The Looting Bag in OSRS is an incredibly useful item allowing players to store up to twenty eight additional items in their inventory. It is essentially a second inventory, storing 28 items while only taking up one slot in a player’s original inventory. 

Of course, this makes the looting bag invaluable for players who like to participate in PvP, especially in the Wilderness. Ultimate Ironman players will also find the looting bag useful, since they cannot use a bank. 

It’s important to note that players can only have one looting bag at a time, and that items can only be stored while in the Wilderness. If on a PvP world, several PvP hotspots also enable use of the looting bag. 

These spots include Lumbridge, Varrock, Edgeville, Seer’s Village, Rimmington, and the entrances to Castle Wars as well as the Emir’s Arena. In order to secure more loot while participating in PvP, I will demonstrate how to get a looting bag in OSRS. 

Looting Bag Overview

You can get a looting bag in OSRS in several ways. Before setting out for one, you should be aware that a looting bag on the ground CANNOT be picked up with the Telekinetic Grab spell, You will need to physically pick it up. 

The looting bag in Old School RuneScape can be dropped by every monster and NPC in the Wilderness, except aviansies and abyssal demons, at varying drop rates. Note that Clue Scroll NPCs in the Wilderness can also drop the looting bag. 

Wilderness Drop Rates

The chance of an NPC dropping the looting bag depends on their combat level. If the NPC’s combat level is 10 or less, that NPC has a 1 in 15 chance to drop the looting bag. If their combat level is 50 or above, they have a 1 in 3 chance to drop the looting bag. 


The game uses a somewhat complicated mathematical formula to calculate looting bag drop rates from NPCS between combat level 10 and combat level 50. In simplest terms, NPCs at these levels have a 1 in (150/combat level) chance to drop the looting bag. 

Additionally, if you plan on spending significant amounts of time in the Wilderness, I would recommend switching to the Ancient Spellbook, so you can freeze attacking players.

Last Man Standing

Another method of getting a looting bag in OSRS is to use the Last Man Standing shop. This shop contains looting bags and looting bag notes that can be purchased for one point each. Of course, this requires playing the Last Man Standing minigame. 


Last Man Standing is also a viable way to get a rune pouch, as well as some other useful items, like Trouver Parchments.

Last Man Standing is a sort of Old School RuneScape battle royale, an instanced area where players fight and scavenge for items, with the self explanatory last player standing, winning. You can start this minigame in the Ferox Enclave, and the shop is right next to where you can start. 

Looting Bag Note

An additional method of getting a looting bag in Old School RuneScape is to use a looting bag note. As mentioned before, the looting bag note can be bought from the Last Man Standing reward shop for 1 point each. It can also be bought from other players. 


If your account allows you to, you can simply buy a looting bag note from the Grand Exchange, or a direct trade between players. Keep an eye on the prices if you choose to go this route. You can bring the looting bag note to any bank in the game, and they will exchange it for an actual looting bag. 

Final Thoughts

There are several ways to get a looting bag in OSRS. First, you can simply kill NPCs in the Wilderness, and they will drop the looting bag at fairly high rates, depending on their combat levels. 

Alternatively, you can play the Last Man Standing minigame, and purchase a looting bag for 1 Last Man Standing point from the rewards shop. Or, simply buy a looting bag note from another player, and exchange it for a real looting bag at any bank.