Fairy Rings in OSRS are often touted as one of the most expansive and useful teleport networks in the game. There are over forty Fairy Rings in various locations across Gielinor, many of which are in locations that are not easily accessible by other means. 

Some of these locations include the harsh Fremennik landscapes, islands in places such as Miscellania and Mort Myre Swamp, as well as entirely different realms, like the Fairy homeland of Zanaris, which is located on Gielinor’s moon. 

Access to the Fairy Ring system has a huge impact on your travel efficiency throughout the game. I would recommend unlocking the Rings as soon as possible into an account’s lifespan, since I cannot understate how much they open up the game. 

In this guide, I’ll show you how to unlock Fairy Rings in OSRS. 

The Restless Ghost

Unlocking Fairy Rings in Old School RuneScape can be done in several steps. There are a number of quests you must complete. The first of these quests is called “The Restless Ghost.” You can start “Restless Ghost” by talking to Father Aereck, in the church in Lumbridge.


“Restless Ghost” is a very quick and easy quest designed for new players. It has no requirements, aside from fighting (not defeating) a level 13 monster, and is often one of the first quests completed on fresh accounts due to the fact it’s centralized around Lumbridge. 

Priest in Peril

The next quest you need to unlock Fairy Rings in OSRS is “Priest in Peril.” This one is a little longer than “Restless Ghost,” but still relatively short. It also has no skill requirements, but you need to have completed the quest “Rune Mysteries” to be able to complete it. 

You can start “Priest in Peril” by talking to King Roald in the Varrock Palace. You will need to defeat two enemies, who are both level 30. The first, the temple guardian, is also immune to Magic and Rings of Recoil. 

PriestinPeril 1

At the end of “Priest in Peril,” you will find yourself in Canifis.

Nature Spirit

A third quest you will need to unlock Fairy Rings in Old School RuneScape is “Nature Spirit.” You need to have completed both “Priest in Peril” and “The Restless Ghost” in order to do “Nature Spirit.” 


If you play as an Ironman, you will need 18 Crafting for “Nature Spirit,” as well. If not, the quest does not have any skill requirements. You can start “Nature Spirit” by speaking to Drezel, the titular Priest in Peril, in the Paterdomus Temple after “Priest in Peril.” 

Lost City

The next quest you need to unlock Fairy Rings in OSRS is “Lost City.” You need 31 Crafting, 36 Woodcutting, and to be able to kill a level 101 enemy with armor and weapon limitations. If you play as an ultimate Ironman, keep in mind that “Lost City” requires you to visit Entrana


The quest can be started by talking to any of the camping adventurers in the western Lumbridge Swamps. You will find four adventurers: a wizard, a warrior, a monk, and an archer around a campfire. Talk to the warrior, and ask him about Zanaris when prompted to start the quest. 

Fairy Tale I: Growing Pains

With the previous quests complete, you now need to do “Fairy Tale I: Growing Pains” to unlock the Fairy Rings in Old School RuneScape. You need all of the previously mentioned quests complete for this quest. 


You also need to be able to defeat a level 111 enemy with weapon limitations. You can start “Fairy Tale I: Growing Pains” by speaking to Martin the Master Gardener, who is near the market in Draynor Village. 

Fairy Tale II: Cure a Queen

Finally, the last step to unlocking the Fairy Rings in OSRS is playing the quest “Fairy Tale II: Cure a Queen” up to a certain point. You need all of the previously mentioned quests completed to be able to start. 

To start “Fairy Tale II,” talk to Martin the Master Gardener after “Fairy Tale I.” He will be in the same location. The quest also has a few skill requirements, but they are not needed to reach the point where you gain access to the Fairy Rings. 


You need to play through the quest up until the point where you are told by the fairies to use the Fairy Rings, in order to reach the realm where the queen is hiding. Simply pay attention to the quest dialogue, and it will be easy to tell when you can start using the Fairy Rings. 

If you would like to finish the quest, you need 40 Thieving, 49 Farming, and 57 Herblore. 

Using the Rings

In order to use the Fairy Rings, you need a Dramen or Lunar Staff equipped. The Lunar staff can be obtained from the quest “Lunar Diplomacy.” If you have the Elite tier of the Lumbridge and Draynor Achievement Diary complete, you do not need either staff to use the Rings. 


Final Thoughts

Unlocking Fairy Rings in Old School RuneScape can be done by completing several quests. In this order, you need to complete “The Restless Ghost,” “Priest in Peril,” “Nature Spirit,” “Lost City,” and “Fairy Tale I.” Then, you need to play “Fairy Tale II” up to a certain point.