Minecraft’s world seduces us to explore it with the numerous exciting events available throughout the game’s infinite map. Yet, the high density of content makes Minecraft almost intimidating.

The quality of dungeons, temples, abandoned mines, shipwrecks, and more is superb and it’s only a matter of time until you find ancient danger. But, of course, venturing into one of these buildings requires combat experience, armor, and lots of food.

Although Minecraft gives us endless opportunities to find some fun ruin to explore, it doesn’t always have good loot. Sometimes, it doesn’t have treasure at all, which is a bummer.

But, treasure maps, on the other hand, are a whole different story.

It may be good to know how to copy maps in Minecraft, but also how to read them in general before venturing out to look for the treasure on these maps.

Read on to find out exactly how to do this.

Treasure Maps

The most straightforward and exact option to find buried treasure chests in Minecraft is by acquiring a treasure map. One can usually find these maps in underwater ruins and shipwrecks.

So, keep an eye out when you’re at the beach or traveling at sea.

Remember that traveling by boat at sea will make you find ruins and shipwrecks easier – just make sure you know how to get out of the boat once you get there!

Shipwrecks are commonly easier to spot for their unique shape and tall mast. On the other hand, some underwater ruins have luminous blocks in their structure, making them flashy.

Still, at underwater ruins, you’ll have a 43.5% chance of finding a treasure chest, at best. But, it jumps to 100% in shipwrecks, making them a much better find.

Note that dolphins generally indicate treasures, mainly when you feed them. You can also get there faster.

Treasure maps always show a 512×512 chunk containing land and water outlines. Yet, the map will indicate a red “X” mark somewhere in that region, conveniently at the treasure location.

The “X” isn’t totally accurate, and you might need to dig around in the area and its surroundings for a while before you find the treasure.

Understanding The Map

After finding the map and analyzing the region’s outlining, you’ll need to get to that location. There are rare cases where the player finds a treasure map that shows an area they’re close to or already inside of, in which case you’re in luck!

The area on the map will be far from the player most of the time, requiring a few days of travel.

Still, by reading the map’s markings, players can make a rough estimate as to how far they are from the treasure.

If the player icon is smaller than it usually is, they are at a significant distance from the treasure.

Yet, if the player approaches the treasure, walking around 1027 blocks away from the map region, their icon will portray its standard size.

Moreover, when you reach the territory, the map will fill drawings like a normal map.

Now, there’s no easy way of knowing if you’re heading in the right direction. Still, if you try moving around with the map open, you’ll get an idea thanks to the mark’s movement when you’re going north, south, east, or west.

This way, if you’re getting close to the map region, any movement you make will have a more significant impact on the player’s in-map icon.

For instance, if by walking north the player icon slides to the right, getting closer to the area will make the slide more prominent.

On the other hand, moving south will make the player icon move very slightly to the right if you’re too far.

Finally, it’s essential to understand that treasure maps feature three types: woodland, ocean, and buried treasure. However, only the buried treasure map will lead you to an underground concealed chest.

The woodland and ocean maps will lead you to an eventful structure, such as a swamp mansion, abandoned temple, witch’s house, and such.

Additionally, copying the treasure map and sharing it with a friend while playing co-op can make finding the hidden chest pretty easier.

How Deep is Buried Treasure in Minecraft?

Buried treasures, as mentioned, are chests concealed in the ground, below some material. Their locations are typically on beaches, so they’ll likely hide beneath the sand or gravel.

Although primarily common to spawn on beaches, buried treasures can appear in different places. For example, the chest will be below stone blocks if it generates in an underwater hill.

Buried chests typically appear below one to three blocks. However, they can be at a max depth of 15 blocks.

So, get a shovel ready and jump to work; it’ll take you a few minutes at most to find the goodies.

What to do Next

Now that you have found hidden treasure, you may be ready for a bigger challenge.

Finding woodland mansions may be the next best adventure you can take on if you feel like you are ready to do so.