Leveling up in New World is pretty straightforward. However, there are a lot of underrated things to get you experience points (XP) at a much faster rate when compared to other tasks.

For example, in the early stage of the game’s beta, the Town Board was hugely overpowered. Completing missions from this had to be nerfed because of how it allowed users to level up so quickly.

This New World leveling guide will show you everything you need to know on how to level up fast in New World and get that fast edge among everyone else on your server.


The main quest you need to follow is the one marked as bright yellow in your journal (press “J” to open). If you keep doing your main quests without exploring and doing side quests, you will eventually reach a level wall that keeps you from getting the next main quest.

Doing the main quest will give you a high amount of experience points but because of all the running around you have to do, multitasking is essential to make things efficient.

You need to make sure you’re doing all the things below to maximize efficiency when you want to level up fast in New World.

Defeat Monsters Along the Way

While this is an obvious one, I would go a step further into making this step more efficient for you. As you go from objective to objective around the area, you will definitely encounter monsters along the way. Even if they are not a part of your objectives, you can still deal with them really quickly.

Do not prioritize them or get lost in a trance while doing so.

If you see other players fighting monsters on your path, just try to hit them once or twice and you will gain XP and weapon mastery from it — you don’t need to wipe them out on your own. Hit and run is a great tactic for speed leveling in New World.

Do this for every single monster you encounter. It won’t even grief the other players who are questing for those monsters as they still also get credited for them. This is easier if you have a ranged weapon but it can still be done effectively with melee.

This method is just to add a little more experience points to all the walking you are doing whilst questing.

Accept Town Missions

Missions Town Project

If you have unlocked this through the main quest, you should capitalize on this every single time it is available. Town missions are received through the town board inside a settlement. There are up to twelve missions available at a time and you can accept them all simultaneously.

Once you finish one or two missions, it will refresh and you can accept the new missions that show up again. This is a great way to get coins, experience points, and most importantly, settlement reputation. If you get a good standing on specific settlements, you will get a lot of perks.

These include cheaper taxes, the ability to purchase houses for this specific settlement, better skills such as gathering, and a lot more depending on what perks you choose as you level.

Leveling up fast is just another perk on top of everything else when you keep doing these missions every time they are up. Make sure to constantly check them and try to get as many supplies as you can when you are exploring.

Most of these missions can already be finished once you accept them if you already have the supplies needed for them. Then, you should have to wait for a little bit to have another mission show up.

Whilst the Town Missions board got nerfed, it’s still an effective way to rank up quickly.

Accepting Faction Missions

On top of the town missions, main quests, and defeating monsters, you can mix in faction missions which should work the same way the town missions do. However, these missions are more specific and a little harder to do.

Make sure to track the objectives closest to your vicinity when you explore the area. The faction missions are unlocked when you progress through the main story and you have already made your decision on which faction to join.

Accept these faction missions from your respective faction NPC in the town. You can complete them all at once before going back to the settlement to turn them in. This method should be much more efficient than completing them one by one.

These give you some experience points but, you are mostly doing this to improve your standing with your respective faction. This will give you the ability to purchase sweet weapons, armor, and a lot of different items from your respective faction NPC.

Gathering Skills

While this might slow your overall leveling down, it is important to sometimes balance everything. You don’t want to burnout whilst playing, so mental breaks by switching up your tasks can be really helpful.

However, if you’re looking for the fastest way to level in New World, you should really ignore this feature of the game completely. That goes for the likes of fishing and crafting, too, that don’t really contribute to your overall level too quickly.

Gathering gives you additional experience points as well as skill points for the respective gathering skill you used. This scales for high-level resources and vice versa. This means that gathering low-level resources also drops off quite fast.

If you are exploring and doing missions and quests, you can also start gathering resources around the area. A better way to navigate for better resources is by pressing “M” to open the map. Click the tab on the left side that says resource locations.

You will be able to see the terrains that contain the resources you need. Match the color of these terrains on the map and check if you need anything there. If not, just gather anything along the way. Obviously, if you see normal trees and boulders, you can omit those if you do not need them anymore.

Boulder Farming

Learning where to find boulders and mining them is easy as it is already shown to you at the start of the game when you were doing the quests.

For other tasks like where to find iron ore and where to get feathers, you will have to specifically go to their known locations to farm them.

Then there are skills like fishing that can be combined to increase your cooking level quickly.

Most of these are used in supply delivery objectives for the town missions. Other than that, it is good to stock up on a variety of resources just in case they show up and you can even use them for crafting or sell them to the trading post for coins.

Again, this is not the best way to level but, it is the main way to get your gathering skills up to get more high-level resources. Learning how to level your gathering skills is a hard grind and it will take you a lot of hours in doing so.

You might as well cut that time short by gathering uncommon resource nodes as you finish missions. You will get a lot of coins by doing this and even craft gear upgrades for your character to strengthen your gear score.

Final Thoughts

The beauty of MMORPGs, especially New World, is that you are given a ton of freedom to do anything you want and nothing is stopping you from playing the game at your own pace.

You can literally focus on just getting as rich as possible by being a goblin in the trading post and gathering everything you can. It really depends on how you would enjoy playing New World and you can even start PvPing once you have chosen a faction.