Rock cakes in OSRS are a special dwarven meal. Most players seek rock cake to manipulate the amount of hitpoints they have remaining – but the interesting thing is they lower your HP.

I couldn’t seem to wrap my head around why players would want to deliberately lower their HP when I was younger. 

Now, as an adult, I realize the importance of lowering HP using items like Dwarven rock cake. It’s useful in a variety of scenarios, most notably “Dharoking.”

This term refers to keeping HP as low as possible (ideally at 1) to maximize the set effect of Dharok’s Barrows gear. Learning how to repair Barrows in OSRS can keep you going with this, as well.

Alternatively, many players use the rock cake to keep their HP low when using the Nightmare Zone. This way, they can get the most out of the absorption potions purchased to keep the Nightmare Zone going longer. 

While Dwarven rock cake has a number of uses, it can be obtained in a fairly straightforward way. In fact, obtaining the cake is required for meaningful progression of your account.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to get rock cake in OSRS.

Freeing the Mountain Dwarf

Rock cakes are an important part of the quest ‘Recipe for Disaster’. This quest, often abbreviated to ‘RFD’, was the 100th quest added to RuneScape. As such, it’s designed a bit differently from most other quests in the game. 

The quest is comprised of a short intro, ten subquests, and a concluding boss fight. To obtain rock cake, you need to complete the ‘Freeing the Mountain Dwarf’ subquest, not the entirety of RFD. 

Keep in mind, each subquest has its own requirements. Fortunately, the only requirement for the dwarven one, not shared by RFD itself, is completion of the simple quest ‘Fishing Contest.’ 

To begin the subquest, you first need to complete the intro to RFD. Simply bring the Lumbridge cook an eye of newt, a glass of Greenman’s Ale, a rotten tomato, and a dirty blast. You can make the dirty blast by mixing ashes into a fruit blast cocktail. 

Once you’ve brought these items, a cutscene will play. Simply walk up to the dwarf suspended in time to begin his subquest. Gypsy Aris will tell you he needs a special cake baked by his father to break the spell. 

Making the Rock Cake

His father is located in the tunnels underneath White Wolf Mountain. Access to these tunnels is unlocked via the Fishing Contest quest. However, he will refuse to make the cakes for you until he gets four Asgoldian Ales. 

Before going to the father dwarf, make a pit stop at the Rising Sun Inn, located in Falador next to the western bank. Talk to any of the three bartenders, and they will offer to sell you the secret recipe for Asgoldian Ale, if you pay 200 coins. 

After learning the recipe, buy four Asgarnian ales from the bar, then add one gold coin to each. This turns them into Asgoldian Ales. Then, bring them to the father dwarf in the tunnels. 

You can find him in the bar area, named ‘an old Dwarf’, at the beginning. If you talk to him, he’ll mention the Rising Sun Inn while refusing to make the cakes. 

Simply use the Asgoldian Ales from your inventory on him. Be sure to do this quickly, as he will sober up if you don’t get him drunk fast enough. If this happens, you need to get more Asgoldian Ales. 

Once he is drunk, he will agree to make you a rock cake for the small price of 100 coins. You will also need to bring him the ingredients; a bucket of milk, an egg, some flour and a bowl of water. I’d recommend keeping these items in your inventory throughout the process. 

Give these items to him, and he will make you a rock cake. However, it still needs to cool. If you have the ice gloves, picking up the cake with them equipped cools it instantly. 

Cooling Down the Cake

Not wearing any gloves will cause you to drop the cake and take damage from the heat. Meanwhile, any other type of glove (or the telekinetic grab spell) avoids damage and puts the hot cake in your inventory. 

Without the ice gloves, you can kill an icefiend on Ice Mountain, west of the Edgeville Monastery, to cool down the cake. Make sure the hot cake is in your inventory when you do this. Otherwise, you can keep it in your inventory or bank, and wait four real-world hours for it to cool down naturally. 

From this point, you have unlocked access to the dwarven rock cake. But, how you can get more cakes depends on whether you have completed the subquest or not. To complete the subquest, simply bring the cooled down cake to the dwarf back in Lumbridge. 

Getting Extra Cakes

If the subquest is completed, you can simply buy another from the old dwarf, named “Rohak” after the quest, for 100 coins each. If you have not completed the subquest, simply bring him 100 coins and all the ingredients again. Keep in mind, you will need to cool down any additional cakes, regardless of whether you’ve completed or not.  

I would highly recommend completing the subquest, as it lessens the ingredients needed for new cakes. Completion of each RFD subquest also unlocks more of the Culinaromancer’s Chest, which sells gloves up to Barrows tier. 

These gloves have a huge role in progressing your account. In fact, the Barrows gloves are often referred to as best-in-slot for mid-level accounts. Once you know how to get to Catacombs in OSRS, these gloves help you combat the monsters within.

To unlock them, you need to complete all of RFD, then purchase them from the chest. 

Final Thoughts

Getting the Barrows gloves is an important milestone for any account, and getting the Rock cake in OSRS is a required step to get there.

That being said, the Rock cake is also a very useful item on its own. Its hitpoint-lowering effects allow you to get the most out of Dharoking and the Nightmare Zone.

Simply follow the step-by-step guide detailed above, making sure to cool it down, and you can easily get rock cake in OSRS.