Necklaces in OSRS have a ton of variety in their offerings, which range from purely cosmetic, to useful teleport utilities, and stellar stat bonuses. In fact, some of the best necklaces in Old School RuneScape provide several of these aspects at once. 

Of course, there is a myriad of different necklaces within OSRS, and the most powerful are either enchanted with the appropriate Magic skill or obtained as rare drops from strong enemies such as bosses. 

Due to the sheer variety of Old School RuneScape necklaces, it can be difficult to gauge their strength in comparison to one another. In this OSRS necklace guide, I will highlight a few of the best necklaces in the game, based on their stats and the utilities they provide. 

Dragonbone Necklace

The Dragonbone Necklace is the first necklace highlighted in the Old School RuneScape necklace guide. It’s on the list due to its combination of stat bonuses and utilities, though it does not offer any teleports. 

The Dragonbone Necklace provides the highest Prayer bonus of any one item in the game, and when wearing it, you will restore a few Prayer points every time you bury a set of bones. The number of Prayer points restored depends on the set of bones. 


Regular bones restore 1 Prayer, big bones restore 2 Prayer, baby dragon and wyrm bones restore 3 Prayer, and dagganoth, dragon, drake, hydra, and wyvern bones restore 4 Prayer points each. Additionally, superior dragon bones will restore 5 Prayer points. 

This utility is incredibly useful for extending trips at certain bosses or enemies and can be combined with the bonecrusher. In fact, the Prayer restoration effect works if the bonecrusher is used, and you can combine the two items. 

To combine the Dragonbone Necklace and bonecrusher, you will need both items, as well as a hydra tail. There is no stat requirement to combine the items, but the Dragonbone Necklace (and the bonecrusher variant) requires 70 Prayer to equip. 

The Dragonbone Necklace is obtained as a rare (1/1000) drop from Vorkath, who can only be fought after completing the quest ‘Dragon Slayer II.’ You can start this quest by speaking to Alec Kincade outside the Myth’s Guild, with at least 200 Quest Points. 


Occult Necklace

The next necklace discussed in the OSRS necklace guide is the Occult Necklace. This item is unique in that it offers a 10% bonus to your Magic damage. While this does not seem like much on paper, this Magic damage bonus is more than the amount provided by all three pieces of Ancestral gear combined. 


For this reason, the Occult Necklace is widely considered to be the best mage necklace in the game. The 10% bonus can also stack with other bonuses, like the imbued Slayer Helm and the Staff of the Dead. 

The Occult Necklace requires 70 Magic to equip and can be obtained from smoke devils at a rate of 1 in 512, nuclear smoke devils at a rate of 3 in 512, and the Thermonuclear Smoke Devil boss at a rate of 1 in 350. Each of these enemies requires 93 Slayer, and a task for them. 

As a side note, the Occult Necklace and Dragonbone Necklace are both significantly cheaper than the rest of the necklaces in this guide on the Grand Exchange. 

Necklace of Anguish

A third necklace to talk about in the Old School RuneScape necklace guide is the Necklace of Anguish. Unlike the first two necklaces, the Necklace of Anguish only provides raw stat bonuses, of +15 to Ranged, and +5 to Ranged strength. 


These bonuses make the Necklace of Anguish the best range necklace in the game. It does not have any other special properties, aside from cosmetics and the 75 Hitpoints requirement to equip. 

You can obtain the Necklace of Anguish by casting the spell Lvl-7 Enchant on a zenyte necklace. The spell requires 93 Magic, and the zenyte necklace can be made at 92 Crafting with a zenyte, gold bar, and necklace mould. 

Zenytes can only be obtained by combining a cut onyx with a zenyte shard, in a specific location beneath the temple on Ape Atoll. The shards are dropped by Demonic Gorillas after the quest ‘Monkey Madness II’ at a rate of 1 in 300.  


Amulet of Glory

Another necklace worth mentioning in the OSRS necklace guide is one that may be iconic and familiar to most players: the Amulet of Glory. It’s on this list because of its versatile stat bonuses, and number of useful teleports. 

These factors combine to make the Amulet of Glory one of the most used amulets among players of all levels since it has no requirements to equip. It gives +10 to all attack bonuses, and +3 to all defence bonuses. Additionally, it gives +6 Strength bonus and +3 Prayer bonus. 


Teleports from the Amulet of Glory include Edgeville, right next to the bank, Karamja, on the shores of the banana plantation, Al Kharid, inside the palace, and Draynor Village, right next to Ned’s house. 

An Amulet of Glory can be obtained in several ways. You can make one yourself by creating a dragonstone necklace with 80 Crafting, then enchanting it with the Lvl-5 Enchant spell, requiring 68 Magic. 

Alternatively, you can hunt Dragon Implings for an Amulet of Glory. This requires 83 Hunter to hunt with a butterfly net, or 93 Hunter to catch barehanded. They have a 1 in 19 chance to drop 3 Amulets of Glory. 

Amulet of Fury

The next necklace I’ll talk about in the Old School RuneScape necklace guide is the Amulet of Fury, which is seen by many players as an upgrade to the Amulet of Glory. While it does not offer any teleports, the Fury offers a number of versatile stat bonuses. 

Firstly, the Amulet of Fury provides the same attack bonuses as the Glory, which is +10 to all attack types. However, the Fury provides +15 to defence against all attack types, a +8 Strength bonus, and a +5 Prayer bonus. 


These stats make the Amulet of Fury a viable necklace option for a lot of the game’s higher-level content, such as the Fight Caves and Slayer bosses. That being said, the Fury is a jack-of-all-trades, but a master of none. There are several necklaces that are better for specific tasks and damage types. 

You can obtain the Amulet of Fury by casting the Lvl-6 Enchant spell, which requires 87 Magic, on an onyx amulet, which requires 90 Crafting to make. Check out the OSRS Blast Furnace Guide to produce gold bars in bulk, which can be used to train Crafting.

Amulet of Torture

Finally, the Amulet of Torture is the last necklace in the OSRS necklace guide. It’s a melee version of the Necklace of Anguish, made of zenyte and requiring 75 Hitpoints to equip. It gives the highest melee attack bonuses of all neck items, at +15 to stab, slash, and crush. 


You can obtain an Amulet of Torture in a similar way to the Necklace of Anguish, the only difference being the Amulet of Torture requires a zenyte amulet, while the Necklace of Anguish requires a zenyte necklace. 

To reiterate, you need to use the Lvl-7 Enchant spell, requiring 93 Magic, on a zenyte amulet. The zenyte amulet requires 98 Crafting to make, and zenyte shards can be dropped by Demonic Gorillas after completing ‘Monkey Madness II.’ 

Final Thoughts

There is a huge variety of necklaces within Old School RuneScape, and not all are created equal. Neck slot items that stand above the rest due to stats and utility bonuses include the Dragonbone Necklace, Occult Necklace, Necklace of Anguish, Amulet of Glory, Amulet of Fury, and Amulet of Torture. 

The Dragonbone Necklace is great for Prayer bonus, the Occult Necklace provides insane Magic damage bonuses, and the Necklace of Anguish is the best range neck item in the game. 

Meanwhile, the Amulet of Glory provides versatile stat bonuses and a number of useful teleports, while the Amulet of Fury offers similar versatility in higher-level content. Finally, the Amulet of Torture is the best melee neck item in the game.