East Ardougne in OSRS is one of the game’s most bustling hub cities. There are a lot of notable features, quests, and skilling locations within East Ardougne and in the surrounding areas. For example, the Knights of Ardougne patrolling provide incredible thieving experience rates.

The city also contains nearby Farming patches, a Wizard who can teleport players to the essence mines, an Estate Agent, as well as a place where players can hire servants for their Player-owned houses. 

Of course, a bank, general store, rooftop Agility course, and Probita, who can insure players’ pets for 1,000,000 coins each can also be found in East Ardougne. In this guide, I will explain how to get to East Ardougne in OSRS. 

Ardougne Teleport

Getting to East Ardougne in Old School RuneScape can be done in several ways. The first, and most straightforward, is simply to use the Ardougne Teleport spell, or tablet, from the normal Spellbook. 


To use the Ardougne Teleport spell, you need to complete the quest ‘Plague City,’ which is a very short and easy quest kickstarting East Ardougne’s story within RuneScape’s lore. You can start Plague City by talking to Edmond in his house, in the northwestern part of the city. 

Plague City is such a simple quest that it does not have any requirements, however, if you play as an Ironman, it requires a few items that might be more difficult for you to get. These items include chocolate dust and snape grass. 

Once you have completed Plague City, you can use the Ardougne Teleport spell with at least 51 Magic. It will bring you to the center of the market area with all the stalls. Using the spell requires two law runes and two water runes. 

Spirit Trees

Another method of getting to East Ardougne in Old School RuneScape is to use the Spirit Tree network, since there is a Spirit Tree just south of East Ardougne. Using this network, you can travel from Spirit Tree to Spirit Tree, similar to the Fairy Rings. 

SpiritTree 1

To unlock the Spirit Tree network, you need to complete the quest ‘Tree Gnome Village.’ This quest will unlock the Spirit Tree network, and the tree south of East Ardougne, but you need to finish ‘The Grand Tree’ to utilize the full Spirit Tree network. 

You can start Tree Gnome Village by speaking to King Bolren in the center of the Tree Gnome Village maze, which is directly south of East Ardougne. You will have to navigate the maze manually prior to starting the quest, but after starting, you can follow Elkoy to be teleported right to the middle. 

There are no skill requirements for Tree Gnome Village, but it does require you to defeat a level 112 enemy. Despite his high level, this enemy is a bit of a pushover, especially if you use Magic on him from a safespot. 

Meanwhile, you can start The Grand Tree by speaking to King Narnode Shareen inside the Grand Tree within the Tree Gnome Stronghold. To complete this quest, you need 25 Agility, and to defeat a level 172 enemy. Though less, he is also a bit of a pushover. I would recommend using Ranged or Magic from a safespot. 

With the Spirit Tree network unlocked, you can teleport between the Spirit Trees in the world. As mentioned before, there is one just south of East Ardougne, and other locations include the Grand Exchange, center of Tree Gnome Village, and the Gnome Stronghold. 

Captain Barnaby

A third method of getting to East Ardougne in OSRS is to utilize Captain Barnaby. He is an NPC who sails on a ship between East Ardougne, Brimhaven, and Rimmington, for thirty coins per trip. 


Simply find Captain Barnaby at the docks within Brimhaven or Rimmington, pay him thirty coins, and he will sail you to East Ardougne. The docks are located south of the market section, near the southern bank. 

Ardougne Cloak

The next method of getting to East Ardougne in Old School RuneScape I will talk about is using the Ardougne Cloak to teleport to Ardougne. You can get the Ardougne Cloak from completing tiers of the Ardougne Achievement Diary.

The Ardougne Cloak 1, from the easy tier, allows you unlimited teleports to the Monastery south of East Ardougne. Many players rush the Ardougne Cloak 1 as early into their fresh accounts as possible, since this is an incredibly useful teleport, near both a Spirit Tree and a Fairy Ring. 

When you complete the medium tier of the Ardougne Achievement Diary, the Ardougne Cloak 2 will allow you three teleports per day to the Farming patches north of East Ardougne, in addition to the unlimited Monastery teleports from the first cloak. 


On completion of the hard tier, the Ardougne Cloak 3 you will be rewarded with allows five teleports per day to the aforementioned Farming patches, and the Ardougne Cloak 4, from the elite tier, allows unlimited teleports to both the Monastery and the Farming patches. 

Port Khazard

Alternatively, you can utilize the nearby Port Khazard to get to East Ardougne in Old School RuneScape. There are several methods of getting to Port Khazard, then you can just walk northwest into East Ardougne. 

Fishing Trawler Minigame Teleport

One way of getting to Port Khazard is to use the Fishing Trawler minigame teleport. Simply navigate to your clan interface, and select the grouping tab. Pick “Fishing Trawler” from the dropdown menu, and click teleport. Keep in mind, these teleports are on a 30 minute cooldown. 


Charter Ships

Another way of getting to Port Khazard is to use the Charter Ships that can be found at various ports throughout the game. You can pay these sailors to sail you to various locations, including Port Khazard. 

The cost of chartering a ship like this depends on the in game distance you are traveling. For example, sailing from Brimhaven to Port Khazard will cost 1,600 coins, while sailing from Port Phasmatys to Port Khazard would cost 4,100. 


Deep Wilderness Lever

If you are so inclined, an additional method you can use to get to East Ardougne in OSRS is to use the teleport lever. Deep in the Wilderness, in the Deserted Keep, there is a lever that can teleport you from that location to East Ardougne, and vice versa. 

The Ardougne lever is located in a small house next to the gates between East and West Ardougne. If you pull it, you will be teleported to level 50+ Wilderness, but you can simply pull it again to return to Ardougne. 


There is a similar lever in Edgeville, and when you pull the Wilderness lever, you must select whether you want to go to Edgeville or East Ardougne. You can leverage this as a quick method of getting to East Ardougne from Edgeville or the Wilderness. 

Skills Necklace

The final method of getting to East Ardougne in Old School RuneScape is to use a skills necklace to the Fishing Guild, since the Fishing Guild is just northwest of East Ardougne. Simply choose Fishing Guild from the list of teleports, and head south after teleporting. 


If you need to charge your skills necklace, you can use the totem pole in the Legends’ Guild (after ‘Legends’ Quest’) or the Fountain of Uhld in the Myth’s Guild (after ‘Dragon Slayer II.’) These will provide you with four charges, while the Fountain of Rune in the Wilderness will give it six charges. Legends’ Quest is required for the Fountain of Rune, as well. 

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to get to East Ardougne in OSRS. For example, you can use the Ardougne Teleport spell or tablet after completing Plague City. Or, you could use the Spirit Trees just south of the city.

Alternatively, you can use the teleports granted by the Ardougne Cloak tiers, or walk north from Port Khazard. Finally, you can use the Wilderness teleport lever to get to East Ardougne quickly from Edgeville or the deep Wilderness. A skills necklace to the Fising Guild would work as well.