty tough to miss. I recommend you dash with a horse inside a dark forest to cover more ground quickly.