If you have hovered over your endorsements, you have seen that it is directly linked to your fan base. The more fans you have, the better your endorsement deals.

In NBA 2K24’s MyCareer mode, you are never taught how to get these fans. You might have seen it randomly while playing the game or at the end of the game.

In this short guide, we’ll show you a fast way of getting fans and getting those better endorsement deals immediately.

What Actions Increase Your Fans?

Most positive actions give you fans while playing a game in MyCareer mode. Even without a good shot selection notification, a simple score or made basket will give you some fans.

You can see the “+ fans” notification on the upper-right side of your screen (next to your stats).

The best actions you can get a ton of fans from are a combination of extremely good plays or a highlight reel.

For example, shooting an open 3-point basket from a good screen can give you a good amount of fans already, but combining a defensive stop before that all happens can multiply it.

As long as you are doing good actions in the game, even if your teammate grade is already at A+, you’ll keep getting fans, and it’ll show at the end of the game.

Best Way to Get Fans

Now you know how to get fans, what is the best way? Well, the best way is by combining a ton of action in one play.

It does mean that you have to convert the highlight consistently. You have to start on the defensive end of the court.

Start by trying to make plays such as making a good shot contest, stealing the ball, blocking a shot, or grabbing a rebound.

After making a defensive stop, try to run a fast break even if they have the numbers. As long as you convert, you’ll get a ton of fans from a play like this.

I suggest having a go-to move to convert a basket. For example, if you have a superstar on your team, you can run a quick one-two to the basket or a quick pick-and-roll action before the defense is fully set.

If you play a forward or center, you can screen for your guard and either pop or roll to the basket.

As long as the defender hits your screen, you’ll get a “Good Screen” notification. If your teammate converts it, you can get an additional “Screen Assist.” If your teammate gives the ball to you for an open shot, converting the basket will also give you a good shot selection and a made basket.

This all adds up to the play, and the more positive actions you combine, the higher the multiplier for the fans.

Converting these highlights will turn the camera to the fans, and you’ll see a big number of fans with an upward arrow.

The combinations go as follows:

  1. Defensive stops such as stealing, blocking, good shot contest, and rebounding
  2. Any positive action on offense
  3. Basket conversion such as an assist, a made basket, pass leading to an assist, or screen assist

You can be a little creative with the #2 as there are a lot of actions you can do.

Benefits of Getting Fans

The main benefit of getting fans is stacking a lot of endorsement deals. If you already have 3-4 endorsement deals, you can easily earn up to 2k-3k VC per 6-minute per quarter games.

Add up the incentives within the contracts, and you can easily get more than 3k VC per game if you abuse the incentives.

Getting these endorsements up fast is a good strategy, and earning fans fast is the best way to do it. This is also the best method to get your player to a 99 rating.

Completing all the endorsement deals and following the method in the guide will get you there faster. It is still a grind, but it’ll be a lot easier.

If you have trouble converting highlights, you can request a trade to a better team.