There’s a great variety of reagents in New World. They’re primarily used in Arcana crafting since many receipts need reagents. However, there are reagents of all tiers and types.

Some reagents, including Earth Reagents and Water Reagents, fall under more than one category. When it comes to Air Reagents, they go from Tier 2 to Tier 5 and from Motes to Quintessences.

Whether you need Air Reagents to make some gold or craft a potion, you must first know where to find them.

If you want to know where to get Air Reagents of all types and tiers, stick around cause this guide will let you know all you need to find the ingredients you need.

Every Type of Air Reagent in New World

Air Wisp 1

As mentioned above, the Air Reagents start from Tier two and go all the way up to Tier 5, and they significantly vary in rarity.

In each Tier, we have at least two different Air Reagents, and each might be acquired from various sources.

Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4Tier 5
Air MoteAir WispAir EssenceAir Quintessence
Shockbulb StemShockbulb LeafShockbulb FlowerLightning Beetle
Suncreeper TendrilShocking Lodestone
Twistcap Spiral

Where to Find Every Air Reagent

Some air reagents can be crafted, but it depends on you having other Air Reagents to do so, which makes you know wonder where the lower-tier versions of those reagents can be found.

Below, you can find a little more about each Air Reagent and their primary source.

Air Motes

Air Motes are defined by New World as “A faint Essence of Air.”

You can get Air Motes from Shockbulbs, Shockspires, Lightning Beetles, Alchemy Crates, and Oil Supply Carts.

Alchemy crates might contain many different kinds of Elemental Motes. So, in case you’re trying to find out where to get Soul Motes in New World or any other kind of reagent, Alchemy Crates are always a good source.

Shockbulb Stems

According to the in-game text, “It’s alchemical properties as especially useful in potion crafting.”

This uncommon reagent is obtained by harvesting Shockbulbs, and it is indeed used in Arcana to craft a bunch of different potions. Besides being an Air Reagent, it’s also a Tier 2 Offensive Reagent.

Suncreeper Tendril

Suncreeper Tendrils are Magical Alchemy Materials. As hinted by the name, they are obtained from Suncreepers.

Suncreeper Tendrils can be used in Arcana to craft Coatings, Potions, and Tinctures.

Twistcap Spirals

Defined as “the flesh of a Twistcap Mushroom,” Twistcap Spirals are Tier 2 Air Reagents. It is an Alchemy Protective Material.

It can be harvested from a Twistcap Fungus.

Air Wisps

An Air Wisp is an uncommon Tier 3 Essence item in New World. It can be used to craft with Arcana, but also with Engineering and Stonecutting.

You can also craft Air Wisps. In order to make an Air Wisp, you need to use five Air Motes. If you’re looking for a good way to level up Arcana fast in New World, making Air Wisps might actually be one of them.

Shockbulb Leaves

The Shockbulb Leaf is an Alchemy Offensive Material that is used for crafting. Mostly, you will be using this as an ingredient when crafting potions.

Shockbulb Leaves are Tier 3 items that are derived from Shockbulb Plants.

Shocking Lodestones

Shocking Lodestones are a resource that can be mined from Shockspires.

Shocking Lodestones are primarily used to craft Magic Weapons and Gemstones.

Air Essence

Moving on to the Tier 4 Reagents, we have the Air Essence, “a powerful Essence of Air.”

Air Essence is a Tier 4 item that can be crafted from four Air Wisps, and it can also be found at Tier 4 Arcane Repositories.

It can be used to craft Air Quintessences and Strong Proficiency Boosters. However, the majority of items crafted with it are done so from Stonecutting recipes.

Shockbulb Flower

The Shockbulb Flower is a rare crafting Resource in New World. It is a Tier 4 Air Reagent and a Tier 4 Offensive Reagent as well, and “Its alchemical properties are especially useful in potion crafting.”

It can be obtained when you harvest a Shockbulb Plant, and it’s used to craft potions with your Arcana crafting skill.

Air Quintessence

The Air Quintessence is “a pure Essence of Air,” and it is a Tier 5 crafting resource that can be crafted from three Air Essences or found at Tier 5 Arcane Repositories.

It can be used to craft a Powerful Proficiency Booster, but it’s more commonly used in Stonecutting.

Lightning Beetle

Although the name of this item is Lightning Bettle, the in-text game defines it as “the wings of a Lightning Beetle.”

This is an Epic crafting resource from the Alchemy Offensive class that — obviously — is derived from Lightning Beetles.

The Trading Post

As always, with the most wanted items in New World, you might have a good chance to quickly find the Air Reagent you want if you intend to spend some gold.

Trading Post might have some crafting items at a reasonable price when it comes to low-tier ones, so it is worth checking out in case you’re in a hurry.

Please note that some higher-tier crafting items might be cheaper at a trading post if you buy them instead of buying their ingredients and crafting them. So make sure to check the prices of the Quintessences or Wisps before purchasing items to make them.