Getting a teammate grade of A+ at every MyCareer game in NBA 2K24 gives you the most consistent form of VC. These VCs are then used to improve your player further.

If you can get a teammate grade A+ for every game in MyCareer, you’ll get an overall rating of 99 in no time.

This is exactly what we are going to teach you in this guide. Since you can score 30 points on every game, but it doesn’t necessarily guarantee a high teammate grade, you want to know all the actions to get the grade up.

Actions that Increase Your Teammate Grade

Free throwLowMake a free throw
Good shot selectionMediumAttempt an open shot
Good ball movementLowPass the ball around
Poke the BallMediumStripping the ball away from the offensive player
Good shot contestMediumContest a shot directly
Find open teammateMediumPassing to an open teammate, and they take a shot
Scored off an assistLowScoring from a pass
AssistHighPass to a teammate, leading to a score
Good screenLowPlant a screen for a teammate
Defensive reboundMediumRebounding the ball on the defensive end
Successful box outLowBox out an opposing player
Pass leading to a scoreMediumPass the ball to a teammate, who passes it again and scores
Pass leading to a foulLowPass the ball to a teammate, who shoots it and gets fouled
Offensive reboundMediumRebounding the ball on the offensive end
Multiple defensive stopsLowAt least 4 consecutive defensive stops by the team as a whole
StealHighTake the ball from the offensive player
BlockHighBlock the shot of an opposing player
Pass leading to a foulMediumPass to a teammate who gets fouled for free throws
A good passLowExecute a clean pass
Good transition defenseLowFill the lanes quickly while defending the fast break
Good transition offenseLowFill the lanes quickly while attacking on a fast break
Excellent shot releaseLowMake a green-timed shot

As you can see, there are a ton of actions that can increase your teammate grade. If you familiarize yourself with these actions, you’ll get A+ in no time.

Most of these actions do not translate to stats. Actions, like passes leading to a foul or assist, multiple defensive stops, or a good pass, do not give you stats to fill up your endorsement incentives or stats.

What you can do is focus on getting a teammate grade of A+ first and go for the stats after. You can easily get an A+ in 6 minutes’ worth of action on the court.

Here are some tips you can do to increase your teammate grade:

  • Spam screens on every offensive possession
  • Leave your man slightly open on defense and use your athleticism to recover and contest the “open” shot
  • Box out every chance you get defensively
  • Try to make four easy passes every offensive possession
  • Perform pick-and-roll actions consistently
  • Aim for getting stats while you do all these things

If you do all these tips consistently, you’ll be getting 2-3 boosts to your teammate grade every possession, defensively and offensively.

Actions that Decrease Your Teammate Grade

TurnoverHighGiving possession away
Bad shot selectionMediumShooting on a very contested shot
Leave assignmentMediumLeaving your defensive assignment after a few seconds
Stripped ballMediumDribbling and getting the ball poked away
Defensive breakdownMediumAllowing your current assignment to score
Allow multiple basketsMediumThe opponent scoring multiple times in a row
FoulHighFouling unnecessarily
Call for pass ignoredVery LowCalling for a pass, and it gets ignored by the ball handler

While there are actions that increase your teammate grade, there are actions that decrease it. There are fewer actions to decrease it, but most of them decrease your grade significantly.

You want to avoid all of these mistakes as much as possible. However, there are some actions here that you can’t do anything about.

Turnovers and defensive breakdowns (when AI suddenly switches) are hard to avoid, but the rest are easily avoidable if you are patient and remember all of them.