There is a good way of getting repair parts. It is just not plainly obvious since it was never taught in the game unless you play around with your inventory.

Repairing should never be a problem once you learn how it works and how to sustain it.

This guide will show you how to repair items and how to get repair parts in New World. You will never have the problem of having broken tools, armors, and weapons again.

What Are Repair Parts?

Repair Parts the required materials used to repair your items. This includes your armor, weapon, and gathering tools. Each of these items requires a different amount of repair parts.

When you are repairing better gear or tools, it will require more Repair Parts. However, some items do not require repair parts to repair at all.

If you have a starter tool like when you craft a Harvesting Sickle (Flint) at the start, it will take not consume any Repair Parts to repair it to its max durability.

Once you get the higher tier of gathering tools, it will need repair parts depending on the tier of the gathering tool.

How to Get Repair Parts

Now that you know what Repair Parts are, you’re probably wondering where to get repair parts in New World? It’s simple.

The best way to get Repair Parts in New World is through salvaging. It is only exclusive to armor and weapons. There is no way to obtain Repair Parts through other resources such as herbs, logs, and ores.

How do you salvage items?

To salvage items, you just need to hover over the armor or weapon piece you want to get rid of. Hold the “S” key while left-clicking the particular item you want to salvage.

After doing this, you will see the number of coins and Repair Parts you will obtain from salvaging that particular item.

It will be an endless cycle as you will most likely obtain a lot of weapons and armor that do not fit your class or build. The only step is to salvage them anyway.

The better the gear, the higher the number of coins and Repair Parts you will get.

How to Repair Items

Each armor, gathering tool, and weapon will have a different maximum durability level. You can see this while hovering over the item or on the lower-right side of your screen where your weapon is equipped.

To repair the items, hover over them and hold “R” and press the left-click button. Confirm and it will repair it using the required number of Repair Parts listed in the tooltip. For better gear, weapons, and gathering tools, it will require more Repair Parts to repair it.

For gathering tools, each repair will decrease the maximum durability of the tool. Eventually, you will need to replace it with another one or even upgrade it with a higher-tier gathering tool.

The most basic gathering tools (Flint) will not require any coins or Repair Parts to repair. They are slow on the gathering speed, but they could save you the trouble of buying or crafting a better gathering tool.

How Do You Sustain Your Repairs?

While playing the game, you should be doing your active quests and side missions. They usually reward you with weapon cases and armor cases that contain a random piece of gear.

Since they are literally a random piece of gear, they might not fit your class or build. If they are essentially worthless to you, you can salvage them instantly. It is also a good way to clear up some bag space especially if you have not increased your weight capacity yet.

You will also be disposing of mobs along the way to do Town Missions, Faction Missions, and quests. Each mob has a small chance of dropping gear and it can be common, uncommon, and rare.

If you do not need these drops, you can salvage them immediately. As long as you do not hoard multiple weapon types and armor sets, you should have a surplus of Repair Parts.

When you start hoarding these weapons and armors, you might end up needing Repair Parts. Since gathering tools will most likely require the bulk of your repairs, it will be hard to sustain when you hoard items.

Do not be afraid of salvaging these items because you will eventually get them again in the future. You can also craft these items to either salvage them or sell them in the trading post.

All the resources can cycle to one another and you should always have Repair Parts available when you are exploring or doing expeditions.