Trading in NBA 2K24’s MyGM & MyLeague is absolutely broken. There is no way you could trade fairly in most situations.

Even if you compare the trade equality and frequency in the real NBA, it is nowhere close to what you will experience in 2K24.

The good thing about 2K24 is that you can change the settings. If you can change the game slider to a realistic one, you can also do that to the trade sliders.

We’ll get straight to the point and give you the trade sliders you can copy.


Trade LogicOn
Trade DeadlineOn
Recently Signed RestrictionOn
Recently Traded RestrictionOn
Rookie Signing RestrictionOn
Financial Trade RulesOn
Stepien RuleOff
Trade OverrideOff
CPU Trade OffersOn
CPU-CPU TradesOn
Trade ApprovalOff
Trade Frequency50

The default trade slider settings are almost the same. We are only changing the Stepien Rule to Off.

This is because it is hard to create trades with draft picks if you are playing on a team that just recently traded their draft pick.

For example, if you play as the Phoenix Suns (even in a fantasy draft league), you won’t be able to trade your draft picks because of the Stepien Rule.

You can turn Trade Override on if you want to easily trade for a superstar and you feel like the deal is very reasonable.

Player Trade Value

Asset Value: BuyingDoesn’t matter
Asset Value: SellingDoesn’t matter
Asset Value: RebuildingDoesn’t matter
Team Style Importance0
Player Fame Importance2
Overall Rating Importance98
Euro-Stash Discount95
New Player Signing Premium25
Untouchables Premium30
Age Discount: Contending96
Age Discount: Buying96
Age Discount: Selling92
Age Discount: Rebuilding94

The team style should be at 0 because players of all-star caliber don’t really affect the team’s decision in getting them. If the Golden State Warriors have Stephen Curry, they would still want a player like Damian Lillard.

In NBA 2K24, they’ll all be dramatic because they would have a superstar who plays the same position already.

But if the deal were to go through in the NBA, they would just move Klay Thompson to SF, Wiggins to PF, and use Lillard and Curry as the backcourt.

Player Fame still affects the trades, even more so in the NBA. We don’t want it high because the game wouldn’t know a player’s “fame,” so we just set it to the default.

We made it easier by making untouchables more… touchable, too. We increased all discounts because GMs care less about the player’s age.

Player Type Discounts

Player ArchetypeDescription

These are all normal or default. Player types don’t really matter or shouldn’t matter.

Draft Pick Trade Value

Draft PickDescription
1st Overall Pick: ContendingDoesn’t matter
1st Overall Pick: BuyingDoesn’t matter
1st Overall Pick: SellingDoesn’t matter
1st Overall Pick: RebuildingDoesn’t matter
Draft Pick Importance: Contending95
Draft Pick Importance: Buying112
Draft Pick Importance: Selling122

We are valuing draft picks a lot more. Since most draft classes give a superstar-level player, teams value them when they have no shot of winning a championship.

However, NBA 2K24’s auto-generated rookies aren’t that good. I suggest downloading future draft classes so the draft feels more rewarding every season.

Pick Depreciation

Year 290
Year 390
Year 485
Year 585

In line with the Draft Picks increasing in value, we are lessening the depreciation. Let’s look at a real NBA trade that happened.

Kevin Durant and T.J. Warren get sent to the Phoenix Suns for Mikal Bridges, Cam Johnson, Jae Crowder, four first-round picks, and a 2028 draft swap.

In NBA 2K24, this deal will never happen. Those four first-round picks should be valued a lot for it to happen.

The Brooklyn Nets value those picks because they would benefit from it in the future. If Kevin Durant’s contract expires, the Phoenix Suns would most likely have a weaker team.

When that happens, those picks will increase in value. The depreciation value doesn’t make sense, and you can even max them all out to 100 if you want.

Lineup Impact vs. Net Value

Net ValueDescription
Net Value: Contending40
Net Value: Buying30
Net Value: Selling60
Net Value: Rebuilding50

We are lessening the strictness of teams valuing the total assets. An 85 for Net Value: Selling is way too much. You can even lower 60 to 50 if you want.

This is the main reason why we can’t trade for superstars unless you trade two big superstars for one. If the contracts don’t match up, you won’t be able to trade for any superstar at all.

This fixes that issue a bit and makes the deals more realistic.