It is not hard to feel a bit lost when it comes to crafting ingredients in Amazon Games’ New World. The game is dense, and its crafting system is quite complex.

Some players might know right at the beginning of the game where to find hemp, but it can take a while for them to learn how to get firefly bait. Interestingly, the opposite is just as likely to happen.

So if you do not know how to acquire fish filets in New World yet, don’t worry. Chances are, you were just focused on something else before. Either way, we’re here to help you.

Buying Fish Filets

Let’s get this out of the way first cause this is the obvious way to get something you don’t have and don’t know where to find.

When you need any sort of resource, chances are other players already figured out where to get them. When one of those players has more than what they need, they might just create a sales order for it.

So you if you urgently need some Fish Filets, you might just want to pass by the Trading Post.

Note that this is not the recommended approach, but it can be worth doing depending on the price and how quickly you want those Fish Filets.

Still, this means that you might be wasting your gold and losing the opportunity to level up your character and fishing skill, which brings us to the other way to acquire Fish Filets.

Fishing and Salvaging

Acquiring Fish Filets in New World

To get the renowned New World fish filet, you’ll first need a fishing pole. You can make a basic one at a Workshop.

Chances are, you will have a fishing pole already if you’re playing through the main quest, but if you’re not, you need the following items: 1 Fiber and 1 Green Wood.

Obviously, you will need to know how to get fibers in New World, and also where to find Green Wood.

Once you’re done with that, all you need is to find a decent enough body of water. Press F3 to start fishing, press R to equip a bait if you have any, and throw your hook into the water by left clicking and aiming at the body of water.

It might be a good idea to learn how to get Nightcrawler Bait in New World, so you always have a chance of getting better fish.

Once you manage to get your first fish, open the menu by pressing tab, hold S and click on the fish. Most fishes you get will turn into a Fish Filet when salvaged. So just pick as many as you can and keep doing it until you have what you want.

How to Get Firm Fish Filets

There are other kinds of fish filets, such as the Firm Fish Filet and the Tender Fish Filet, but they are rarer, and they might require good baits and a decent fishing pole.

Even fishing with the first pole, as long as you have a good bait, you have greater chances of getting better fish.

Those larger and rarer fishes might grant you different items when savage, like the different kinds of Fish Filet mentioned above.

Firm Fish Filets come from Catfish, Cod, Halibut, Sturgeon, Common Fish, and Uncommon Fish.

How Get Tender Fish Filets

The tender Fish Fillet in New World is a little trickier to get than the standard one and the firm one. That because it comes from very specific fish types, and they are a bit harder to catch.

A Tender Fish Filet in New World might come from Paddlefish, Speartooth Shark, or Swordfish.

Final Thoughts

In the end, the process of acquiring fish fillet in New World is quite simple. Get a fish and salvage it. An alternative method to buying the fish filet is buying the fish itself and salvaging it. It might be a bit cheaper.

To get your basic filets from ordinary fish, though, you just need the simplest of the poles and some water for you to throw your hook in.