The spyglass is a useful tool that can greatly aid you in your navigation and exploration of Minecraft’s vast world.

It is just the tool that you may need to have on you when searching for a specific thing in the world that you may be struggling to see from a distance.

It is also a tool that uses rather unique materials, which have to be found in underground caves.

Though, it is simple and we will show you how to do it. Here’s how to make a spyglass in Minecraft.

Harvesting Ores

Like many other tools in Minecraft, a spyglass is crafted using ores that naturally appear in the overworld. In this case, you’ll need to find amethyst and copper ore.

To find copper you will need to have a basic understanding of ore levels in Minecraft.

Though, copper is a common ore that can be found almost as abundantly as iron and coal are. Its appearance is very distinct and the ore spawns between -58 and 30 Y levels in the overworld.


Amethyst, on the other hand, can be a little trickier. Unlike other ores, amethyst does not spawn in the walls of caves, but it instead as a large cluster inside a geode. These geodes can sometimes be hard to find, but once you do you will see they are very distinct in appearance.

To mine amethyst you do not need to break the whole block within the geode. Simply mine the growing crystals inside it.

Minecraft Spyglass Recipe

  • 2 copper ingots
  • 1 amethyst shard

You can see here that the recipe for a spyglass is simple. It is easy to find the materials and just as easy to put them together to make a spyglass.

In the image below you can see how to exactly arrange the materials to make the item.

Spyglass Recipe

How to Use the Spyglass

The spyglass is very simple to use. Just as its name entails it is used to spy on things that may be too far for the player to see well.

Holding the spyglass in your main hand and holding the ‘use’ button allows you to use the spyglass.

When you do this your screen will immediately narrow down and zoom into the direction where your crosshair was pointing at. This is how you look through the spyglass into the distance.

Using Spyglass Minecraft

It is important to mention that the spyglass will not be much help if your render distance is low.

With this item you can only zoom in on and look at things that are already rendered. So, if your render distance is about 8 chunks you will not be able to see what is on the 9th chunk beyond your render field.

Though, it does greatly aid you in finding the little things that you are struggling to see normally.

You can also change your gamma settings to help you see better in the dark as well.

If you are trying to spot a particular mob somewhere in a forest or a distant field or even find the marker of your base, then it is good to have a spyglass on hand.

What to Do Next

In the case that a spyglass may not be helping you with your exploration and finding things, you may want to take a quick moment to look into your settings.

Other than changing gamma, you can also change the FOV in Minecraft. These settings alter your field of view and it can greatly aid in your gameplay.