Speed and skill have become increasingly important with each iteration of the NHL games, and it is no different in NHL 23. The importance of learning how to deke in NHL 23 has never been higher, and it is a fantastic way to beat any opponent.

In NHL 23, there are more deking moves than ever before and several unique dekes you can learn to implement in games.

With more than 20 separate dekes on offer, it is no surprise that some of them are tricky to master.

This article will teach you how to deke in NHL 23 and talk you through when to use each one effectively.

How to Perform all the Dekes in NHL 23

NHL Deke 1 1

To execute all of the dekes that are possible in NHL 23, you must change your controls to Skill Stick or Hybrid. If you use the NHL 94 controls, not all of the dekes highlighted below will be accessible.

Deke List

Type of DekePlayStation ControlsXbox Controls
Backhand Toe DragRight Stick down + R3Right Stick down + R3
Backhand Toe Drag FlipRight Stick down + R3 + R1Right Stick down + R3 + RB
Backhand Toe Drag ShotRight Stick down then up + R3Right Stick down then up + R3
Backhand Toe Drag PassRight Stick down + R3 + R2Right Stick down + R3 + RT
One-Hand Deke (Left-Handed)Switch to Backhand + Right Stick right to left + L1Switch to Backhand + Right Stick right to left + LB
One-Hand Deke (Right-Handed)Switch to Backhand + Right Stick right to left + L1Switch to Backhand + Right Stick right to left + LB
One-Handed TuckForehand or Backhand + R1 + L1Forehand or Backhand + RB + LB
Between-the-Legs ShotRight Stick upwards + R3 + L1Right Stick upwards + R3 + LB
Between-the-Legs PassL1 + X + R3LB + A + R3
Between-the-Legs Saucer PassL1 + R1 + R3LB + RB + R3
Slip Deke (Near Boards)L1LB
Drop PassR1 (not using Left Stick)RB (not using Left Stick)
Board-Bank Self-Pass (Near Boards)R2 + L1RT + LB
Behind-the-Net Self-PassR2 + L1RT + LB
Flip DekeForehand or Backhand + L1 + R2Forehand or Backhand + LB + RT
Lacrosse Deke (Michigan)Forehand + Right Stick left to right + hold R3 + hold L1Forehand + Right Stick left to right + hold R3 + hold LB
Stride DekeLeft Stick to either side + L1Left Stick to either side + LB
Fake DekeForehand + Stride Deke + Backhand + Right StickForehand + Stride Deke + Backhand + Right Stick
Backhand Tap Back DekeRight Stick to the right + (left) + L1 + Left Stick to the rightRight Stick to the right + (left) + LB + Left Stick to the right
Forehand Tap Back DekeR from left to right + L1 + R to the right + Left Stick to the left + Right Stick to the leftR from left to right + LB + R to the right + Left Stick to the left + Right Stick to the left
Jump Deke (Chip Deke)Right Stick upward + L1Right Stick upward + LB
Skate Kick DekeRight Stick downward + L1Right Stick downward + LB
Through-the-Legs DekeRight Stick right to left + L1Right Stick right to left + LB

How to Execute Deke Moves

NHL Deke 3

Now that you have a grasp on all of the deking moves on offer in NHL 23 let’s look at how to execute some of them.

The Michigan Deke

Playstation Controls: Forehand + Right Stick left to right + hold R3 + hold L1

Xbox Controls: Forehand + Right Stick left to right + hold R3 + hold LB

When You Should Use: As you head around the opponent’s goal.

Difficulty: 5/5

The Michigan deke also referred to as the Lacrosse deke, is one of the most impressive dekes you can use in NHL 23 but also one of the hardest to execute.

If you go too fast, you won’t collect the puck. If you go too slow, the puck won’t move. 

Timing the speed of your swing is essential for the Michigan deke.

It works best from behind the goal, and it is one you will need to practice in Free Skate mode to get used to the perfect timings.

The Chip Deke

Playstation Controls: Right Stick upward + L1

Xbox Controls: Right Stick upward + LB

When You Should Use: Staking near a diving defender

Difficulty: 1/5

The chip deke, also referred to as the jump deke, is a fantastic move to implement from time to time.

It can be tricky to pick up as the timings are very precise, but once you master them, you will find yourself using it frequently.

The chip deke sends the puck in the air for a small distance, so ensure you are close enough to your opponent before you execute the deke for the best results.

One-handed Tuck Deke

PlayStation Controls: Switch to Backhand + Right Stick right to left + L1

Xbox Controls: Switch to Backhand + Right Stick right to left + LB

When You Should Use: In one-on-one situations with a Goaltender who is drawn to the side.

Difficulty: 4/5

The one-handed deke is one of the cleverest and most effective ways to score in NHL 23. Once you start reading the goaltender’s movements, it is a very handy way to increase your score percentage.

The deke tricks your opponent into committing too far to one side, leaving lots of space on the inside to use the skill move to score.

The Board-bank Self-pass

Playstation Controls: R2 and L1

Xbox Controls: RT and LB

When You Should Use: When your player is near the opposing blue line and the boards

Difficulty: 1/5

One simple deke you can learn quickly in Free Skate mode is the board-bank self-pass. It is a very effective move to remove a defenseman from the game or move the puck into your opponent’s zone for another player to pick up.

The board-bank self-pass is similar to slip-deke but will move your skater near the open ice, giving you space to burst past your defender and reach the puck on the other side.

Between-the-legs Pass

Playstation Controls: L1 + X + R3

Xbox Controls: L1 + A + R3

When You Should Use: If you think you’re about to get pinched or checked.

Difficulty: 1/5

When it comes to executing a simple deke, the between-the-legs pass is one of the easiest to learn. However, despite how easy it is to master, it is still highly effective. 

It is an excellent defensive play to keep puck possession, as it makes it hard for players to intercept.

It allows you to protect the puck with your body, which is ideal when you are about to get checked.

Fake Deke

Playstation Controls: Forehand + Stride Deke + Backhand + Right Stick

Xbox Controls: Forehand + Stride Deke + Backhand + Right Stick

When You Should Use: Trick the goaltender out of position in a subtle manner.

Difficulty: 2/5

Sometimes, the most effective deke is the one that you don’t do. The fake deke provides all of the tell-tale signs that you are about to execute a deke, which can lead to goaltenders committing to a tackle and leaving the path in front of you wide open.

Top Deking Skaters in NHL 23

NHL Deke

Once you have selected the deke moves you want to learn and execute in NHL 23, it is important to ensure you select the best players for using a deke with.

Each player has their own deke rating, and while most players can make the basic deke moves with ease, you will need a top deke skater for more complex moves.

Here is a list of the very best deke players in NHL 23.

You will notice some of the players on this list also made our list of the best first round draft picks in NHL 23, and the best young players in NHL 23.

PlayerFranchiseDeke ScoreOverall Score
Cale MakarColorado Avalanche9794
Connor McDavidEdmonton Oilers9795
Artemi PanarinNew York Rangers9692
Nikita KucherovTampa Bay Lightning9692
Johnny GaudreauColumbus Blue Jackets9690
Patrick KaneChicago Blackhawks9693
David PastrnakBoston Bruins9591

Final Thoughts

Now that you know all of the deke moves in NHL 23, you can go ahead and head to the practise zone and start mastering your favorites.

Once you have a couple of them under your belt, start unleashing them in games to throw your opponent off their game and score some stylish goals.