There is a lot of focus on Crafting in Amazon Games’ New World. Before you even reach level 10, NPCs will be giving you quests to craft this and that since the game wants to make sure you will be able to make your own stuff in case you need it.

So guess what? When it comes to arrows, most likely, you will have to craft them too.

There isn’t only one kind of arrow in the game. Better arrows also reacquire better ingredients to be made, and you must know where to find them. That means a lot of time spent walking around, breaking rocks, cutting down trees, hunting animals, and crafting ingredients to craft good arrows.

Luckily, knowing exactly what to do speeds up the process quite a bit. So if you want to learn how to make arrows in New World, stick around.

Where to Craft

First things first, you need to find a proper place to craft your arrows. This shouldn’t be a problem since every settlement in the game will have a Woodshop for you to make them.

The biggest problem that you’ll face is most likely finding and crafting the needed ingredients for making good arrows.

However, there are lesser arrows in New World that are quite easy to make if you just need them to help you survive your way back to a settlement.

Types of Arrow

Right at the beginning of the game, New World will introduce you to crafting when you interact with the campfire in front of the Everfall Watchtower.

At that place, you will be able to see what most likely is the first type of arrow you will have access to, Flint Arrows.

These are the only kind of arrows you can craft at a campfire, so although they are not great, they might become your only option. Depending on the situation, flint arrows will be better than no arrows.

Those are the easy-to-make arrows of the game and are there to help you have any sort of arrow whatsoever while you level up your Engineering skill. All you need is to create 50 Flint Arrows is:

  • 5 Flint
  • 2 Green Wood
  • 3 Feathers

At this point, you should know how to find flints and how to get greenwood from the bushes. As for the feathers, you might want to chase some turkeys to get them.

Once you have the ingredients, just go to the Workshop, click on Flint Arrows, select the quantity that you are going to make, and click on craft. It is that simple.

After a while — and if you have a choice — you should stop using Flint Arrows. The type of arrow that you will use the most until you level up your character and Engineering skill is called Iron Arrows.

These are a little more complicated to make than Flint arrows due to demanding a more difficult ingredient to find, so you will have to know where to find Iron Ore in New World. Here is what you need to make Iron Arrows:

  • 4 Iron Ingot
  • 2 Timber
  • 3 Feathers

The procedure is the same here. As long as you have the required skill level and all the needed ingredients, you can just select the Iron Arrows, the quantity you want, and click to craft them.

Finally, once you are good enough at crafting — and if you manage to put your hands on Steel — you can move on to Steel Arrows.

The better the arrows, the more complicated it is to craft them. You go from twigs and rocks to Steel Ingots and Lumber.

Chances are, once you are at a level that you can craft those better arrows, you most likely already know how to do all this. Here is what you need to make Steel Arrows:

  • 3 Steel Ingot
  • 2 Lumber
  • 3 Feathers

With time, the game will present rare ingredients that provide special effects and make even better arrows. Those are for much later in the game, though.

Even Better Arrows

With time, you might be able to make Starmetal Arrows or some other form of even better arrows for your bow. Please note that your skills and ingredients might not be enough, though.

Some special arrows might demand the Workshop to be at a higher level so you can craft certain items. So make sure to check the level of the local Workshop before you get frustrated. You can always travel to a town that has a higher-level Workshop, though.