When you start unlocking multiple missions from towns and from your faction leader, you will get overloaded with objectives to finish.

Luckily, there is a good tracking feature that you can capitalize on. This article will teach you how to track objectives in New World and be as efficient with your runs as you can be for leveling and for getting resources.

How to Open the Map

The objectives that are being automatically tracked are the ones that your first missions or quests received. Once you start getting new missions and quests, they will not show up as a pinned objective. Therefore, they will not show up on your compass when you are playing.

To start tracking the objectives that you want to track, you need to open the map by pressing “M”. You can also press “ESC” to open the in-game menu and open the map from one of the tabs there.

Tracking Objectives on the Map

Sorting Objectives

Once you have your map opened, you can look for your objectives on the left side of your screen. You can sort your objectives by pressing the toolbox and sorting it by which quests and missions are the closest to your current location.

Choose each of the objectives from top to bottom and pin them one by one. Unpinned quests or missions look like a pin without a number on it yet.

Once the objective is pinned or is being tracked, it will have a number on it and the closest one will be indicated by which number is the lowest.

Following the Compass

When you close your map and the missions and quests are already pinned or tracked, you can see all of them on your compass. The compass is located on top of your screen as you play the game.

This might confuse you sometimes because it will literally put every pinned objective there. If you have more than 10 objectives, it might be hectic to look at and follow. In this case, follow the closest one on the compass as the marked objectives have their distance shown below it.

Being Efficient on Missions

For most of the players, you would most likely want to know how to level up fast. Planning your destination and finishing multiple missions and objectives will be crucial. Every time you are full of missions to finish from your faction and the town, you should aim to finish every single one before going back.

This is because you want to be efficient with your routes and save as much time as possible. You can use your waypoint and recall back to the Inn so always keep that in mind when calculating routes. Finishing the farthest objective as the last mission on your journey is always ideal because you can easily recall back to the settlement.

Make sure you are also making use of the campfire to save yourself from respawning all the way back to the settlement. It is also a free resting tool to let you heal before and after a fight.

Final Thoughts

It is best to just pin every objective you have and deal with them when you please. It is easy to track the objectives this way and you only have to remember what you have to do. You can easily read them on the right side of the screen anyway but it is best that you know if you are searching for an item from a supply or an item from a dead monster.

It is the most common way to get yourself lost while just mindlessly grinding in a tracked objective area. Knowledge is key and this will make your runs efficient. You can even track other resources if you know where to get feathers and where to find Iron Ores.